7 Biggest Social Media Sites in 2024

Today social networks are so firmly rooted in our life that the list of the seven biggest and most popular social platforms practically does not change from year to year. We Are Social and Hootsuite surveyed social media audiences. In 2024, the audience of social services grew by 10.5%. Every second, 12 people are registered in them, and an average of 1 million per day. The analysis also showed that 3.96 billion people use social networks, approximately 51% of the world’s population.

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1. Facebook

Source: Medium

Facebook is the largest social media site, with over two billion monthly users. Over 65 million companies use Facebook pages, and over six million advertisers actively advertise their business on Facebook, making it very attractive.

Getting started on Facebook is easy, as almost all forms of content work great on Facebook. But there is a need to note that Facebook’s algorithm itself prioritizes content and prefers content that engenders conversations and meaningful interactions between people, especially family and friends.

Facebook’s main feature is that its architecture is built based on user groups’ social connections. The site allows you to establish links between users for the subsequent exchange of information of any type. So, for example, on Facebook, you can find an old friend, share useful information with your subscribers or members of a particular community, discuss pressing problems, post photos, read the latest news, view friends’ publications, and find out what is happening in their lives. Facebook is not only a great platform for communication but also a complete platform for doing business.

2. YouTube

Source: Neil Patel

YouTube is a video sharing platform where users watch a billion hours of video every day. YouTube is used by 1.9 billion people worldwide. For millennials, this social network is the most visited. The service broadcasts delivers, and stores a variety of videos. Internet users can choose from the catalog and watch thematic videos, rate them, leave comments, show them to friends, post, and edit their video files on the resource. YouTube is filled with information for different requests: music videos, feature films, video blogs, TV series, news, educational videos, master classes, video reviews, trailers, and many other contents.

3. Instagram

Source: TechRadar

One billion people use Instagram every month. In terms of the number of active users, it is the second traditional social network in the world after Facebook. Instagram is a social network that allows you to take photos and videos and apply filters. Instagram is one of the most dynamically developing services. Initially, it only allowed you to upload photos from your phone to your page. Still, over time, such functions as video sharing, downloading Stories, messaging with other users, live broadcasts, the ability to use several accounts at once, switching between them by pressing a single button appeared.

4. TikTok

Source: Time Magazine

The global audience of TikTok is about 500 million people. At the beginning of 2019, TikTok was the third most downloaded app globally, which was downloaded 33 million times only from the App Store, far exceeding the download rates of YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. TikTok is a social network that allows you to shoot music videos, broadcast live, and exchange messages. You can use numerous filters, animation, masks, and other special effects and apply them in your videos.

5. Twitter

Source: CNet

Twitter has approximately 330 million active users, and 145 million use it every day. Twitter is a social network that allows users to send text notes of up to 280 characters using a web interface, SMS, instant messaging, or third-party client software. All Twitter users registered on the official website can send messages no longer than 280 characters. A multi-million audience can convey one message to many people if they find it exciting and important. Twitter allows you to advertise for free to a modern, broad, and mobile audience. With your post, you must convey a certain thought, interesting information, or opinion to the audience. This is the only way you can get many retweets, and a large number of followers will follow your page.

6. LinkedIn

Source: Janja Jovanovic

LinkedIn has 590 million registered users, of which 250 million are active. LinkedIn is a social network for business communication, employee search, and open vacancies. LinkedIn statuses relate to how actively a person is looking for a job. LinkedIn has its algorithm that works like SEO for Google. In response to a recruiter’s request, the most informative candidate profiles with keywords are displayed on the first pages.

The site works as an online directory of individual professionals and organizations. Recruiters and HRs are the most active LinkedIn users. They not only look for candidates but also keep in touch with specialists who will be needed in the future. If you are planning to change jobs or are already in search – establish contacts with recruiters and HR managers, look for points of contact with top managers of companies of interest, view the profiles of participants from your field. LinkedIn algorithms help you find potential business partners and people in your industry. Collaboration can begin precisely with an acquaintance on a social network.

7. Reddit

Source: Variety

Reddit is often referred to as the “first page of the Internet” with 430 million visitors, 199 million posts, 1.7 billion comments, and 32 billion votes in 2019. Reddit is a platform with useful content that combines social network, forum, and portal at the same time.

Like many social media, Reddit has its tricks. Upvote / Downvote are two forms of voting. Each user can put “for” or “against” at their discretion. A subreddit is a section in which posts on one topic are published. In fact, this is a community of interest, located in a larger community (audience of the entire platform). Here everyone can leave a comment, share their opinion, experience, create a separate post, or take part in the discussion. Each subreddit has its moderator and specific rules.

Besides, Reddit launched a one-on-one chat and subreddit for all users and communities. Moderators can now create private chats in their communities, invite additional members to participate, and even create public chats for everyone. And in a private chat, users can easily start a conversation with another user.

Thus, today’s social networks enable users to share content with many people around the world. Far from being a passing trend, social media sites are now more popular than ever before.