How To Plan Your Dream House: Interior Designers View

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From an interior designer’s point of view, abundance possibilities of designs can be created. They are skilled in creating search design combinations that can be seen nowhere. They are filled with out-of-the-box creativity. Therefore, it is always better to go for a residential interior design service. With the help of professionals, you can create the ultimate dream house that you have always looked for. There is a saying “The devil is in the details”. This is true when it comes to interior design. A mere decorator cannot examine these minute details. You need to hire residential design services. With that special creativity, they can turn a basic world room into a designer one with only a few furniture and art pieces.

Here we are going to discuss some tips and tricks Realty Management in Star City says you should keep in mind while designing your dream home. The tips that we are going to cover are:

  • It’s all about playing with patterns
  • Browse through the range of colours from the colour schemes
  • Go green
  • Less is more with furniture
  • Match the flooring
  • Go for small paintings

It is all about playing with patterns

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Instead of going with just one colour scheme, one can easily choose patterns to go for. You can select two or three different patterns in a single room. These patterns are so versatile that it matches with any colour scheme. You can put clustered print patterns on cushions or floor rugs. Large pattern print can be put on areas with white space around them. Nowadays patterned ceiling crowns are also used in rooms. This can be in different colour shades but the most preferred one is white as it gives an edge to the room.

Browse through the range of colours from the colour scheme

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It is important to choose the colours based on the type of room. Not all the colours are suitable for every type of room. For example, if we select the study room, light colours in the shade of blue and green are more appropriate, as they create a calming effect on the mind that helps us to concentrate more. If We are going for the bedroom, then colours like light lilac, Khaki green, blush pink, ice blue, light grey create an environment that is soothing to our eyes. This keeps our mind at peace and helps us in having a good quality sleep. For the living room area, you can go for bright colours in yellows, orange, and reds.

Go green

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You can always add more showpieces to the rooms to create depth. However, this can be a little bit on the expensive side. Therefore, anyone who is looking for any decorative ideas can go for indoor plants. These plants add a depth of character to any room that you place them. Green is a harmonious colour that brings a sense of peacefulness to the mind when we see it. Moreover, it increases the supply of oxygen and circulates more air in the room. These are more eco-friendly than any other plastic showpieces. Rather than harming the environment, it does benefit. It gives a natural feeling and brings freshness inside your home. You can use earthen pots, cups, or jars to grow the plants. The plants can also be grown on even DIY pots made with already available materials. These plants do not grow more than one foot; therefore, you do not have to worry about their height.

Less is more with furniture

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It is a common notion that the more we fill up the room with designer furniture the more fabulous will it look. However, this is just the opposite. Too much furniture makes the room compact and therefore becomes extremely difficult to move around. Negative space is essential for each room available. Negative space is the space that is left free to move around. And positive space is the space where you plan to place the furniture. Therefore choosing the positive and negative space ratio is extremely important. With only the necessary furniture, you can still create a beautiful designer room for your dream house. Too much furniture will block air circulation in the room, thus, making the area unhealthy. The arrangement of the furniture should be in such a way that the walkways are at least 90 centimetres wide that allows two adult people to get past without any difficulty.

Match the flooring

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You can always go for textured designs. It has taken over the old tiles one. Nowadays, people are obsessed with textured finishes even on floors. The flooring design most matches the other components present in the room. Either it should be in match with the walls or with the ceiling. Contrast colours and designs are in trend nowadays. Therefore, choosing the colour scheme can be a little tricky in this case. However, with the residential interior design service, you do not have to worry much about the colours to be chosen. Recently LVT tiles have taken over the market quite a lot. These are easy to clean and involve a minimum of limitations. The LVT tiles come in different types of designs. All of them have strong durability and sustainability features. These come in wood, concrete, metallic-like designs. Click here to know more about the different designs available. If you want to give a natural touch to the rooms, then wood-designed LVT tiles are a perfect choice. Similarly, for a metallic look, you can go for those LVT tiles that can give a metallic touch to the floor.

Go for small paintings

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It is not necessary that to create an overwhelming space, you have to bring a large piece of decoration. Not always a single large painting can create the best focal point. It depends on creativity. If you gather a collection of smaller paintings and hang it on the wall in the proper arrangement, it can create a better look for the room than a single large painting. There are multiple options for placing these small paintings. You can hang them in clusters on a single wall above a sofa, or you can hang them on two different walls facing each other. These small and simple tricks are enough to create a classy look to the room. To know about these tips and tricks, click here.


These are only a few tips and tricks that you can consider while designing your dream home. There are various other strategies that you can opt for while planning the design. To know more about these designs, click here. However, the most important thing that matters is the level of creativity. Many people get scared of trying new combinations of designs. However, one should not restrict themselves in the few common areas of thinking that are used by most people. Playing with colours and designs is important while creating your dream home. Whenever you are thinking of some colour combinations or decorative schemes, it is important to observe the room very carefully. Take a step back and look at your room and imagine the design that you want to create. Your senses will automatically tell you if it is going well or not. Hence, do not be afraid of trying something new.