Secure You Place On Santa’s Mailing List


Children all over the world write thousands of letters to Santa every year, at Christmas, detailing all the gifts they want this year and how good they have been. Some children get lucky and have their wishes granted. But some children are the luckiest of all and get a reply from Father Christmas himself.

Some lucky children receive letters from Santa himself! Authentic letters, written by him and his army of elves, at the North Pole!

How did the tradition of getting letters from Santa start?


The tradition of writing letters to Santa started almost 1800 years ago.

The earliest we know about the trend of coming through the Chimney started with Fanny Longfellow (wife of the poet Henry Wadsworth) who wrote her three children letters each Christmas that commented on their behaviour over the previous year and how they could improve it. These letters from Santa usually had ‘the Chimney Corner’ penned as the return address, most probably because she left it on the Hearth.

She must have given Santa ideas because Santa used the chimney to enter and exit homes throughout the early 1800s which was the start of the holiday’s development in the United States, as did his mail. Children rapidly began responding to the messages that parents had placed for them beside the fireplace or in one of the surrounding stockings.

As postal employees started carrying mail by hand to major areas during the Civil War, Americans started to perceive the mail as a welcome surprise rather than a time-consuming chore. As each postman delivered mail directly to homeowners’ doors, it eliminated “the inconvenience of having to take letters to the office” and turned the mailman into “a Santa Claus visiting families on his beat.”

The cost of postage also started to decrease in the mid-1860s as the postal system standardised and grew more effective, partially in reaction to the massive increase in correspondence during the Civil War. Parents became more at ease with purchasing stamps, and kids started to see the postman as a real connection to the Christmas figure.

Newspapers began reporting the delivery of Santa letters to local post offices and then to their own offices soon after. Recognizing the letters’ emotional impact, many magazines and newspapers also published the children’s scrawls and even started to give out prizes for the “best” letters.

Infact in December 1874, a reporter in Canton, Ohio, wrote: “One day last week, two bright little children approached the Democrat office and requested that we print letters from them to Santa Claus!”

You might be surprised to read the contents of those letters though! Kids at that time tended to request straightforward, useful presents. In the 1870s Santa got stacks of letters asking for him for items like writing tables, prayer books, and “sticks of pomade” for “papa”! Later on, children began to request more enjoyable products as society progressed, such as sweets, dolls, and rollerblades.

Nowadays, children ask Santa for things like dumpster trucks and private jets, to nerf guns! But Santa is a busy person and can’t possibly reply to them all! That’s why only some children receive  a letter from Santa every year!

How does Santa write his letters?


Santa creates the nice list with a little assistance from one or two elves, and makes sure that his workshop has a magnificent selection of toys and presents ready to be delivered on Christmas Day. However, he still finds the time to sit down and compose enchanted, personalised letters for kids all around the world. While drafting his letters, Santa will sprinkle some holiday magic and add a dash of holiday happiness to make sure that each letter is specially tailored for each child.

Since there is such a great demand for letters from Santa, every elf in Lapland helps to load the letters into Santa’s bags so they are ready to be dispatched from the North Pole’s post office come December.

To make things easier for Santa, he’s partnered with a lot of companies that help him pen down the mail and help the most children get a letter from Santa every year! Each company helps the children in that part of the world get a letter from Santa on Christmas. In the UK, we have RealSantaLetters which brings children fully personalised letters that have signatures from Santa’s own hand!

Every letter from Santa is printed on specially designed stationery that is exclusive to Santa Claus House- in fact, Santa has been using the same stationery since 1960, with only minor alterations! This enhances the letter’s charm and plausibility. Some agencies even have an option in which each letter is accompanied by a genuine address where kids may visit Santa and even write back to the Jolly Old Elf.

Letters are addressed from Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska.

Some special letters also include a gigantic sticker announcing that the recipient is “on Santa’s Good List,” a unique memento “Santa Dollar,” and a full-color keepsake photo of Santa Claus. Of course, every letter from Santa is inscribed with his coveted “Santa’s Official Mail” seal.


Since Santa letters are shipped throughout the first half of December to assure their arrival by Christmas Day, the earlier you let Santa know you or your kids would like mail, the better!

He is a very busy person you see!

Why a letter from Santa is absolutely necessary for Christmas this year!

Personalised letters from Santa include more than just greetings from Santa Claus; they contain the promise of Christmas, along with all of its mysteries and enchantment!  And when each reader discovers that they are, in fact, on Santa’s “good” list, a Santa letter will put little anxious minds at ease. Even if it may seem of no importance to adults, consider how much an impact it may have on a child’s confidence and self-esteem to know that “the Big Guy” approves of them!

And your youngster gets much more with each Santa letter. You may also incorporate a personalised message to make the letter relevant to your little one! Imagine the excitement your youngster would experience when they learn that Santa has taken time out for them!

If your parents and grandparents from many years ago sent you a letter from Santa when you were a kid, you probably recall the butterflies in your stomach you had as you opened the Santa envelope. Today, let your youngster feel that same delight. Even if you didn’t have the good fortune to get an original Letter from Santa when you were a youngster, it’s your chance to create a tradition that will be treasured, cherished, and handed down from generation to generation!


So what are you waiting for? Take out a few minutes to book your place on Santa’s mailing list, with just a few steps! Choose a design that you like, add your child’s name, your personalised message, and get ready to hear squeals of joy when the mailman comes by on Christmas! If you think your children have been extra good, you can also request Santa to send them a certificate for their excellent behaviour! Not to mention the activity sheets that can keep the little ones occupied on Christmas day.

Do you get letters from Santa on Christmas? Comment below your experiences and let us know if you were ever lucky enough!