Research Paper Writing Tips for Students


A research paper is a type of academic essay that implies researching the topic in-depth. Do not confuse a research paper with a research proposal. Those two are written similarly but have different purposes. It aims to show a student’s knowledge of the subject and the ability to structure information and represent it accurately. The goal of the proposal is to persuade the audience of the necessity and significance of particular research.

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Get Ready to Write

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Writing a research paper is not a matter of a single day or even a week. At first steps, your primary task is choosing a topic and finding the relevant resources.

Tip: though a research paper is a standard assignment type among the universities, the requirement for its writing may differ. Different universities can set their deadlines and rules. Even single professors and disciplines can treat research papers differently. Do not forget to specify all the details before starting. You do not need to perform excessive work at all.

It would be best if you chose a topic you are familiar with or interested in, as it will be easier for you to write. If you are not sure in your capability of finding the sources, choose a more trivial topic. It does not mean that a paper must be dull. Get ready to find the literature resources. Again, each establishment has its requirements for them. Consider that. Look for all available options. Sign in the libraries and spend some time there. Look for all possible Internet resources. There are many free online libraries. Prepare all the instruments. You will need a notebook, something to take pictures of the books, and many-colored pens to highlight essential passages.

Start Writing

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Every academic paper begins with a thesis statement and outline. It is not a strict but useful requirement to follow. The research papers can be divided into three types:

  • Analytical – you represent some analysis of the information;
  • Expository – you explain the information and make it easier for comprehension;
  • Argumentative – you sound a definite opinion towards the report.

A thesis statement must depend on these research paper types. It is the main idea of your paper. It is a set of your purposes, intents, and estimated results squeezed into one sentence.

Outlining will help to organize the whole process. When you are done with a thesis statement, brainstorm it and think about the central ideas or arguments that will support it. You’ve got your sub-headings and paragraph beginnings. Never try to add the information that is useless for the task. You might find a lot of exciting things to tell about, but if they do not concern your topic and does not help you in writing, they are trash. Your audience is intelligent to notice the trick.

Writing the Body

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It would be best if you understood what purpose each part of the paper has. The introduction represents the topic, asks the vital questions to be investigated, sets the goals of an article, and hooks the reader’s attention. Do not forget to bond the research with other related documents in the introduction.

The body describes the research. It represents the arguments you have found to support the main idea. It consists of examples, evidence, statistics, and everything essential for the research. The conclusion part sums up the paper and answers the questions from the introduction part. It proves that a study conducted in the paper is essential for the audience and the topic on the whole. The author might indicate the final evaluation of the theme if the research was sufficient or there is a need for further investigation.

Knowing how to develop research papers is vital during the academic period. In many cases, these are used as an evaluation method, both in secondary education and in higher education. Research papers can be crucial in the workplace, where they serve to find out relevant information for companies and present it to colleagues and superiors. Therefore, it is vital to acquire and strengthen a method of study and sample results.

The Structure Of the Research Work

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The structure should consist of the following:

  • Introduction: here, it is indicated why the subject has been investigated and what is sought with the research work.
  • Development: it is the nucleus, the place where data, concepts, and ideas are presented and contextualized. It is convenient to schematize it in detail and enrich it with schematics and infographics.
  • Conclusions: collect the thesis that can be extracted in the light of the data and the ideas obtained. Sometimes, conclusions are accompanied by recommendations and advice on the subject.

After the cover, it is essential to place an index that indicates the different sections of the document.

It is important to keep in mind that the audience will be addressed with the subject, and it does not have to be specialized in it. An organizational scheme that highlights the crucial points will be efficient and precise.

When selecting a topic, consider its originality and consult how other research papers have treated it. The documentation process is decisive. In it, we can resort to publications, monographs, newsletters, professional journals, technical projects, databases, reports, or specialized projects. The presentation can be made in writing (as usual), but also in sound, visual, or oral support.

The Style

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When it comes to the essay style, you must use a formal language, although it should be adjusted to the person or the audience that will read it. It is recommendable to write in the third person and avoid both the ambiguous terms and the excessive use of textual quotes. It is not advisable to use too long sentences or abbreviations. The acronym should always be used after accompanying the word or set of words it represents.

Finishing a Paper

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Do not forget to check the paper for grammar, punctuation, and syntax mistakes. Academic writing implies a definite style of formal language. Apply the proper citing and formatting style to the text and the reference list. Remember that every information took from the side resource without referencing is considered plagiarism. It means you will not get any positive grades. Make sure to bond all the paragraphs with each other. The text must flow smoothly. If you are to present the paper, read it by yourself. If you can understand what is written, everyone will.

It would be best if you followed these tips and kept them in mind to get a perfect research paper. And do not forget that there is a site that can lend you a helping hand. Do not let anything be an obstacle to your success.