7 Warning Signs You Need to Call an Electrician Immediately

Having issues with electrical installation and appliances is not a rare problem. It is very important to deal with it on first notice since even a small malfunction could lead to serious problems and danger. According to some statistics, there are over 60,000 fires in homes every year, caused by malfunctions of electrical devices and installations, only in the United States. Therefore, it is always good to have a contact of an electrical to call him as soon as you can to resolve any problem. You can check here in case that you need an electrician in Dubai.

Moreover, it is important to learn more about the proper functions of various devices that are using electric power. Therefore, you can be able to determine whether there is something wrong and call an expert at the right time. Here are some common warning signs that you should never avoid.

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1. Strange Noise

While kitchen appliances and many other devices can have a shorter lifespan than you expect, turning them off, bring them to a repair store, or buy a new one are simple solutions. However, if you hear strange noises after you turn on the light, heating, or any other more complicated installation, that is a clear sign to call an electrician. We suggest you immediately turn off the main power switch and wait for an expert to locate and fix the problem.

2. Trembling Lights

Moreover, it is common for lightbulbs to lose power over time, and eventually burn-off in the end. In that matter, the best solution is to buy LED lights, which brings benefits like higher quality, improved endurance, and less power consumption. Still, if the replacement of light bulbs doesn’t fix an issue with trembling, you should call a professional to properly check the system.

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3. Change in Color of Electrical Switches and Outlets

If some of the power fuses go down, you should always check the power outlets where it is connected to. In case that the switches or outlets seem as there was a small fire that caused a discoloration, you should never try to pull up the power fuse. Instead of that, wait for an expert to thoroughly check the system and find the best solution to safely provide you with electricity on that line of the installations.

Replacing a fuse might seem like a simple process, but you should never do that on your own since only a small mistake could lead to serious malfunctions and increased danger. Also, if you notice that the fuses are going down more often, that might need a complete change of the fuse box.

4. Heat Around Switches

Another indication that installations in your home require complete repair is if you notice that the light switches are suddenly warm when the lights are on. The common reason for that is using bulbs with too much power. However, the heat continues to appear even after you replace the bulbs with low-powered ones, it might mean that the whole light installation requires a repair or replacement. The main risk of avoiding this issue is that it can lead to a fire in your home.

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5. Uneven Brightness

There is a great selection of light bulbs on the market today. You can choose between various sizes, models, power, and color. LED lights are especially popular. However, if you are using the same bulbs in different rooms, and you notice the difference in the volume of light they emit, that is a clear sign of a potential problem with electricity in your home. Dealing with these issues on the first notice can save you from danger and waste of time and money if it leads to some more serious circumstances.

6. Common Short Circuit Issues

The key role of power fuses is to prevent more serious issues in case of a short circuit. Many things could cause this problem. For example, old devices, malfunction in the main electric installation, turn-off fuses, and more. In most cases, the process of repairing power outlines and switches, along with fuses is quite simple, and it will take less than one hour in some cases.

However, it is crucial to ask for professional assistance when this problem occurs. Using the same device, plug, or switch over and over again, even if it was showing signs of a short circuit before, can lead to serious damage of installations, fire, or even blowing up of some device.

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7. Lack of Outlets

This is a common issue today when people are using a lot of devices where many of them require to be plugged-in all the time. Using adapters and extensions can be an excellent solution to connect some devices. For example, that can be a great solution for the living room, where you can plug TV, surround system, and phone chargers in the same port. However, connecting more than one device that requires a lot of energy on the same adapter can lead to short circuits and other problems as well.

On the other hand, it might not be able to provide enough power to each device connected to the same output, which can lead to the malfunction of those devices. Adding new power outputs is not a complicated process, and an electrician can add several of them to each room. It won’t affect your budget so much as well.

Last Words

Not dealing with any of these issues is putting your home in danger since letting some malfunction to last can lead to fires, breakdown of different components, and equipment in your house. Therefore, it is advisable to always have a contact of a local electrician who can quickly come to your home and locate and resolve any issue you are having with electricity.

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Besides that, pay attention to the proper isolation of your home, the right selection of amperage when you are installing a new fuse, lightning system, or any other upgrade. Most of these problems can be resolved very quickly, but it requires proper knowledge and experience.