How to Read Players When Play Online Poker?


Surely, poker is one of the most popular casino games of our time. However, people often forget that this game has its tradition that lasts for more than two centuries. You have seen those western movies, and how cowboys have played those intense hands of poker against their nemesis, right? As it is presented in these movies, we can see that luck is not the only factor that can make you a winner.

We can see that this is a game of skill much more than any other gambling game. A Player’s ability to read his opponents and to predict their moves will surely mean much more for him than luck. Just think about that, there’s no other game from this category where you will need to predict your rival’s moves. In the last two decades, the concept of online poker has become widely popular around the world.

It meant that people from every corner of the world were able to compete. If you would like to take a look at an online casino, be sure to take a look at Olybet. However, we can see that the social component is severely lacking in this concept. Therefore, many players ask the question about how you should read other players in online poker. We are here to provide you with a couple of tips on how you can do that.

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  • The Small Bet

When talking about the most obvious ways to tell if others have something on his mind are small bets. Sure, making a large bet is something that will make other players reconsider if they will follow. Instead, making small bets means that the opponent has something on his mind and would like you to follow him to a certain degree. That way they will try to maximize their winnings.

While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, you can be sure that players who have a certain level of experience will see right through it. However, they will require some solid evidence before they are ready to act in the best possible manner. It means that these bets would need to be smaller than the pot’s standard. When this information is obtained by opponents, they will be able to understand how you are playing.

Therefore, the chances of winning at a hand where you can win a significant amount of money are pretty slim. What these small bets tell about you as a player? It screams that you are a newbie in this world and that they will be able to push you around whenever they feel like it. So, we would advise you not to try this approach.

  • Checks and Raises

Just think about a certain scenario, you have an absolute winner in your hands, but you wouldn’t like for your opponents to know just how strong you are. So, instead of making a raise, you should check. That way, you are deceiving opponents. In case they raise or call, you have made a significant step to maximizing your winnings. Then you should raise and you will have them completely confused.

Compare this scenario to the one where you will make an instant raise, where you will show all the potential your hands have and you will other give up on playing a certain hand. Many players who are new to the concept of online poker will act recklessly and lose a hand. Instead, they should carefully think if they should invest their money into something like these. Not all the baits should be chased, right?

  • The Waiting Game

Now, we would like to talk about a situation that is one of the commonest ones in the world of online poker. The cards are on the table, and it has been made clear that all the players have some really good cards in their hands. Despite all of them having decent hands, they are waiting for some reason. It doesn’t too much of psychology to see that these players are agonizing over making a certain decision.

The reason why a player is reluctant to make the decision is that others are pretty aggressive with their calls and raises. However, some kind of change happens. Instead of folding, the player decides to go all-in. Of course, chances are that the particular player has some really good cards in his hands. However, there’s a chance that he or she is bluffing. It needs to be said that in most chances they would like you to think that.

Based on our experience, we can see that these players are often holding some winning cards. But they would like to leave an impression of being uncertain. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that other players should fold their cards. Instead, they need to try and make a prediction if the opponents’ cards are stronger than theirs. In some cases, you will be able to win. However, the chances of you losing that hand are pretty high.

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  • Instant Calls

Whenever someone is faced with a decision to make a call, raise, or even fold, they have the necessary time to contemplate what their next move should be. In case an opponent makes an instant call, it means that he or she has already thought about their next move. At the same, they are confident in what they have in their hands. There are two possible scenarios, they either have a strong hand or their hands are too weak to make a raise.

In case other players don’t have the strength, they will fold. But that doesn’t mean that you should do that. Maybe you can bluff your way out to the winning the hand in question. So, you can see how monitoring your opponent’s behavior and you will be able to make the most out of the hand you are participating in. Instant calls are pretty strange things and there are different meanings to this action. So, it is entirely up to your cards if you are going to follow them or no.

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The Bottom Line

It is, in fact, possible to read online poker players. Here, we’ve provided you with a couple of ways you can do that.