Secure Your Smart Phone from Unsightly Cracks Using Protective

With mobile phones becoming more high-tech and expensive, protecting them has become a big priority. We carry our mobiles everywhere with us, and the recent designs tend to be sleek, but not so durable despite their advanced features. Protecting your mobile handset with a case is the best way to ensure its safety.

Reasons to use a protective phone case

Many people feel that using protective cover masks the beauty of their phones. However, when you spend a fortune on a mobile, it’s much better to invest in a case. If you accidentally drop your device, it can cause unsightly cracks and dents and tamper its performance and appearance.

Even if you aren’t particularly clumsy, there is no guarantee that your phone won’t be knocked off a surface one day. Some cases offer more than just protection and double up as functional accessories. Moreover, you can also give your mobile a unique and personalized look by choosing the one that fits your personal style. Below we are going to discuss some of the popular styles available.

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Popular protective phone cases

Wallet RNGR: This simple, elegant case is equipped with a wallet and metal ring. Available at Wudn, it eliminates the need to also carry around a wallet. Apart from providing maximum protection for your phone, it offers space to store one credit card, $50 cash, and a driver’s license. Made of eco-friendly wood, it is durable and of superior quality.

Basic Model: If you are very confident that you’ll cautiously handle your mobile device, you can look at more basic case styles that focus on design rather than protection. They will protect the surfaces that are covered and are an economical choice. They are usually made of TPU and tend to be fairly durable. However, the missing cutouts in the front may not fully protect your phone if dropped.

Transparent Covers:

Hard transparent: They are used by those who like added protection but still want to show off their phones’ design. The silicon ones are a common choice, but the color can often turn into a pale yellow. The hard-transparent ones retain the transparent color for a longer time and offer better protection.
Bumper: Bumper cases have a transparent body still and have a sheet of rubber along the edges for extra protection and better grip. The raised edges enhance the overall design of your device.

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Thin fit Cover:

Many of the sturdier covers can be quite bulky. If you already have a larger phone, bulky covers would make your device appear even bigger. Those who like to keep their phone sleek and slim can opt for thin-fit cases. Though they don’t offer a great deal of protection, they still keep your handset safe to some extent, and the materials used are scratch-resistant.


For someone who is extra-cautious and is happy to use a heavy-duty cover, this option will offer the maximum protection for their handset. Covers available nowadays aren’t anything like the bulky, unattractive ones of the past. There are a handful of trendy heavy-duty covers available in different materials and designs, and they offer a good level of grip too.

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Flip Cover:

Flip cases can be bulkier than many other protective options, but offer all-round protection for your phone, as the case will cover it from all sides. Some are available with a viewing window making it easier to attend calls, and others can also be used as a stand for watching videos on your handset.

Moment photo Cover:

This is a great option for photography-lovers and helps you convert your smart phone’s camera into an even better one with a lens, shutter button, and strap attachment. The strap included is stylish, and this case means you don’t have to dig into your pocket every time you spot something you want to photo. Moment photo covers let you wear your phone around your neck or wrist for easy access.


Phone skin:

These don’t offer as much protection, like other phone covers, but are extremely sleek. They protect your device from scratches and fit snugly on your handset. They maintain the shape of your device and don’t add bulk to it. If you don’t like the idea of using a protective case, you can use phone skins, as they are a good option for personalizing your handset.


Armband protective covers can be worn around your arm and give easy access to your mobile handset. They are perfect for running enthusiasts and ideal for use during workouts. With armband, you can hold your gadget securely without it overheating, bouncing or chafing.

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Battery case:

These are external battery packs, which stay attached to your smartphone. If you are out and about with less access to charging outlets, battery cases come in handy as you won’t ever have to worry about running out of charge. Many models charge both your smart phone’s battery and the case’s battery when you plug in the charger at home.

Dry bag:

Electronics and water don’t go well together! Though there are mobiles providing a fair level of waterproofing, many phones still provide offer zero protection against water, and this is where water-proof pouches come to the rescue. These are perfect for the pool or beach days and offer full protection against water.

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Material options for phone cases:

Silicone and thermoplastic polyurethane handle shock absorption better, so if you drop a gadget encased with either of these two materials, the shock is absorbed by the material. For a good fit, hard materials like carbon fiber or aramid fiber are the best choice. The choice of fiber would just depend on your personal preference. Common phone protective cover materials include:

Real leather: Stylish, flexible, and soft, leather ones are preferred by vintage-lovers and offer a good grip.
Carbon fiber: Lightweight and durable, carbon fiber cases survive hard falls.
Polyurethane: It offers excellent protection, versatile, and cost-effective.

Spills falls and drops can lead to costly repairs. When your phone is protected, you won’t have to worry so much about scratches. Your mobile handset will retain its brand-new look for a longer period of time. Check out reviews of the product you are thinking of buying before purchase to ensure you are purchasing a high-quality, long-lasting case.