6 Benefits of Pneumatic Tube Systems for Cash Handling – 2024 Guide

Transporting and storing money is a very responsible job that has long been a human responsibility. Given the amount of time it takes and the risks it involves, it was necessary to find another solution. As a result, pneumatic tube systems for cash handling have been created, and they enable sending money to safer locations, without the need for physical carrying. These pneumatic transporters aren’t intended exclusively to transfer money from one location to another. They are widely used in medicine and pharmacy to reduce the risk of endangering the environment by hazardous chemical waste, but also in other industries.

You must have had the opportunity to encounter these systems in banks, stores, and other places where there is a large fluctuation in cash. This system works very simply, with the help of compressed air which transfers what is needed from one end of the tube to the other at an impressive speed.

The very fact that it finds so much application in various industries shows that it has many advantages over the traditional way of transporting money. If you own a large chain of stores and are currently thinking about finding the easiest way from the cash register to the main safe, here are some advantages of this system that could convince you that its implementation would be a good choice in your case.

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1. Reliability

Reliability is the first thing we look for in any machine or product we want to install and start using. Pneumatic Tube Systems for Cash Handling it definitely is. They can transport a large number of goods in a short time that we couldn’t even imagine until now. 24-hour work 7 days a week is enabled and its specific characteristics make it reliable and unstoppable in terms of technical capability.

Modern technological development and optimized production processes enable the highest quality service. The guaranteed high degree of efficiency it provides is exactly what is needed for all places where all-day buying and selling takes place.

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2. Safe and secure

In places where shopping and selling are done all day, such as large department stores or supermarkets, it’s necessary to constantly store excess money to relieve the cash register. We agree you can hire one worker who will visit all the cash registers and do that, but that is neither a safe nor a secure solution.

Human errors should be kept to a minimum, and during physical transport, errors and loss of funds can easily occur, as well as robbery, which you certainly want to avoid. Pneumatic tubes allow the shipment to be sent safely, with the help of carriers that don’t allow anything to be lost or stolen. Also, they are designed to provide environmental protection and according to wasecurity.com are made to last a long time.

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3. Fast transport

Tube transportation is the fastest way to receive and send money that has been recorded in the world in all companies. The average sending speed measured is 1.20m per second. Given that we live in a time that is very fast-paced and where emergencies are common, it’s very likely that you will sometimes need to receive a certain amount immediately.

With this system, delivery is possible at any time and just when you need it most. This reflects the great efficiency of this technology, which can be very important for many. Imagine how long it would take you to move a bag from one building to another? But now it is possible in just a few moments.

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4. Easy operation

Pneumatic technology doesn’t require high handling skills because the handling process itself isn’t complicated or difficult. All you need to do is put the banknotes in the holder, and put them in the tube. The rest will be done with compressed air. So, someone who encounters this for the first time will have no problem learning to work on it.

Carriers can carry a wide range of goods. Their temperature and other properties are easily kept stable inside the carrier. For that reason, they can be safely used in medicine and pharmacy, where toxic and harmful goods are transported that must be successfully stored. But to get back to the money, its transfer shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure the weight does not exceed 50kg.

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5. Cost-effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is an indispensable item in thinking when it comes to any business decision. When it comes to the pneumatic hose system, you can be sure that the funds you invested in its installation will return to you very quickly. It takes only a few years, and this is especially pronounced in its implementation in the production process.

The work of the installed pipes replaces the man’s work, and thus saves the costs that you would have as an owner if these jobs were still performed by one of the workers. They prevent theft, which can also cause high costs. Resistance to weather conditions is another plus, as well as avoiding traffic, which wouldn’t be the case with an employee. As a result, it reduces the company’s unproductiveness and saves time, while increasing profits.

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6. Space-saving

A great thing is a way in which the functioning of this system is designed because it implies an installation that doesn’t take up too much space and therefore doesn’t represent a nuisance during operation. Pneumatic tube systems are installed above the ceiling tiles and wall coverings. Therefore, they remain completely invisible in the background and don’t disturb the aesthetic appearance, but also leave enough free space for work, without taking up too much free space.

There is always a way to install them so that they are invisible and don’t bother. Even when they continue from one building to another. Then they can be buried or raised high. So, don’t worry about where you will locate them, because you can always find the right position for them.

Pneumatic Tube Systems for Cash Handling is a perfect transport invention that has enabled owners to transfer money quickly and safely from smaller cash registers to a central safe. If you consider carefully all the benefits that its use can bring you, you will realize that it can be a good solution for your business as well. Cost-effectiveness is guaranteed, so you are free to forget about traditional transfer methods that don’t provide you with the necessary security.