5 Reasons to Consider a Post-Wedding Photo Shoot In Italy

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Italy is quite possibly one of the best places to have a wedding. But the country is also great for post-wedding photoshoots!

When browsing locations to have a post-wedding photo shoot, various factors exist that can help you make the right decision. But we’re here to tell you why Italy is the right and best candidate for the job.

Without wasting too much of your time, let’s start immediately.

1. Favorable Weather

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Italy resides in the Mediterranean. This means it has a pretty favorable climate at least two-thirds of the year. We don’t recommend going there for the winter season, but spring, summer, and autumn are perfect for a post-wedding photo shoot.

Depending on where you’ll be having the photo shoot, there are specific months that are perfect for the occasion. If you’re considering the southern parts of the country, then we don’t recommend August as it can be pretty darn hot.

If central and northern Italy is your choice of destination, then the best months for taking a post-wedding photo shoot are April and May, and September and October.

These four months will give you the best weather for a photo shoot.

2. Spectacular Cuisine and Even Better Wine

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If there is anything synonymous with the country, then it has to be the characteristic cuisine and delicious wine. The country is home to many wonders. From archaeological masterpieces to historic landmarks, simply said Italy has it all.

But the food and especially wine is something that can be found nowhere else on this Earth.

If you’re considering a post-wedding photo shoot in Italy, then do know you’ll also have the option of sampling some of the finest foods in Europe. Italy is widely known for its pizza, pasta, lasagna, Fiorentina steak, risotto, osso buco, polenta, and many more foods.

But foods aren’t the only thing that might tempt you to come here. When discussing foods, we have to touch on Italy’s wine. Wine is what these people live for; that and pasta. But the country is home to some of the most widely renowned wineries that produce the highest quality grapes.

Good wine is very expensive in Italy but it is a must-try.

3. Great Landscapes

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There are so many beautiful places in the country that will be perfect for a wedding photo shoot. But if you’re not interested in taking a picture at the Colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, then why not go for an off-round adventure?

Italy is home to a magnificent and diverse landscape. From tall hills, huge mountains, and wine fields full of vibrant colors, the countryside is amazing. This is precisely why some pretty popular destinations captivate the bride and the groom.

One very popular location is Como Lake. The lake is world-famous for its vibrant colors, crystal clear waters, and captivating smell. The Amalfi Coast is even more popular than Como Lake simply because of its natural beauty.

Other beautiful areas include Tuscany and Lake Garda.

With many more options available, you should choose wisely where to have your post-wedding photo shoot as it can really make a difference.

When discussing reasons to do a photo shoot here, you have to consider the photographer as well. It’s safe to say that the country has amazing photographers that know the region well. One such photographer is Nicola Tonolini.

4. Italian Fashion?

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While not directly related to your wedding photo shoot, but how about you get dressed with the finest “la moda italiana” offers? The country is truly full of artists that take their job very seriously. Everyone has heard about Italian suits, Versache, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, and other fashion brands.

And you will do some shopping here. So, when going apparel hunting for your post-wedding photo shoot, how about you spend some extra cash on an Italian classic?

5. There Isn’t a Better Place For a Honeymoon

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While the honeymoon isn’t that important right now, it’s important to consider it. And when browsing for locations to have your honeymoon at, why not settle for one in Italy?

Since you’ll be doing the photo shoot there, it will be quite convenient to go on a honeymoon to the countryside, shore side, or even in one of Italy’s big cities such as Rome or Naples.

It’s safe to say that you’ll have a lot of fun in you choose the country as your honeymoon destination. There is also a common saying that the bride and groom oftentimes choose Italy as a honeymoon destination.

Not only will you sample the country’s many wonders and beauty, but you can spend the majority of your time traveling through the peninsula.

There is a clear and obvious reason why the country is so popular with younger adults.

Tips For Choosing a Photographer

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Now that we’ve talked about why you should have the post-wedding photo shoot here, let’s explain a bit more about the photographer.

Preferably Local

The photographer you find needs to know their way with foreign clients and couples as well as local wedding destinations. They can show you around and find beautiful places in the area and that’s why you need someone from that place.


It’s safe to say that you are taking a huge risk if you hire someone that isn’t as experienced. But an experienced photographer will charge a heck of a lot of money.

So when exploring options, do take into consideration that you will get far more from a photographer that has had years of experience behind its belt. But all that experience will cost you money.

Look At Their Portfolio

The only way to be sure that you’re hiring the right person is to ask for the photographer’s portfolio. Always know that every photographer has one and never settle for someone that says they don’t. Nearly 99% of photographers have websites where they post their work, so finding them is easy.