Best Platform to Sell Out Your House – 2024 Guide


Attacked by a financial crisis, need to sell the house to get out of it? Ah, not a bad idea. But are you worried about the right price to sell? Are you worried because you have less time?
Don’t know the right service to get for this purpose? Oh really, if this is the case, we have got you covered. We are going to make your work easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Now let us tell you, here are three ways to sell your house

  1. Hire an agent
  2. Pure for sale by the owner
  3. For sale by owner flat fee MLS Listing

Are you confused, right? Not getting which one to choose, no worries, we are here to help you.

Let’s start with the best option.

But wait, before moving to the best option, let us tell you some important bit of information. We are going to talk about it further.

What is MLS?

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It is a property listing portal where you list your property for selling, and other buyers approach you through their agents or directly by the information you have entered about you and your property.

You might have heard before about it because it is the most common practice of the people involved in the real estate business these days.

Now, let’s start with the ways you can sell your house:

1. flat fee MLS for sale by owner

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It is a process in which you have to pay some upfront amount to some real estate company. It will list your property on the real estate websites like

The biggest advantage is your property will become visible on local and international real estate websites. It will increase the chance of your property being sold at the best prices.
Flat fee MLS FSBOs allows you to market your property without any agent. You have to deal with all the things by yourself.

Find the customer, negotiate and sell the property, but wait, do you have the time to do this all and the skills to do it the faster way. Of course not, that is why you are worried.

Don’t worry; let us try this option 2:

2. Hire an agent:

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By hiring an agent, you cut down the burden on yourself because it is the agent’s job to list your property on the MLS (Multiple listing services), do the paperwork, negotiates with the customer, and markets your property. But, Wait for a while. Is he going to do it free?

Obviously not, He, in return, needs to have 5 to 6 percent of your profit amount. Do you have the heart to do that? Difficult to decide right, why are you deciding it, buddy?

Let your money makes decisions. If you have a good amount of money to easily hire an agent, and I am sure if you find the best agents, you will find the experience worth it!

3. Pure for Sale by Owner:

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It is the most common practice done by whom? The failures in the real estate business
Yes, this is the practice that is the reason for most of the buyer’s and sellers’ failures because, in this, you have to market your property yourself without any external aids, limiting the exposure of your property.

It is a traditional process of advertising your property through any means and then waiting for the customers to call you for further information or negotiations.

You might be confused about which one to choose between option 1 (hire an agent) and option 3(Flat Fee MLS).

Yes, option two is out of the list because it is not the best practice to attempt to sell your house fast and efficiently in time.

To remove the confusion, we will let you know the pros and cons of these two options, and then the ball is in your court, either to choose this or that.

Flat Fee MLS vs. Hiring a flat fee realtor/hiring an agent:

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  • Save Your Money: The flat fee MLS service saves your money as it only asks you to pay the upfront amount in the beginning and then carry on, but the realtor or an agent asks you for 5 to 6% of your profit amount.
  • Play It Safe: In the flat fee MLS service, you are supposed to make sure by yourself that everything is legal and compliant and get entangled in any of the problems for a transaction of high-volume money or any other issue so you would need to deal with it by yourself while if you have an agent so he would be dealing with all this and because they have greater experience and knowledge about the law in real estate so they would try to keep you away from these troubles and will also play safe.
  • Save your time: If you are going to opt for Flat fee MLS, keep in mind that it will surely save your time. Let us tell you how. In MLS, if you need to make changes in the information of your property or anything, so you directly do it yourself without any further ado online
  • But while you have hired an agent and you have to make some changes in the property information so would need to request the change, the agent would send an amendment agreement, and then the process will proceed ahead, and this is going to take more time than if you do it through Flat Fee MLS.
  • Maintain control on sale: When you are getting the service of flat fee MLS, you sign the agreement for limited service and entry only agreement and would have full control on your sale, but when you are hiring an agent, you have to sign a full-time contract.
    But before taking the final decision, let us tell you that if you choose the flat fee MLS, you and your abilities are going to be used until the property is sold, but if you hire a realtor or an agent, the game is in the hands of your money and your agent.

Final words

The ball is in your court now. Please choose what you want and get it going. Finally, to help you out more, We would like to suggest you browse through google and learn more about these sites and choose the best ones.