The Best Way To Write An Essay In Under 30 Minutes


Sometimes, we only have the option to go for quick essay processing. And when it takes only 30 minutes, the task becomes more difficult.

Well, essays depend on extensive research and critical thinking processes. But when we do not have the option, we need to take detours.

Yes, an essay is also about creativity which needs time, and we can contradict this particular aspect of short timing, but when it’s the only option, we have nothing but to plan for quick writing.

When it’s clear that we have to go for an essay within 30 minutes in college terms in any other competitive situation, we need to be prominent with the strategies. Here planned strategies will work the best for us as we need more time to think about it after starting the writing process.

Well, keep your head manageable as you don’t have to complete a large essay which is not possible to write within 320 minutes. Essays have various forms, and we can complete them with various strategies.

Thus, it’s not the time to increase your tension and procrastination but to let your ideas and smartness dig into the action and make it happen for you.

Best Ways To Write An Essay In 30 Minutes


We often see that when writers don’t have the time, they do not consider the quality of their writing but just go on to complete the essay as they can. But this should not be the scenario that you face. Otherwise, it will create the chance for the professors or judges to give you bad feedback.

When you are going for something, make sure that you have done the job in the best way possible. It’s not always about the hard work but also about the smartness which comes with strategies.

Let’s find out the best ways to deal with a quick essay.

Concentrate On The Instructions.

The first and foremost step of essay writing is to consider the instructions and concentrate on them properly. No matter how much time you have left, don’t forget to understand the instructions. Take 4 to 5 minutes for a complete understanding of the subject matter.

The instructions are important because that is where the whole answer lies. You can even write a paragraph if you read the instructions properly. This will also help to create a strong base for your research and write the introduction properly.

A Quick Plan For The Essay.


When you are going for a quick essay plan, you will always need to consider a prominent plan, as we have discussed earlier.

Well, how to go for a good plan?

Don’t worry; we have got you covered this time.

The first step of good essay writing is to go for extensive research instead of writing it blindly. When you know the instructions, depending on those, you can start researching the subject matter and dig into the depth of the topic.

Here you can take 5 to 7 minutes, depending on your topic difficulties. The more you research, the smooth your writing will be.

Here you have to try to be smart by not going into deep thoughts but exchanging pre-existing papers and looking at the lists of their whole research to get a good idea.

Brainstorm Your Thesis Statement.


Take another five minutes to create your thesis statement.

Now you might ask why you need 5 minutes just to create a thesis statement.

Well, the thesis statement fully relies on your research on the particular topic. After your research is complete, you need to think about how you are going to explain the thesis to the audience.

It is not about writing a normal sentence but considering all the factors in your essay and creating the backbone of your essay.

So, do not get afraid to give it some time and create a strong thesis statement.

Don’t Forget To Set A Timer Before Jumping Onto It.

Time management is all that you need in a quick essay submission process. If you understand where to give how much time, you know the plan already.

Well, if you do not have a timer, you will not be able to cope with the time. So, it’s better to keep the stopwatch with you always during such critical situations. Or you can use your phone to set the timer for every step that you are going to take.

Here is what you need to deal with the particular instances of essay writing and manage your time accordingly.

Create A Quick Outline.


If you are confused in the middle of your writing, then that is a bad situation for your writing. Confusion creates procrastination, and that is what you may not allow in a 30-minute essay paper.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, the only solution is to go on with a prominent outline of the essay paper. When you have researched and read the instructions of the topic as well, the only thing left in your way to being an obstacle is the structure.

But if you consider the essay structure in advance while researching, it will take 2-3 minutes to outline it and give you the confidence to complete the paper with ease in time.

  • Introduction.
  • A thesis statement.
  • Discussion (in 2 to 3 paragraphs).
  • Conclusion.

This is all you need to consider at the start of your essay, and then follow your writing process as quickly as you can.

Don’t Forget About The Revision.

Apart from all the steps mentioned above to consider in an essay writing process, don’t forget to revise your essay paper before submission. Even a 2-minute revision can save you from simple mistakes.

On the other hand, you will also be confident about your essay paper after submission.

Well, this is not the end of the solution from our end.

After all the steps and tricks, if you have an emergency that is out of your hands, you can simply go and pay for an essay to complete your essay assignment on time.

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