Selling Champagne Bottles Online: 9 Effective Methods to Get the First Sale

In starting an online business, there are a lot of factors to consider. One important factor to highlight is your first sale. It can be tough to get it, especially if your line of business is unique. However, the reassurance and optimism the first sale brings is a major turning point of your business.

In selling champagne bottles, for example, how you create the image of your product is important. This is because people already have this luxurious impression when they hear the word “champagne.” Commonly, the impression involves celebrating an elegant event or a victory party.

Despite the tough challenge in making your first sale, you can always use effective marketing strategies to ensure your win. So, what are these strategies? We are going to show you some of those in this article, so let us get started!

1. Give Influencers Free Champagne

The Internet has a lot of different influencers like bloggers, vloggers, journalists, and entrepreneurs. They come from various niches and industries, which means you can target a huge market. Each one of them has thousands of followers on their social media channels and websites.

Giving them free champagne using your bottles creates an impression that you are acknowledging their work. Regardless of their industry, champagne is a classy drink, so people would love to see these influencers drinking them. Hopefully, they will mention you in one of their posts or videos.

When they do, you get a spike of your followers and traffic. You will also achieve that seal of approval from experts in different industries. In the eyes of your prospects, your product’s status will rise.


2. Create a Blog

In terms of online business, creating a blog website is a major factor of your success. Blogging is an effective content marketing strategy. Not having this is a huge loss in your revenue.

By creating relevant and free content, you keep people informed, and you are creating trust from them. You can also share blog posts on your social media channels that your followers can share.

To produce valuable content, think about the starting-point questions people may have about your champagne bottles. You can answer all these queries through individual blog posts. For your champagne bottles, you may want to write about how well they can store beverages.

3. Make an Email List

Another proven marketing strategy online is through email. A study showed that up to 40 times email marketing is more effective than marketing through social media. You can ensure to get larger conversions and returns through email marketing.

In doing email marketing, create a list of email addresses of your prospects. If they subscribe to you, you get the chance to send them weekly newsletters and other campaign materials. To get the email addresses of your prospects, attach a contact form somewhere on your website. The contact form will ask an email address to each user who will fill it out.

4. Conduct an Interview with Influencers in Your Niche

Interviewing influencers in your niche is a great example of creating epic content. This is a win-win situation, so it works. You get to know superb content, and the interviewee increases their exposure through your blog.

Ask questions about their life and success in their business. This ensures that people get to know their personality and their expert advice. Of course, never forget to give them free champagne.


5. Try Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising service. It allows you to display ads on their search result’s page and YouTube videos. The beauty of it is its massive market reach and speed in setting up campaigns. In a few minutes, you can launch your campaign through Google that many people can see around the world.

How this works is your ad will show based on related keywords people use to search on Google. If you already have a Google account, you can use that to create an AdWords account. Make sure to pick the keywords that people will use to search for your champagne bottle business. Purchase the keywords from Google, so the ad will go live.

6. Use Affiliate Marketing

You can always share the workload of advertising with others through affiliate marketing. This type of marketing has a simple concept. You allow others to market your champagne bottles and to send you traffic. In return, you pay them a percentage of the sales they make for your product.

You can track their sales through the hyperlinks you provide that they can publish on their website. Each link has an ID code specific for each affiliate marketer. Each click to your affiliate link from their website is a good chance of a sale. If the user buys your product, the affiliate marketer gets a percentage of that sale.

7. Sell Wholesale to Retailers

If you cannot market well on customers, why not try retailers? You get to increase your cash flow, and you have a better estimate of your profit. You also allow other agencies and resellers to market for your champagne bottles online. Try researching for potential retailers near you and contact them if they want to resell your bottles.

8. Offer a Contest Online

Giving free stuff is everybody’s favorite. So, why not take this chance to market your champagne bottles? You can offer a contest online and give free champagne to the winner. This builds trust from people online.

For example, you can offer a photo contest where people should be drinking champagne. Set a theme for the contest, and pick the one with creativity and uniqueness. Create clear instructions on how people can join the contest.


9. Choose a Unique Design for Your Bottles

Remember that luxurious impression when talking about champagne? That is primarily because of the appearance of the bottle. The bottle’s looks are important in producing images and videos about your business online. If you have a style that best represents your brand, people will remember you easily.

To get the best one, try this elegant champagne bottle design, click here to find out more. Its manufacturer offers different designs and sizes that you can choose from. You can also pick transparent or tinted bottles.


Getting your first sale can take a lot of effort and time. It is also important to remind yourself that speeding up the process with weaker strategies will not do any good. It is always safe to take a longer path with stronger marketing strategies. So, feel free to try any of the strategies above and see your target returns becoming real!