6 Common Signs That a Roof Needs To Be Repaired

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Can you imagine how a house without a door would feel like? Now stop fabricating and come back to the reality of having a damaged roof. Putting a bucket in the hold to catch the leaks from your roof can be quite frustrating and embarrassing. Well, it happens to many homeowners, especially those who build or buy a house and forget about the roofing completely, as if it will stay put forever. In any building, the important roles played by the roof speak for themselves. Though sometimes neglected, the roof is among the most essential parts of the house. Needless to mention, it protects dwellers or occupants from harsh weather elements while keeping them safe from the bad guys. It’s also a huge determinant of your home’s resale value.

For these and more reasons, property owners should pay close attention to their roofing, ensuring that minor damages are professionally fixed as soon as they are detected. The folks from https://roofrepairquote.com.au/ say that even the minor damages should be repaired faster to avoid costly expenses in the future. Also, keeping your roof in good shape extends its lifetime while boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal as well as its resale value. Many roofing experts also suggest scheduling a roof inspection and maintenance services at least thrice a year, especially before and after the extreme seasons such as winter and spring. When you notice some signs of roof damage, it’s important to talk to a reputed roofing service provider right away. This having been said, here are 6 common signs that a roof needs to be repaired.

1. Interior Damage

In most cases, roof damages also lead to certain damages in the home’s interior. This is because, as mentioned above, the primary role of the roof is to protect what is inside from the external factors. If elements from outside such as water, moisture, and debris find their way inside, some interior parts and components of your home may sustain damages or show some signs of roof damage. For instance, signs such as staining, rotting, dampness, and mold growth in some parts of your home such as the ceiling, or walls could be indicators that your roofing is compromised and needs repair.

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2. Ponding

This is mostly experienced in flat roofs. After it rains cats and dogs, water stagnates over the roof, forming one or several small pools. As they always say, a stitch in time saves nine. Ponding is often a dangerous sign of roof damage that may lead to a leaky roof, which often leads to huge losses and inconveniences if not taken care of immediately. With repeated stagnation, you can be sure that the roofing system will sustain greater damages, with a possibility of caving in.

3. Sagging

This often occurs in older roofs and needs immediate attention. You certainly cannot stand the shame of your roof falling on a visitor’s head, not to mention the huge costs such damages might incur. It might have accumulated water, foliage, tree stems, and other debris that may overweigh it, forming a crater-like space, which creates a catchment area on your roof where mosquitoes may breed. This water may also find its way into your house. Once you notice a sagging roof, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a roofing repair service as soon as possible. In most cases, you’ll notice this by looking at the decking or rafters in the attic.

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4. Moss Buildup

Mosses occur in places where there is moisture. Moss buildup tends to affect roofs in areas with cold and rainy weather. When mosses grow, they form a mat that causes damage to your shingles during winter. The temptation of scrapping the plant might be high but don’t! You may unconsciously end up destroying your roof and causing more harm. Just call an experienced roofer to handle the situation professionally and he can advise on how to avoid such plant growth in the future.

5. Damaged and Missing Shingles

This can also be a good sign to look out for if you have a shingled roof. Roof shingles form a specific pattern on the roof, making it easy to notice when one or several are missing. When you notice a missing shingle, replace it before it causes any harm on your roof. Also, when cleaning your gutters, be keen to notice if there will be any shingle particles. If you find any, some of the shingles may be damaged, and this calls for scheduling a roof inspection as soon as you can. Generally, repairs are needed for cracked, curled, or missing shingles.

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6. Presence of Outside Light Inside

You see, as much your attic is important for ventilation, it can also cause certain dangers if not well-maintained. It can harbor pests, mold, dust, and a lot of other health hazards. But it can also tell you if your roof is damaged. If you notice light getting into your house using the attic, kill it before it grows… it could be a tell-tale sign you should call a roof repair service. If light can penetrate through the attic, what is water? Considering it is a liquid and it flows without direction, the same openings that let light through will also let water into our house when it rains. Watch out!

In addition to the above, other signs of roof damage may include:

  • Exterior paint peeling
  • Shingle granules in the gutters
  • Wet attic
  • Corrosion around roof objects
  • Spiked energy bills

Enough cannot be said about the importance of keeping your roof well-maintained and in good shape. Well, regular inspection can help detect roof damages that may otherwise cost a fortune to repair if not demand an entire roofing replacement. While you may spot some irregularities when performing a roof inspection on your own, some problems require the hands and minds of professional roofers to identify and fix. For this reason, it pays to have the professionals regularly inspect your roof, especially before and after the cold and rainy seasons. Nonetheless, having the above pointers in mind can go a long way in protecting one of your biggest investments as far as owning property is concerned.