5 Best Baguette Bags in Review: A Complete Buying Guide

Source: purewow.com

Old gold is now making sense as the old trends are returning again, stronger than ever. And the new models people lust for are just for a short time, and when the hype is over, they are thrown away. But a baguette bag from Romytisa will never lose its quality. It remains to be a diamond in all eras. The bag became popular through Fendi and Carrie Bradshaw, and till today they remain the ultimate icon. Now the ‘diamond’ is back, and you can be sure that you will love it. It never loses its value or quality even after years.

1. Chains Buckle Vegan Baguette Bag

This bag has a silver-coated chain as part of the shoulder strap, which is so attractive. They are small in size, only to carry small essential objects like the phone, lipstick, foundation makeup, headsets, and a small notebook with a pen. It can be used for both official occasions and casual.

Key features

  • It is made of featured vegan leather, which has an attractive appearance and good quality.
  • It has a large buckle and a belt that is used to lock the bag and enhance its look.
  • It has a strong shoulder strap with a chain and a small piece of leather for shoulder contact. The strong chain is durable and can withstand heavy weights.
  • Has a strong buckle for locking the bag. The belt-like strap allows it to loosen up or tighten the closure through its holes.
  •  It has a well-stitched and strong lining inside, providing a safe and comfortable environment to carry your belongings.
  • The bag is manufactured in different colors giving you a variety to choose from that matches your outfit and occasion.
  • The size of the bag is 22 by 9 by 11 cm.
  • It has an affordable price of around $ 60.

2. Floral Embroidered Shoulder Baguette Bag

As the name suggests, it is a multi-colored handbag with a decorated shoulder strap. It has golden coated rings and jewelry-like bids as the strap chain. The strap is only one-sided. The lock is also golden and resembles that of a tressure carrier. It is a small design bag for carrying small things like a phone and house keys and small beauty products such as lipstick and perfume.

Key features

  • It is made of vegan leather, which is fine and attractive.
  • It has a flower design that depicts the feminine nature of women.
  • It has a strong and adjustable strap that can carry all the weight the bag can carry.
  • The handles holding the strap to the bag are strong and of high quality.
  • It has a solid buckle that is durable and strong enough
  • A well-stitched lining inside is strong enough to bear the weight of items carried in the bag.
  • The size of the bag is 24 by 6 by 14 cm.
  • It has an affordable price of $ 70.0.

3. BASS Eyelet Vegan Baguette Bag

It is a medium size bag that is hung at the shoulder. It comes with a broader shoulder strap to ensure the carrier’s comfort even when carrying heavy loads. The bag also comes with two shoulder straps, which can adjust the second’s size. The bag comes in two colors; black and brown. It can be used on both official and casual occasions.

Key features

  • The material used to make the bag is vegan leather, which is shiny and attractive.
  • Its unique shape and design make it stand out among the other bags.
  • It has a broad, strong shoulder strap that guarantees comfort when carrying heavy luggage in the bag.
  • Its strong buckle locks the flip strap to close the bag.
  • It has a well-stitched lining that is strong and durable.
  • The size of the bag is 30 by 6 by 15.5 cm.
  • This bag cost around $ 70.0, which is fairly affordable.

4. Trapezoid Croc Print Baguette Bag

It is a mini-chain baguette bag that is fashionable. It has a unique shape and design of a trapezoid. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Key features

  • It is made of cowhide leather which is more durable than vegan leather.
  • It has a croc print design that is unique and special.
  • It has a strong shoulder strap.
  • Strong metal that holds the shoulder strap.
  • A strong buckle closure.
  • A well-stitched lining.
  • The size is 33 by 7.5 by 13 cm.
  • It cost around $ 86.0

5. Folds Genuine Leather Baguette Bags Small Shoulder Bags

It is a simple design fashion of genuine leather bag. It has a folded-up body which makes it different from the other baguette bags.

Key features

  • It is made of genuine leather.
  • It has a ruffle design.
  • Comes in five different colors.
  • Has a strong shoulder strap.
  • Strong metal holders of the strap
  • Smooth zipper
  • Its size is 24 by 7 by 12 cm.
  • It cost around $ 90.0

Factors that you need to consider when choosing the best baguette bags.


The best baguette bag may go up to $ 3,000, but it is a good investment because it will never run out of fashion. However, it is good to consider the prices of different bags about the suitability of their intended use.


Baguette bags were first manufactured by Fendi, but currently, there have been many designers who have ventured into designing baguettes, such as Prada and Coach or some new born companies. Your decision will be based on your preferences and taste.


How small a bag is and how big a bag depends on the intended use. In case you are going to an office, you cannot carry a small bag that cannot carry all the belongings needed. If you are going for a long-distance, you will require a small and lightweight bag.


A genuine baguette bag should be made of materials that cannot flake or crack after being used for a short period. Counterfeited baguette will last long and will be of low quality.


Baguette bags are made to last long and maneuver in all eras. When choosing the best bag, consider whether the color matches the season.


The baguette bags stand out because they will never be updated. Their material and designs are meant to last. Unlike in the ancient days, when there was only a single brand of baguette bag, now there is a range of brands to choose from. As you go to the market, be cautious about being counterweight material baguette bags.