Top 5 Romantic Flowers Girls Gifts for a Valentine‘S Day Wedding Theme


There is a longstanding culture over the years to celebrate valentine’s day with flowers. At weddings and anniversaries, the most real thing that one could find is flowers. The tradition of celebrating valentine’s day with flowers started when Charles II introduced the secret language of flowers to Europe in the 1700s. This tradition continues over the years for expressing love and affection on this day. On the day of 14tth February, known as Valentine’s Day, the flower along with chocolate proves to be a much-liked present. Be sure to pamper her with beautiful flowers.

It is always a mandatory thing for the youth and everyone to buy presents on valentine’s day. Thoughtful gifts will always make your loved ones happy. You need to express your emotions in the right way.  So It’s very essential to know your valentine’s choice over flowers. You should know some facts regarding flowers before you pick up for the bouquet. Here we have listed the most popular five herbs that are the best to give on a valentine’s day. If you need little inspiration, just scroll down.

1. Roses

Source: The Creative Cafe

In the top list of lovers, there is always a place for Rose. Over a survey, it is found that moreover 51% of people buy red roses for valentine’s day. The roses have a heavenly aroma and are the soul symbol of romance, love, care, and affection. You can choose different types of colorful roses for your partner. There are more than 150 varieties of roses, and you can select over there. The roses are the best valentine’s presents. You can visit City Flowers to buy different varieties of rose flowers.

Along with roses, you can also add cute toys. You can also add chocolate or a sweet message over a card. It could be a perfect gift for your sweetheart.

2. Carnation

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Carnation holds the next position to roses. They are more like feminine appearance and thus have high price tags. The carnation signifies the fascination of your relationship. Therefore this is an excellent choice for picking it up in your budding relationship. There are multiple numbers of colors to choose from. Depending upon what color of carnation you want it depicts the meaning of purity and good luck in white carnation, admiration in light red carnation profound love message in dark red color carnations. As carnation as best in the cut flower industry, so the carnation can be stored a bit longer. Do not forget to tie along with a sweet note with the bouquets as it will increase the value of it.

3. Lilies

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The lilies are to be the elegant choice for your partner. These come in pink, white, orange, and red color. You have a choice over there. Casa Blanca lilies are the variety with a great dramatic choice. So it will surely help you to build a sophisticated taste and please your partner. You can also choose over oriental lilies as they have a breathtaking fragrance. Along with the beautiful lilies, try to make handmade crafts that will enhance the present in a much better way.

4. Alstroemeria

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Alstroemerias are also known as Peruvian lilies. The most popular holiday is lily of Incas, or we can say Alstroemeria. The buds are best for the selection of bouquets as they blossom nicely. These come in red, pink, and lavender. Waxflower is the best choice for bouquets. With delicate petals and gorgeous looks; it tends to be the long-lasting cut flowers. They are the perfect way to express devotion and unconditional love to the special one. The Alstroemeria have multiple blooms per stem that make it an eye-catching flower and fill the bouquets. The flower looks extremely extravagant and voluminous in a vase or bouquets. Keep all your emotion into the flower and present it to your partner with a sweet smile.

5. Tulips

Source: Love The Garden

Tulips are one of the excellent choices for valentine. Though they have a simple look, it has its traditional taste and unique style. The tulip flower comes in almost any color. The red tulips are signs of love in language. Though they do not have a sophisticated look, they convey a strong message of love. The flowers are easily identifiable and have a comfort zone in section. Tulips are very affordable. They are hardy cut flower and can remain in the water for days. They can last long in the vase and can represent your deep eternal feelings for your partner. They will remind you how much love and care you give to your partner. Do not forget to send delicious chocolate and a romantic message card to your girl on valentine’s day.

Once you know, the choice of flower you want to buy you can easily thing for design. Give your flower bouquets in such a plan that will be a surprise and memorable thing for your partner. Choose the flower in different colors and with different varieties. Always know the facts like which color symbolizes which message. You can take the help of the florist. They will help you to know about different flower and brings you the best flower in your budgets.

Like red is for love, pink is for appreciation, white is for young love, purple is for love at first sight, orange is for enthusiasm and yellow is for joy caring, and friendship.

Valentine’s day is the perfect day in a year where you are free to express your love to your partner. Do not be clueless at that time. Flowers are the best way to show your unspoken words. You can gift your partners with small presents like chocolates, cards pr their favorite items. Complete the gift with delicate and fragrant blooms. This will help you to express your love towards them in a much better way. Make your girl get all the happiness of the world and let you give more hugs. Celebrate the special day of yours with themed decoration. Continue to send the flowers to your loved one.