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What Is Kodak Black’s Net Worth?

Kodak Black Net Worth: Kodak Black is an American rapper from Florida who is known for hits such as ‘Roll in Peace,’ ‘Tunnel Vision,’ and ‘No Flockin.’ As a teenager, he strived to become a rap artist and has successfully proved it.

Today, Kodak Black’s net worth is estimated to be close to $600 Thousand dollars.

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Kodak Black Net Worth:


Net Worth: $600,000
Real Name: Bill K. Kapri
Date of Birth: 11 June 1997
Age, How Old: 23 Years Old
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Pompano Beach,
United States
How Tall, Height: 5ft 6in
Occupation(s): Rapper,
Last Updated: 2020

Kodak Black’s net worth is fueled with income from his singing career, which includes mixtapes, albums, multiple singles, and stage performances.

He also owns a luxurious house in Florida, that he purchased from the money he is making.

The controversial rapper was involved in many wrongdoings in his locality for which he has been booked by the police on several occasions.

Yet he has depreciated some value from his net worth as he was charged a $100,000 bail-out by the South Carolina jury for his criminal and sexual activities.

He’s been ordered to pay $4,200 every month until 2033 as child support fees for his son to his mom Jammiah Broomfield, and he gets access to meet his son King Khalid as well.

Kodak Black’s Son

Kodak Black has hampered his net worth due to his various scandalous behaviors, despite his endeavors he is moving towards his bright rap future.

How Much Is Kodak Black Worth?

So let’s watch, how much net worth this rapper can fill in until the next year of 2024. As of 2024, Kodak Black’s net worth stands at an estimated sum of $600,000 dollars.

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Who Is Kodak Black?

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Bill K. Kapri aka Kodak Black was born Dieuson Octave to Haitian immigrant parents on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Kodak was raised by his mom as a single parent soon after his dad deserted the family when Kodak was born.

The two moved in Golden Acres a place close-by lodging society where numerous migrants from Haiti likewise lived.

By any guidelines, the territory was not suitable and Kodak soon began selling drugs and indulging with the anti-social elements of the zone at an early age.

Kodak cared less about school and has been expelled from the school on numerous events due to poor attendance record, and additionally for involving in school fights as well.

Kodak Black is Known for Many Criminal Things

As he did not keep on learning in school, he read a few books to get a hang on the English language. When he was 12 years of age, he had the urge to turn into a rapper, so he started rapping in his battling days of the crime.

He was really delighted to visit recording studios in the early days but did not give up on his criminal activities for which he has been arrested on several occasions.

The entirety of him turning into a rapper would be over soon, as he was arrested at the age of 15 over a serious charge, but he was fortunate enough to be bailed out by one of his producers, who believed in the young Kodak to be a potential rapper.

Early Life & Career.

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Soon after he adopted the name “J-Black,” and joined a little time rap group ‘Brutal Youngnz,’ his bonding did not come true with the group, so he joined another named ‘The Kolyons.’

Kodak achieved his huge fame with the release of his debut mixtape, ‘Project Baby‘ in December 2013, which admirably did well at the neighborhood night clubs.

Following two years, he released two more mixtapes ‘Heart of the Projects’ and ‘Institution.’

Kodak was yet to increase far-reaching consideration, and his career-defining moments came true when rapping hot-shot Drake danced to one of his tunes, called “Skrt,” which gave the tune exposure to many listening audiences nationally.

As his search on Google scored high, his tunes started gaining more notoriety of which Atlantic Records took the advantage of offering him a recording deal.

Kodak and rapper Lil Uzi Vert later declared the ‘Parental Advisory Tour’ which was launched on June 5th at The Venue in Oakland.

French Montana ft. Kodak Black Lockjaw

The titled single ‘Lockjaw’ which released in May 2016, was Kodak’s first team-up with mainstream rapper French Montana that took to several hip-hop charts, and his single “Skrt” was spotted on various charts as well.

Kodak exploited his quick developing notoriety among fans and discharged his fourth mixtape, ‘Lil B.I.G. Pac,’ on Atlantic Records, which turned into his first collection to be included on the Billboard music charts.

However, Kodak’s achievement was soon defaced because of an occurrence when a video revealed him rapping on ridiculing the worth of a black woman compared to a white woman.

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In mid-2017, Kodak achieved the highest point of consideration with the release of his single ‘Tunnel Vision,’ which appeared at the 27th spot and topped at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 graph.

Since Kodak was a generally new craftsman in those days, the single brought him colossal accomplishment.

A standout amongst his best projects till date is his debut studio album, ‘Painting Pictures,’ which was released in March 2017, the album topped at the 3rd spot on the ‘Billboard 200’ chart.

Similarly, his August release of ‘Project Baby 2,’ turned out to be especially effective, and his ‘Codeine Dreaming‘ single peaked at the 52nd spot on the Billboard 200 music chart.

Kodak Black – Codeine Dreaming (feat. Lil Wayne)

His ‘Heartbreak Kodak‘ mixtape added to more of his achievement which was released on 2018’s Valentine’s Day.

Personal Life.

Kodak Black’s personal life can be measured with full of controversies, he is a standout amongst the most dubious rappers till date who had incalculable visits to jail for charges that included possession of weapons, cannabis, and armed robbery, which were in a while very insignificant in nature.

During his time in jail, he met a Hebrew priest, and with his sacred Hebrew scriptures, Kodak turned in a Hebrew Israelite, with changing his official name to “Bill K. Kapri.”

Kodak was dragged into a major controversy when he posted a video of himself and other men indulging in oral sex with a woman, which he deleted on Instagram with an apology.

He’s also known to have openly favored white-skin women over black which also sparked major controversy over media.

Kodak Black & Cuban Doll | Cozy Moments

His only known romantic relationship was with the musical artist Cuban Doll.

Kodak Black didn’t have any info about his son with ex-partner Jammiah Broomfield, she kept it a secret until the infant King Khalid Octave was 1-year-old.

Simply after that Kodak knew that he had a child born on the 13th of March, 2014.

Kodak has also been rumored to be related to the “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli, he had featured her in one of his music videos released in 2017.

To conclude, Kodak Black’s net worth is estimated at $600,000 dollars in 2024.

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Quotes from Kodak Black

“People just see the shine. They don’t see the grind, the bags under my eyes. It was a lot of grinding, setbacks… I ain’t finna let nothing stop me. Wherever I stop at, I already know who I am.”

— Kodak Black

“I just know that I’mma do something in life. I’mma do something productive.”

— Kodak Black

“While we walking, while we breathing, we dying… I be really feeling like, even though we live to die, some people be dying to live.”

— Kodak Black

“I’m better than Tupac and Biggie. I say that so now you know where my head at.”

— Kodak Black
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