How to Repair a Burnt Kitchen Countertop


How can you repair fix burnt kitchen countertop? The first reaction to a burn mark on your countertop is to try to clean it off. This method usually does not work. One alternative to hiding it is to use paint to cover it up. It might be critical to cover up patterns printed on a countertop.

Despite the variety of countertops, the laminate one is probably the most common. Unlike hardwood, laminate doesn’t easily absorb the heat of a hot pot or pan. It will instead transfer heat to the surface and cause a burn. If the burn goes deeper into the countertop. To repair deep burns, you need to sand the damaged area and apply a waterproofing coating. Epoxy paint will seal the burnt area, and hide the repair.

To know how to repair a broken quartz countertop, read the detailed article on Caesarstone.

There are a series of measures that can usually solve a problem without having to resort to cutting your countertop. Below, we mention different methods to repair different burnt kitchen countertops. However, one burnt countertop repair method may also be applied to other burnt countertop materials.

Method to remove burn marks from Laminate countertop


Understand the Situation

When assessing the severity of a burn, remember to be realistic. Small marks can be hidden, while larger ones are easier to spot. It may be necessary to replace the countertop if the burn spot is too big to cover up.

Use a chemical to clean the surface

If you are trying to clean the kitchen countertops, you should clean the surface first. It will make it easier for you to remove any burned-on stains. If you are going to use liquid dish soap to remove burnt residue from the laminate kitchen counter, use a strong chemical cleaner. It will ensure that the surface is clean and free from grease.

Sand down the surface

Then you must sand the area with a power sander. The areas of laminate that need to be removed must be done carefully, as too much power on the sander could damage the countertop. Clean your countertop with water and a sponge to remove any residue from the sanding. Make sure the surface is dry before applying the sealant.

Try to remove burn

If your countertop got a deep burn, you need to carefully scrape out a portion of the burnt countertop using a screwdriver. Do this carefully, and make sure you don’t scratch the counter surface anymore.

Apply a Sealant


Once the surface has been cleaned, choose a brand of putty that is the same or nearly the same color as the laminate kitchen counter. Make sure to wipe off any stray putty immediately. Wait for the putty to dry before cleaning it. After it has dried, clean the area again with an alcohol wash.

Paint the surface

If the putty is the same color as the countertop you have no idea whether you need to worry or not. While putting on a mask to protect yourself from dust particles, take your paint and spread it with a brush. You might need to wait until the first coat dries before you put any other objects on the surface of the counter.

Laminate kitchen counters can be repaired and cost less than replacing the entire countertop. However, it is best to avoid situations where heat or flames can damage the surface of the counter. Use a non-skid coaster and pot holder to protect the counter.

What to do if the burn mark is not repaired from the laminate countertop?

If the burn mark is not removed properly and you don’t want to replace the entire countertop, consider purchasing just a sheet of laminate adhesive to attach to the surface.

Method to solid surface burnt countertop repair

  • Begin by cleaning the area with a cleaning agent designed specifically for your type of countertop. Most manufacturers have specific cleaners to remove burn marks and other stains. Doing this first will allow you to clean the area before removing any of the surfaces.
  • Remove the stain with a soft piece of cloth, and proceed with caution as the process may harm the clean surface. Rub the stain lightly and avoid scratching the clean surface. Sand the surface because it can be enough to remove the stain
  • Use the specified cleaner to clean the area again. Use polish to make it shiny.

Method to remove burn from porcelain countertop

Porcelain countertops usually have a glossy surface that may become dulled using this method

  • Soap and a gentle cleaning cloth will help remove burn marks from the porcelain countertop.
  • Apply a layer of paste made of water and baking soda onto the scorch mark, and then gently rub it in. This process should help prevent further discoloration. You may also need to let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Use a soft, clean cloth or toothbrush to apply a fresh layer of paste to the sink. Do not rub the surface too hard
  • Clean the area thoroughly with a wet cloth and soap, followed by application of Bar Keepers Friend, and repeat as needed.
  • Once the spots have been removed from the burn, wipe the countertop with a sponge and warm water. Cleaning agents are best avoided because they could cause damage to the surface.

How to avoid problems regarding Burnt Kitchen Countertop


You should always use a permanent hot pad over a burned countertop. Place four tiles on top of your kitchen counter. Apply grout between them to make a perfect place to place hot pots and pans. The hotpot idea has been used to help heal burns, and that can save you some money!

If you’re cooking food on a countertop, instead of placing hot items directly onto the surface, use a heat-safe object such as ceramic or a silicone trivet to protect the countertop surface from burning.


In this guide, you know how to repair a burnt kitchen countertop. You have also read some methods to repair burnt kitchen countertops. Sometimes, the burnt countertop repair can be critical, so it’s good to consult with professionals for an expert opinion.