8 Reasons Why Vietnam is Worth Visiting – 2024 Travel Guide

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From the amazing cuisine and beaches to the breathtaking sightseeing spots, Vietnam is a place that can offer something to every person that visits it. With its mesmerizing coastline and interesting culture, it is basically waiting for tourists from all over the world to explore it.

For most people, Vietnam is on top of their travel destination list and some want to visit it, but are not sure about whether or not they should actually go there. Well, if you are in this situation, this article about the top 8 reasons why you should visit this nation can be quite helpful. Let’s take a closer look at the list of reasons:

1. The Locals Are Simply Amazing

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One of the main reasons why you should consider visiting this country is its people. Firstly, they are incredibly happy to share facts about their customs, culture, and traditions, and secondly, they are quite polite. Women and men at the local green markets will help you pick vegetables and/or fruits and they’ll definitely enjoy asking questions about your background while you are at their stall.

They are also quite approachable and relaxed, which means that they’ll always help you get around the city or find your way back to your hotel. Interacting with the local people in any Vietnamese city will definitely make your vacation more memorable, enjoyable, and complete.

2. The Cuisine Will Leave Your Taste Buds Craving For More

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If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, it is not a secret that Vietnam has the best one. One of the biggest surprises for most tourists is that the food is quite accessible. For example, if you visit any other foodie capital you’ll find various dishes at various price points, at specific areas.

However, once there, you can try various tasty dishes at a wide range of coffee shops, markets, restaurants, street vendors, and bakeries. Besides tasting amazing meat, rice, and fresh baked goods, do not miss out on trying their traditional strong coffee, also known as “weasel”. Trust me, you’ll not try anything better.

3. It is Relatively Cheap

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The best thing about visiting this couontry? It is incredibly affordable. The accommodation cost, public transportation, the food, every single thing comes with a low price tag. It is perfect for people that are on a tight travel budget or the ones that love spending more time in one country.

There are various accommodation options that you can choose from, which means that you can definitely find one that will fit your budget – keep in mind that one night at a hostel can cost as low as 2 dollars! Additionally, the food is quite cheap with some street food costing as little as one dollar.

4. The Nature Will Take Your Breath Away

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The first thing you should know is that Vietnam is currently ranked 16th as a country that is rich in biodiversity. The nation proudly showcases their amazing forests, clean rivers, diverse lagoons, and colorful coral reefs. For example, you can choose to spend a night in a hut made from bamboo located near a river.

Now, it has hundreds of places that will allow you to experience some of the most incredible natural sights, hence, make sure that you incorporate some of them in your itinerary. If you want to learn what things you can do and see, check out Explore One VietNam for more information.

5. There Are Festivals All-Year Long

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Thanks to its rich culture, traditions, and history, as well as Buddhist influences, Vietnam has hundreds of festivals that are organized all-year long – most of which are incredibly fun to attend. For instance, the “Tet” holiday is perfect for families who want to celebrate the love for their ancestors, as well as for each other.

The best thing about these festivals is the fact that they always decorate the streets with colorful lights, there are special meals that are prepared during the duration of the festival, which means that you can try even more tasty food, and there are often fireworks that will take over the night sky. All in all, attending at least one of these festivals will make your vacation even more memorable.

6. Incredible Beaches

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Is there anything more relaxing than spending your afternoon or evening at a pristine beach? Well, I think there isn’t. Let the waves, water, sun, and sand relieve your stress and anxiety that has been accumulating in your body for far too long. Vietnam does have a few world’s top beach listings, hence, make sure that you check at least some of them.

There are various activities that you can do, including sunbathing, kite-running, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, and so on. Additionally, you can choose to stay at some of the best beach resorts in the world – which is perfect for newlyweds or families. You can also have your lunch or dinner close to the sea, which will perhaps, be the best part of your vacation.

7. The History

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Vietnam’s history is somewhat complex, which is why colonial influences can be seen almost everywhere. From their architecture and monuments to their cuisine and amazing coffee – influences from all over the globe can be noticed. Which is why Vietnam is considered a blend of several cultures.

There are also dozens of museums, monuments, sculptures, and buildings dedicated to the events that happened in Vietnam, hence, you can learn a lot of things about their tumultuous history. It is important to remember that the history of this country is not only interesting, but it is important for people to learn about it as well.

8. Take a Walk in One of Many City Parks

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If you take a walk through some of the city parks in the early morning or evening, you’ll see men and women exercising on the open. A lot of people – both younger and older – gather around one instructor and follow exercises while the music is playing in the background. Hence, make sure that you visit some of the parks if you want to participate in some of these activities.


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Vietnam is a truly amazing country and with all the things that it offers to tourists, it is not a surprise that it is actually on top of a lot of travel bucket lists. Hence, now that you know what are the reasons for visiting this mesmerizing place, do not lose any more time. Instead, you can start planning what you’ll do, try, and see while on your vacation in Vietnam.