4 Tips to Get Best Price When Selling your Used or Old iPhone

Do you plan to sell or dispose of your old iPhone in the future? Perhaps you are eying the most recent device and intend to recoup part of the expenses. Or you already own an older phone that is just lying around, and you no longer use it. No matter the reason, it is crucial to understand that you can still get the best price for your used or old device. Also, it would be best if you learned various options for trading or even selling your mobile device on various ecommerce platforms such as Craigslist.

It is essential to mention that your phone’s depreciation rate is something you can’t control. In that case, selling your iPhone in perfect condition may mean fetching the best price in the market. Try to address all issues with your iPhone prior to selling it. Here are essential tips to keep in mind if you have been performing various internet searches regarding sell my mobile phone or any other old mobile device.

1. Determine the value of your iPhone

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Today, there are countless mobile phone models, and the first and most important step is to determine the specific model you own. Next, establish the device’s primary selling point. Do you own the most recent model of the Samsung phone or an old iPhone? Can the device access the internet, download apps, exchange emails, and surf the internet seamlessly?

Most consumers today prefer having a mobile device that can effectively access the internet and facilitate effective communication. Therefore, if your old mobile phone has such aspects, there is a good chance you may be able to fetch a reasonable price for it.

It would be best if you also analyzed the iPhone’s current condition. Is the phone’s screen intact, or is it cracked? Is the charging system still functional? Selling a mobile phone in perfect condition is likely to fetch you a reasonable price in the marketplace. Additionally, if you still have the phone’s original charger, box, and instructions manual, you also have a chance of selling it at a better price. After all, nobody intends to shell out for an expensive iPhone only to start hunting down the iPhone charger.

2. Do your homework

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Now that you know the specific phone you own and its condition, it’s time to find out other used mobile phone users who may be selling a similar model and how much they intend to sell for. It’s important to mention that you’re not going to get the price you would if you’re selling a brand new mobile device. So, check various auction platforms and second-hand device marketplace to learn more about how much you’re likely to sell your phone for.

Please pay attention to the amount other sellers are selling their devices and learn a thing or two from this approach. For instance, Amazon has countless mobile devices for sale, both refurbished and new. So you can check various product listings on that platform to get an idea of how much you can charge for your used iPhone or any other type of a used phone.

3. Clean the phone and add an accurate description

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Now that you’ve decided to sell your mobile device and know where to sell it, it’s time to clean it up and create a listing on the specific platform where you intend to sell it. Take the time to figure out the best way to position your device because your choice of words can make a huge difference. Rather than referring to your device as an old phone, you could name it a ‘design classic’ or something more appealing like a ‘retro handset.’ If the device is still in perfect condition and has the most desirable features, you have a chance of selling it at a higher price.

Focus on spelling out the specific features that make this device worth buying. For example, you can mention the unique pictures and whether it was the first device to be associated with a certain element or feature. Keep in mind that there are different types of collectors, and no matter how old your device may seem, someone will still be interested in buying it.

Be sure to clean your phone thoroughly before you list it on craigslist or any other marketplace. Even if you want to sell it to a neighbor or stranger, you are likely to get a higher price if the device looks as good as new. No one wants to buy a crusty device with a cracked screen. So, consider cleaning the device before you send it to the other user. It’s equally important to erase all your data stored in the device before you sell it.

4. You can also do a charitable thing

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Most people do not know that they can donate an old phone or any other mobile device to a charitable organization? Sure, you will not get cash, but you’re likely to feel good that you are all the iPhone or any other type of phone is helping the less fortunate in society. There are companies that recycle mobile phones and send the revenue generated towards financing various community projects like water tanks, school books, and other similar projects in most third-world countries.

If you prefer having your mobile device fixed up and send to another person in a developing country, you may want to donate it to the right charity. So, do your homework and find organizations that offer such programs.


Suppose you plan to dispose of your second phone, or you want to purchase a more recent model. In this case, you can sell the iPhone to various online ecommerce platforms like eBay. It is in your best interest to implement the tips discussed in this article just to be sure that you get the highest possible for your iPhone. Alternatively, you can donate the device to a charitable organization where it will be refurbished and sent to third-world countries.