How to Quickly Sell a House as Is in Houston


When selling real estate, everyone faces several difficulties. Everyone knows how difficult it is to find a good buyer in a saturated real estate market so that the deal could take place quickly and not get caught by crooks, and not to lose a price for the apartment. It is extremely difficult to do it on your own, so most people try to trust professional real estate companies to sell their properties. Such companies work fast, stress-free and with a guarantee. Some of them even have a slogan “We buy houses –”.


Ways to sell a house in Houston

Undoubtedly, the best choice will be the companies that offer a fair price for your home at once and fees to realtors.


  • Save on realtor fees, the amount of which depends on the value of the property.

A real estate agency helps you:

  • to save time on advertising: the company uses its channels to advertise your offer;
  • to sell real estate quickly, because real estate company provides its accumulated base of potential customers, partners base and works with buyers who want to buy a home mortgage;
  • if necessary, will be able to exchange the house for a suitable property through a chain of consecutive transactions, all c problems with the organization and legal registration of documents will solve the company
  • to get guarantees of a secure transaction: real estate companies cooperate with lawyers and conduct a pre-sale check of the documents;
  • to get advice and expert advice on how to sell your home quickly;
  • with the help of employees c quickly decides c technical documentation, including in the case of redevelopment premises.

Also, there are one more type of real estate companies which can buy your house themself as quickly as possible. Here is some benefits to work with them:

  • No additional fees. Such companies buy your house for cash so you don’t need to pay realtor, inspection fees or any other commissions fees.
  • No closing cost. There are no additional costs for closing the sale.
  • Fast and easy process. Such real estate companies will buy your house very quickly and such a process is uncomplicated. They have private lenders, bank relationships and CASH. This is why they can close the deal in as little as 72 hours
  • Buy houses in any condition. There is no need to prepare your house for selling. You can sell your house in the exact condition it’s currently in.
  • Honest price. You will get more money for your property. Also, they can provide you with proof of funds.
  • Any risks and legal support. You will get your cash without any risks.

Preparing the house for sale

Elimination of physical defects of the house and the land before the sale is an extremely important stage in the process of selling your suburban property. The house should make a favorable impression on the client at first sight. Be sure that potential buyers will study the house very carefully for any defects. Therefore, to avoid speculation and premature conclusions I recommend an obligatory audit of all the corners of the building and land plot.

On such elementary things as general cleaning with the washing of floors and wiping dust-off planes and surfaces, you should not focus much attention, because it goes without saying. Particular attention should be paid to the exterior, foundation, utility systems, window units, and roof rafters in the pre-sale preparation of the house.

There is a high probability that before the sale, the buyer will want to conduct independent expertise of the construction or just invite a qualified competent specialist in the field to give advice and make clarifications in a particular case. Construction engineers usually check these very nodes listed above first.

If necessary, remove traces of leaks, small cracks, fistulas, rotten or sagging beams replace them with new ones. If the situation requires it, then make cosmetic repairs of the facade – a little decorating and a couple of cans of paint have never hurt the house before the sale. Remember that customers choose private country houses mainly with their eyes, often without thinking about the general technical condition of the building. A presentable appearance is almost half the battle.


Real estate appraisal

To establish the price of the property on your own, compare it to similar offers on the market. You can do it online.

Several factors determine the price of real estate in the country:

  • location – the distance to the infrastructure objects or the nearest town;
  • the features of the area – the proximity to recreational facilities, lakes, forests, the ecological situation in the region;
  • characteristics of the building – year of construction, area, used construction materials, quality of communications, and interior finishing;
  • characteristics of the land plot – area, amenities, garage, paved driveway, fruit trees.

To establish the exact value of the house and land, you can order the services of a professional appraiser. In his work, you will receive an official conclusion on the evaluation of the property, with an estimated price based on the characteristics of the object and the market situation.


The best time of year to sell a home

In the suburban real estate market, as probably everywhere else, there are periods of decline and upturn in business activity. The dead season is, of course, winter. Fierce cold climbing up to the waist-deep in snowdrifts, few people have a desire to buy houses.

In summer the interest of potential buyers does not wane and holds at a proper level. As official statistics, life experience, and personal practice show, early spring and the vacation season are the best time of the calendar year for selling houses and land plots.

Take a note: if the owner of the object manages to approach the season as prepared as possible, then he will be able to sell the house and the land quickly and with maximum profit. The secret of a successful deal is to enter the market with your offer on time.