How to Protect Your Bitcoin Privacy?


Though bitcoin is envisioned as an anonymous payment network, the truth is that it is one of the most transparent payment options in the world which is very transparent. Once you get on the body using platforms you need to learn that, privacy should not be an issue. Bitcoin offers levels of privacy which are acceptable as long as you use them correctly.

You, Will, Need To Understand The Following Fully For The Privacy To Work Well For You.


The Traceability of Bitcoin: The transparency on the Bitcoin platform is on an unprecedented level which most people are not used to. All the transactions on Bitcoin are traceable, public, and stored permanently in the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin addresses are what is used to define where the Bitcoins are sent and where they are allocated. The addresses are normally created privately by your wallet as a user. But once the addresses are used, the history taints them of all the transactions which it has been involved in.

Anyone who visits your address will see all your transactions including your balances. Since you will need to reveal your identity for you to get goods or services, it is hard for the Bitcoin addresses to remain anonymous.

Because the blockchain is permanent, it is important to remember that, something which is currently not traceable, might become important in the future. For that, you will need to use the Bitcoin addresses only once after which you have to take care not to disclose your addresses.


Limitations of Mixing Services: Online services referred to as mixing services offer varied traceability between the users who are sending and receiving back the same amount via independent Bitcoin addresses. You have to remember that, the legality of using such services might be different depending on the rules of where you stay.

Such services do also require that you have to trust whoever is running them not to steal from you and also not to store the logs of the requests you make. Even though the mixing services are good for breaking traceability of small amounts, it is normally hard to utilize it when the amounts are large.

Utilize New Addresses When Receiving Payments: For your privacy to be protected, you need to use a new Bitcoin address whenever you receive payment. It is okay to use several wallets for various purposes. When you do that, then you ensure each transaction is isolated and cannot be associated with them all together.

This will mean that, whoever is sending you money will not be able to see other Bitcoin addresses which you own and what you are doing with each of them. This is important advice that you have to keep in mind.


Take Care While In Public Space: Unless you have a motive to receive public payments or donations with high transparency, putting your Bitcoin address on a public space like social network or a website is not good as far as transparency is concerned. If that is the only way to go, then if you are going to move funds with this address to other addresses, they are going to taint the history of your public address.

To add to that, you might want to ensure that you don’t publish information concerning your purchases and transactions which could allow someone to identify what Bitcoin addresses you have.

It Is Possible For Your IP Address To Be Logged: Because Bitcoin is a peer to peer network, it is possible for you to listen for relays on transactions and log in the IP addresses. Clients who are full node are able to relay other user transactions as if it were their own.

This denotes that, it might be hard to find the source of certain transactions and any node on Bitcoin can be confused to be a transaction source yet they are not. To ensure that your IP address is not logged in, you can protect it using tools such as the ones discussed on


Future Improvements: In the future, there are chances of improving privacy on Bitcoin. There are efforts being made on the payment messages API so that multiple addresses are not tainted together while making payments. Over time, there is a possibility of Bitcoin Core change addresses being implemented in all wallets.

The graphic user interface is likely to be improved so that user-friendly payment features are available on request, thereby discouraging the reuse of addresses. Various research and work are also in progress to come up with privacy features that are extended like the possibility of joining random users’ transactions at a go.

Bitcoin is becoming easier to use and with an improvement in privacy, you can comfortably utilize the crypto robots. These are software to ensure that you can invest in more than one cryptocurrency trade. You have the option of choosing on a variety as they range from the simplest to the most advanced ones.

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You need to be aware that, there are fake cryptocurrencies in the market where the motive of the financiers is to scam you. There is also a possibility of your account being hacked and thus, the need to ensure you understand how to protect your privacy while on your chosen privacy.

With the many automated robots on the market, there will be a need to be careful to avoid getting the wrong one which will not be productive. The right ones have replaced professional investment advisers as they will take you through the step by step ways of working on your Bitcoin and within no time, you will become a professional in your level.