Portable Generator 2024 – Buying Guide

If you are thinking about buying a portable generator but haven’t figured out how to approach it, then you are in the right place. With frequent power disruption and storm surge and hurricane, a portable generator can be the very best thing you want in your home.

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Instead of freaking out every time a hurricane hits, with a generator, you will be absolutely sure that you have some power. There are two types of generators that you can go for. One is portable, and the other is a home generator that is installed in your home. With a portable generator, you can meet your emergency needs and can carry it to your next outdoor camping adventure for some power.

Things to keep in mind while buying a portable generator

There are a lot of things to consider finding out the most suitable portable generator for you. Apart from the obvious budget, you need to think about the use, power capacity, and size to consider. Let’s read on to know more about these criteria.

What Brands to Look Out For While Buying a Portable Generator

There are some renowned brands for portable generators that you should consider. They have different models based on power and fuel type. For diesel generators, you can check out ablesales.com.au for their variety of models with different price and capacity.

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What Is the Purpose of Your Generator?

If you are looking for a portable generator for some occasional and recreational use, then any reputed brand generator will be fine for you. But if you need a generator on a regular basis, then look for a brand that provides warranty and long term durability. But getting a warranted generator will definitely be more expensive.

How Much Power Do You Need?

Generator types and prices vary with their capacity and power. Before you buy one, check how much power you need. How many apparatus are you planning to run by this generator? The power produced by a portable generator can fluctuate from regular household power. Usually, portable generators have a capacity ranging from 900 to 10000 watts.

What Type of Fuel You Need

Most generators run on gas. But if you need power efficiency, the Diesel run generator will be the best. There are also propane generators and generators that can be converted from gas to propane. Solar-powered generators are also in use, but they are a bit expensive considering their capacity.

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How Long Do You Plan To Run Your Generator

The duration of the service that a generator is able to provide depends on the amount of fuel it gets. The size of the fuel tank will determine how long the generator will run. Generally, you can go for 7-9 hours with a 50% filled fuel tank. The run time can also vary depending on the amount of power you use.

Noise Level

You can’t avoid the noise that comes with a generator. But generators less than 4000-watt power are less noisy. The fuel type can also be a factor in noise levels. For example, diesel generators are much louder than a gas generator.

Ease of Transportation

If you frequently move your generator, you want it to be light and easy to transport. There are wheels installed on some portable generators for transportation. Check out if these wheels are puncture resistant and can run on rough terrain. Some generators come with a wheel kit that you have to buy separately.

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Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Electronic Fuel injection is a great handy feature to have in a generator as you don’t need a carburetor with it. Those who know what a hassle a carburetor can be when it is clogged up will surely want to have EFI. With EFI, you won’t have to be worried about the regular maintenance of the carburetor. You can have both hot and cold start with EFI.

Electric start Vs. Autostart

The auto start will let the generator run whenever the power goes out, without you lifting a finger. If you are away from home, it can easily protect your electronic appliances by running automatically. Many portable generators also offer an electric start that requires you to turn on a switch. You can figure out for yourself which one you need.

Outlet Number and Type

Before buying a portable generator, you should check how many appliances you are planning to connect with the generator. It will determine the number of outlets you need. You should also check what type of outlet different appliances need.

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New Technology to Consider

There is a new technology available for generators that can detect a rise in carbon monoxide in the generator area. A built-in sensor will automatically shut off the generator if carbon monoxide builds up to a dangerous level. Portable generators produce a lot of carbon monoxide, and it presents the threat of carbon poisoning. With the new carbon monoxide sensor, you can get some relief.

How Much Does a Portable Generator Cost?

For a medium-powered portable generator, you will have to pay around 2000 USD. That price also includes the cost of installation and other materials. If you only use a portable generator for camping purposes, you don’t have to worry about the installation cost. The generator itself can cost around 400-1000 USD depending upon power, fuel type, and capacity.

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On a final note, while a portable generator can be an absolute lifesaver in times of emergency, there are some serious safety issues you must consider. A portable generator should not be used in an enclosed space as it triggers the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also, try to keep a portable generator at least 20 ft away from your home. Ensuring all the safety precautions will not only keep away danger, but it also prolongs the life of your portable generator.