How to Protect Your Virtual Currencies

Data stored virtually has several threats, and it is also observed over the past few years that the threat is increasing with each passing day. There are risks associated with data that is executed during a commercial transaction online. Since cryptocurrencies are the new trend, and with its growing importance, it is crucial to keep your digital wallet safe. On that note, we have listed a few hacks with which you can ensure that your virtual wallet is protected. Get news on cryptocurrencies at

It is in recent years; Bitcoins has successfully stood as one of the best virtual currency transactions. Bitcoins have successfully established itself as a famous name in the economic jargon. There were several attacks on Bitcoins previously, and the developed system has ascertained several benefits when it comes to security.

Bitcoins transactions cannot be reversed, and a major reason is that it doesn’t have an acting intermediary that can reverse the transactions. Money in Bitcoin is only returned if an error occurs in the transaction. Moreover, even if a bitcoin is stolen, its value is retained.

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Authorities have come up with several techniques for tracking the stolen bitcoins, but they are not being implemented yet. The users of Bitcoins are kept anonymous, and no one knows who the investors are. Bitcoin addresses are created for each user, and a virtual wallet is assigned. All transactions carried out under this protocol are kept public. Moreover, anyone can access the list of transactions that are carried out under one address.

Hence, it is recommended that people should take additional precautions to enhance the privacy of their bitcoins. A few instances include masking the IP address of your system with the help of tools available.

Know a few tips to protect your Bitcoins

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Use a Bitcoin Client that is Versatile – To keep your bitcoins private and conceal your IP address, search for a Bitcoin Client that enables a user to switch to another address while carrying out each transaction. You can also choose to segregate your transactions in varied virtual wallets. We recommend users to maintain a separate wallet to carry out day-to-day transactions where small amounts are needed. They should top them up only when needed.

Using escrow service – When you are not sure about the party on the other side while buying or selling something, you can choose to use escrow service. While opting for escrow services, Bitcoins are sent to escrow services by the person required to make payments.

They then wait to collect the items bought. Escrow service is entirely safe, and buyers know that money is secure with the escrow. Agreed items are sent to them by the escrows. After receiving the merchandise, escrow is informed by the buyer, and they make the payment.

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Encrypting Wallets – When wallets are stored online, it is vital to encrypt them to ensure 100% security. Needless to say that you should have a dominant password that is very difficult to crack. This step is crucial since it ensures complete security. Also, there are a plethora of tools available online, which keeps your files completely encrypted. Using such tools is effective when you need to store files that contain sensitive information. Encrypting the entire system is crucial or encrypt the user space where you have located your files.

Protect your Identity – A user must be extremely careful when they are sharing crucial information about several transactions that are carried out in public spaces. A popular example of public space is the web. They can store information either unwittingly or voluntarily. This will not require a user to reveal their identity and their bitcoin address.

Creating a backup of virtual wallets – As far as physical storage is concerned, we always recommend updating them frequently with any critically significant backup. Usage of different media and locations is suggested so that the information is kept encrypted. It will ensure your virtual wallet’s total security and keep it protected from all thefts and attacks.

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Two-factor Authentication shouldn’t be forgotten – When we use online devices for storing our information, it is crucial to embark on a completely reliable selection procedure. You should not forget that any provider can discover the vulnerabilities of the system. Hence, two-factor authentications are one of the best ways to ensure complete security while using online methods. A user can also choose to use online services that assist them in using hardware wallets.

Use addresses that allow multi- signatures – As far as corporate transactions or transactions that are of high-level are concerned, multi-signature addresses are possible to be used. In such cases, more than one key is required. The possession of such keys is given to high-authority staff, and they are generally stored on varied equipment. When an attacker attacks, they will have to compromise every equipment in which they have stored the keys. It will eventually make their task tough.

Avoid storing virtual wallets on mobile phones – When you have to do transactions that include a larger sum of money, it is highly recommended not to use mobile devices. By doing so, you may have to compromise your money since there are chances of them being lost. While involved in online transactions, we recommend that you not use wallets stored on equipment connected to the internet.

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If you are not using a virtual wallet for a long time now, and believe that you might not use it in the future, get rid of them. Also, locate any copies that were being created when you created it online. You are now aware of the processes through which you can stay protected.

Although it is not possible to guarantee your assets’ complete security from the attacks that happen in the digital world, you should not stop obtaining the benefits of technology.

Take the required precautions, and you are not required to backout from obtaining the advantages. Invest in Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies and earn big. It is just that ensure security and pays attention while making transactions online.