OSRS Game Jam 2024: What New Content Can Players Expect?

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OSRS Game Jam just concluded on April 2024. Here’s the upcoming content you can expect in OSRS soon.

OSRS Game jams are exciting and creative periods during which the game developers (J-mods) dedicate their time to brainstorming and developing new ideas for Old School RuneScape content. These game jams serve as a platform for generating fresh concepts that can enhance players’ quality of life, introduce new activities, and provide opportunities for those with OSRS accounts for sale to skill up or earn OSRS GP in innovative ways.

During these game jams, a plethora of ideas are presented and explored. Some ideas may focus on improving existing features or addressing player feedback to enhance the overall gameplay experience. This could involve introducing quality of life updates such as interface improvements, streamlining certain mechanics, or introducing convenience features that make various activities more efficient.

Additionally, game jams are an opportunity for the J-mods to brainstorm and develop new activities that can diversify gameplay and provide engaging content for players. These activities may involve unique skill training methods, exciting mini-games, or challenging boss encounters. The aim is to introduce fresh experiences that cater to different playstyles and offer avenues for players to enjoy and progress in the game.

However, it’s important to note that not all ideas generated during game jams make it into the game. The community’s feedback and preferences play a significant role in shaping the development process. Some ideas may not resonate with the player base or may not align with the J-mods’ current priorities regarding game updates and new content releases. As a result, certain ideas may be further developed, while others may be put on hold or discarded altogether based on these considerations.

OSRS Game jams are dynamic and creative periods where the J-mods brainstorm and develop new ideas for Old School RuneScape content. They are focused on enhancing quality of life, introducing new activities, and providing opportunities for players with OSRS accounts for sale to skill up or earn OSRS GP. The ideas generated during these game jams undergo further development based on community feedback and the J-mods’ prioritization of game updates and new content releases.

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Not All Ideas Were Good

Some ideas could destabilize the economy since you’d earn too much OSRS gold if they were in the game or would completely change it in other ways. Sometimes this is welcomed by the community, but other times it creates unfair advantages over those who spent hundreds of hours or hundreds of millions of OSRS GP in a specific direction.

Regardless if the ideas will actually be used or not, or further refined or not, the Game Jam represents an excellent way for the J-mods to express their creativity and for the community to pitch in with feedback on whether they’d like to see anything in-game. It also breaks the J-mods routine so they can return fresh and work on the scheduled updates.

Group Slayer

Slayer is one of the skills which has yet to see much love from the J-mods in a long while. During the 2024 Game Jam, the mods came up with a few ideas to improve the slayer skill, which includes a brand new group slayer master. This new slayer monster could represent the reworked version of the slayer partner abandoned feature, which so many players want to experience. The group slayer master would assign tasks you can do with a group in specific task areas.

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Slayer Cosmetics

Slayer cosmetics are another big part, yet how you could obtain these upgrades still needs to be discovered. For example, the mods released an image with a dragon hunter crossbow and a granite hammer. Another cosmetic upgrade discussed during the game jam is Slayer teleports and animations.

Graceful Outfit Updates

Obtaining your graceful outfit is an account goal regardless of what type of account you’re playing. And so is obtaining various skilling outfits. Now the J-mods are proposing a way to combine your graceful outfit with skilling outfits so you benefit from both the boosts given by both the skilling outfits and the boosts on the graceful outfit. Here the J-mods teased the community with a design image containing three skilling graceful outfits: Runecraft, Farming, and Smithing.

Rat Boss

Jagex wants to bring a free-to-play boss to the game, and since f2p players are already used to the small creatures that can be found everywhere around Lumbridge and Gielinor, they are now considering introducing a rat boss. The boss is supposed to have customizable difficulty and would be an entry to PvM teaching players how to position correctly and how to gear and Prayer switch.

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The Wilderness is also receiving some thought with the 2024 game jam. From trouver rework to increased key drops, slayer buffs in specific areas, exclusive wilderness clue scrolls, and a potential rework of the wilderness thieving and agility, many ideas could significantly improve the state of the Wilderness.

Hunter Expansion

If last year Jagex presented a very well-received woodcutting expansion, this year they are thinking about bringing a new expansion to the Hunter skill. This could mean being able to bring the creatures you hunt back to a hunter master and learning more about them, and even obtaining more pets as a result. It is also a way to recycle some of the J-mods’ ideas for the proposed Taming skill.


When it comes to capes, there are loads you can collect in RuneScape—from really useful combat capes such as the Firecape, imbued god capes, or the Ava devices that perfectly fit in the cape slot, skilling capes, the quest cape, and other cosmetic capes to the max cape. Now Jagex is speaking about bringing a completionist cape. Though the requirements for this cape are still unknown, it is safe to assume that you’ll have to make loads of progress and complete everything like maxing skills, completing achievement diaries, quests, and combat achievements, as well as unlocking all the music tracks.

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Other ideas include resting inns to restore their run energy, hp, and players, though staying at an inn could cost a small amount of OSRS GP. This could serve new players, and they wouldn’t have to spend more OSRS gold on recharging their stats or get confused with all of the teleportations to the Ferox enclave for stats restore, so it could be a lovely addition to the game.