Why Snoop Dogg Is Pissed at His Crypto Wallet

Who would have thought that your favorite childhood rapper would be so much into crypto these days? In fact, did you know that Snoop Dogg is very serious when it comes to his investments and crypto wallets? Not too long ago the media was all about covering and talking about this inconvenient moment, and everyone’s been talking about Snoop Dogg’s outrage in regards to his crypto wallet. Keep on reading to find out what truly happened.

What has been going on in Snoop’s life?

Snoop Dogg has already made waves in the NFT space a couple of months ago. In fact, everyone admired him for starting his own collection and branded collectibles (Californians loved it), while also working on a project with the creator of the popular meme, Nyan Cat. He has been keeping quite busy and has managed to work on big & small projects while also planning a tour. He also posted several tweets thus far, letting everyone know that he is all about crypto life.

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What’s the deal with NFT, and how is Snoop investing?

Not too sure what an NFT is? An NFT is a record, typically on the Ethereum blockchain, that represents a piece of digital media: an image, text, or video. NFTs are crypto-tokens, like bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. To get a complete picture of NFTs you can visit NFTClub. This is why people have had hard times believing that Snoop Dogg is the real person behind a pseudonymous crypto Twitter personality — one that has spent millions of dollars acquiring a very valuable collection of blue-chip, or the Ethereum NFTs, if you will.

Recap of September & his big announcement

In September Snoop Dogg tried letting his 19 million Twitter fans know that he is Cozome de Medici, which is a pseudonymous NFT collector that joined Twitter sometime in August. Just a four-word tweet has caused chaos on the internet. Cozome has been quite public & vocal about his NFT journey and the large sums of money that he has been spending and investing thus far. Fans have had a hard time believing that this was Snoop Dogg all along, but others did buy it after thinking about all the facts that were presented.

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Celebrities input & care in the crypto world is massive

Snoop Dogg isn’t alone as a celebrity NFT collector, and almost everyone has been trying to get their hands on different cryptos. You can see NBA star Stephen Curry being vocal about cryptos on his social media, along with a comedian Steve Harvey. YouTubers are also all about this journey, such as Jake Paul & KSI. Most of these celebrities have been vocal from the get-go about their accounts, which is why it might be weird or suspicious to see Snopp Dogg coming out with such a huge announcement all of a sudden.

Cozome de Medici

After saying that he is Cozome, Snoop appeared to have a serious and valuable NFT collection. Why and how so? That is because Cozome de Medici has over $17 million worth of collectibles! The wallet also has 10 Meebits NFTs — the 3D avatars created by CryptoPunks that have gained a lot of success and recognition among celebrities. Makers Larva Labs, as well as a bunch of different NFTs from the generative artwork, are also within his wallet. Cozomo’s wallet is filled with NFTs from photographer Justin Aversano’s Twin Flames collection, as well as a couple of Moonshot Bots.

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What happened in October

NFT whale Cozomo de’ Mendici – aka Snoop Dogg has had a lot of negative things to say in October about NFT users. He lashed out and ended up talking about NFT users practicing crypto wallet spam by sending jpegs ‘uninvited.’ He has also stated that people have been sending out fake artwork which is an insult to real and hard-working artists. Sending out tweets and speaking on his social platforms he stated that such work should never be allowed or welcome.

Crypto wallet spam

Snoop Dogg used his Twitter account and the account of Cozomo de’ Mendici to attack NFT spammers. He tried to let everyone know that anything that is uninvited can’t and will not make a way to his wallet. Snoop is very against fake people, fake punk, or fake ape, so why not state his opinion publicly? Fake art is indeed becoming a real problem in the NFT world. Snoop Dogg tweeted that he never purchased an NFT on the Polygon Matic chain, along with some other allegations that the media has been throwing at him.

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The whole NFT market issue

Although a lot of celebrities have been on the crypto journey, as well as the NFT market journey, Snoop has made the loudest statement and one like no one else. In fact, his NFT collection is set at $20 million so far. He also ended up joining the Sandbox. There, fans can check out his impressive NFT collection and party with the star virtually!

Harlem Globetrotters

On October 20, the iconic rap star Snoop Dogg announced he’s participating in a non-fungible token (NFT) sitcom with the popular basketball team the Harlem Globetrotters. One more sphere where Snoop has been interfering in. Sunni Hickman, the Globetrotters’ VP of marketing and sales said that it’s been a dream come true for Globetrotter players to work with the iconic Snoop Dogg. Just another one of his passions, or a tactical move to make?

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