Hiring a Professional Public Speaker Vs a Comedian for Your Next Event

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Comedy can be one of the most effective and effortless ways to connect with an audience and convey a message. But should you consider a comedian to speak at your next event? Here, we explore the advantages of hiring a professional public speaker, or if a comedian is the better option.


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What are some considerations you should make when deciding between a professional public speaker and a comedy speaker? Here, we take a closer look at areas to think about.


When it comes to content, both professional public speakers and comedy speakers will be able to provide engaging material for your event. Professional public speakers have a variety of topics they can talk about, while comedy speakers may only be able to draw on their specific comedic experiences.


Another important factor to consider when making this decision is cost. Generally speaking, professional public speakers will usually charge more than comedians due to their experience and expertise in delivering successful presentations. However, if you are on a tight budget, there may be comedy speakers who can offer their services for a lower fee.


Professional public speakers often have years of experience in delivering presentations and speeches and will be able to offer comprehensive advice for any given situation within their niche. Comedy speakers are usually experienced performers with an established track record, but they may not have the same expertise as public speakers when it comes to giving meaningful advice or insights.

What Type of Event Are You Holding?

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The type of event you are holding will play a large role in deciding who is best suited to speak to your audience. If you are hosting a serious event that aims to relay significant changes to your company, then a comedy speaker may not be suitable and could undercut the importance of your message. However, a comedy motivational speaker could be perfect for a relaxed product launch or team bonding conference. A comedian might be a good choice for speaking at an evening event where people are more relaxed and you do not need to relay a vital message.

Who is Your Audience?

Your audience will be essential in your decision. An edgy comedian may not appeal to a more conservative crowd who are there to learn or to absorb information vital to their careers. However, a room filled with innovators and entrepreneurs is likely to be more open to a comedy motivational speaker who can deliver challenging information in an upbeat and relatable manner. Knowing your audience can be a big hurdle in choosing the right speaker for your event – as the wrong choice could mean your message is completely lost in translation.

What is the Aim of the Event?

Your event may be a training day where delegates are looking to learn about their company or expand their knowledge of a certain industry. Or you may be holding an event to drive engagement with the general public, or launching a product or service. The aim of your event could be any number of things, but knowing this in advance will go a long way to sourcing a suitable guest speaker. A professional guest speaker who is an expert in your industry or area could provide a keynote address and also support with training in breakout areas – whereas a comedy speaker may be able to relax attendees and mingle in a less formal manner.

When to Hire a Comedian

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A comedy speaker can provide a great energy to your event. They are perhaps less likely to be experts in your specific industry, but they can be the best choice if the atmosphere of your event is the most important factor. Your comedy speaker will be able to provide a great keynote address, but they are perhaps not suitable for events where you require the keynote address to include expert insights. If you want to appeal to an audience emotionally rather than intellectually, then a comedy speaker can help you to achieve this.

The Advantages of Hiring a Comedian

A comedian can bring fun into any kind of event, offering a lighter alternative than traditional talks or guest speakers. An experienced comedy speaker will have mastered the art of reading an audience quickly, offering jokes that are tailored to the event and the attendees, as well as delivering a message in a light-hearted yet engaging way. However, it is important to choose someone who can deliver their message with respect – avoiding offensive language or jokes which could cause offence.

When to Hire a Professional Public Speaker

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A professional public speaker can be the best choice for more serious industry events when you want to bring some gravitas to proceedings. If your keynote address needs to inform and inspire then a professional speaker can appeal to these needs. Professional public speakers can be a great choice if you specifically need someone with experience in your area, who can relate to your audience on a professional level.

The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Public Speaker

Professional public speakers come with a wealth of experience in presenting and can provide an authoritative voice to deliver your message. They have the ability to flex their style depending on the audience, ensuring that all parties are engaged throughout. A professional speaker is likely to be well-versed in event management and best practice techniques, allowing them to create a strong rapport between themselves and the crowd.

Consult a Public Speakers Bureau

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There are many things to consider when choosing a guest speaker for any event or gathering. It’s important to take some time in advance to think about what kind of message you want to convey and who best can deliver it. While a comedy speaker may be the best choice for a more relaxed and informal gathering, a professional public speaker can be more suitable if you’re looking to leave your audience informed, inspired and motivated.

Whether you are seeking a professional public speaker or a comedian with public speaking credentials, then you should consult with a public speakers bureau. They can more accurately assess which speaker could be the best fit for your event, giving your audience the perfect balance of inspiration and information. There are a number of excellent speakers bureaus online, so don’t hesitate to reach out and find the perfect option for your next event!