Predictive Dialer Solution: Is It the Ultimate Auto Dialer?


Auto dialers have gained the reputation as the most effective solutions for outbound calling, even though there are still many opponents of outbound calling as a marketing strategy. Nonetheless, from year to year, outbound telemarketing, and especially the predictive dialer system, keeps bringing companies stable revenue and new customers, while studies performed by authorities prove that those companies who avoid outbound sales just lose opportunities to earn more.

But when it comes to discussing not the effectiveness of outbound telemarketing at all, but the efficiency of every single solution that is designed to automate outbound calls, the

Predictive dialer system keeps its position as the most popular and the most famous outbound dialer, even though its competitors can also be highly beneficial for almost any business. (, for example)

Why does it go this way? Is the predictive dialer a truly “no rival” solution that has everything to deal with all possible outbound telemarketing tasks? And what is the nature of this well-known solution?

Let us find it out.


What is the Predictive dialer and how does it work?

For those who have never heard of this software tool – the Predictive dialer is an auto dialer that uses the most advanced algorithms to show the highest performance rates among other auto dialers, including an average dialing speed of over 800 dials per one eight-hour working shift with over 75% of answer rate and nearly 2,5% of conversion rate. In other words, it is a software solution that automates the outbound calling process, including dialing phone numbers, bypassing invalid contacts, redialing unsuccessful calls, and linking calls to agents without any effort. The Predictive dialer system is only one of three diverse auto dialers, including also Power dialer and Preview dialer which can’t show the same dialing speed as the Predictive dialer provides.

The predictive dialing mode is called so as its algorithm permanently predicts the perfect moment to initiate another outgoing call – it measures the average duration of each call and average talking time of customer support reps to find out how much time it consumes for a representative to handle one real conversation with a prospect and uses different data indicators to change the dialing ratio – rep availability, number of reps talking, the average time to reach out to a prospect –  to start dialing the next phone number from the lead base while reps are still handling previous calls! This is the attribute that helps the Predictive dialer to have no rivals in the case of dialing pace, but it is also why it is an excellent solution to improve agent occupancy – thanks to a smart algorithm, the agent occupancy rate is 80-85% on average with the use of predictive dialing mode!

The predictive dialer also generates real-time reports concerning all outbound calling campaigns including all important info for understanding the imperfections or even mistakes made while setting up those campaigns. These reports also let you learn what changes are required to be made for improving the overall performance of the sales team. The predictive dialer also can ignore invalid phone numbers with an option to set customizable redialing rules for each contact that hasn’t been reached out to during the outbound calling campaign. This is the feature that allows you to avoid losing contacts that can successfully become your prospects or warm leads, as manual dialing is always paired with huge losses of contacts due to agent mistakes, the difficulty of processing data, and tons of manual work.

The predictive dialer also permits reps to use call scripts during each conversation to control call flow and boost the chance of success. You can also set up dynamic call scripts that change their tree of possible answers based on what the client says to your questions. Such scripts cover almost all potential call flows that can happen during the conversation, and this is why dynamic call scripting is a perfect solution for not only boosting conversion rates but also agent satisfaction and motivation.


What business can profit from picking up the Predictive dialer?

In short, all businesses can benefit from purchasing the Predictive dialer solution. If in detail, the Predictive dialer is a solution that is totally focused on generating sales and leads, performing cold campaigns, updating and processing contact lists, and doing any other tasks regarding cold telemarketing. This means that many industries that need permanent lead generation and experience tough competition in the market require a Predictive dialer to get the final advantage over rivals and win the battle for customers. Such industries include real estate and mortgage agencies, debt collection services, financial institutions, e-commerce businesses, insurance companies, and so on. All of these niches can have trouble with customer acquisition as the competition is too tough to deal with it without using modern solutions that help to save time and money – and the predictive dialer is exactly what we are talking about in this case.

Predictive dialing mode has numerous advantages over traditional manual dialing, and over its “brothers” – the Power dialer and Preview dialer. These advantages include a seamless dialing speed of over 100 dialing attempts per hour (per one agent involved in the campaign) which is tiple times more rapid than dialing manually and two times faster than the Preview dialer, an impressive success rate of over 75% (while for Power and Preview dialers it is often around 50%), the highest possible agent occupancy rate over 80% on average, and average conversion rate of over 2,5%, while it is only around (often less) 1% for manual dialing.


Nonetheless, the Predictive dialer has some vital requirements to follow if you want it to work properly and show the performance scores that are mentioned above. These requirements include: the minimal required number of agents involved in the campaign should be at least 5 persons or even more in some cases, properly chosen dialing ratio to avoid causing dropped calls over the limit set in legal regulations (it happens when a customer answers the call but the agent is unable to connect to it due to several reasons, including delays in the system, involvement in the previous call or other bugs), and stable Internet connection to provide highest possible quality of calls and connection. Also, for higher efficiency, we highly recommend using specifically designed call scripts with sales pitches.