How to Spend One Week in Fuerteventura – 2024 Travel Guide


This is a good question. At least until you visit the Fuerteventura. Once you’re there you’ll realize that you could spend a lifetime at this beautiful Canary Island. It is the second largest of the group, but in our humble opinion, it is the prettiest. This could be a subject of thousands of pages of discussion, but everyone is entitled to an opinion of their own. If you’re planning on visiting this island, but are not sure what you’ll do while there you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to lay down for you the full how to spend one week in Fuerteventura – 2024 travel guide.

As we already say, the contents that this island has to offer are numerous, but one week, or if you like it more, seven days, are nothing to scoff at. Because the time is limited we’re going to focus on things that could create memories that would last for a lifetime. If this is your first time visiting Spain you’ve picked an amazing destination. Let’s see what does Fuerteventura has to offer to its visitors.

Sotavento Beach


Every adventure needs a starting point. For pirate Monkey D. Luffy, it was East Blue. For everyone visiting the Canary Islands, it needs to be the Sotavento beach. The best part about it is that it’s not a single beach but a combination of a few tied together in what’s called the Costa Calma. What’s fascinating about it is that during certain days it creates lagoons which enable the visitors to walk the calm waters. If you’re up for a bit of adventure, you can engage in windsurfing. This should be enough for your first day.

Dunas de Corralejo

If you’re a lover of nature, visiting this natural park is a must. Of course, you’ll need transportation to get there, and this is where Caravamos comes into play. Once you’re there the day two adventure continues. This place is beyond amazing. Many tourists remain silent at the breathtaking sights they see at Dunas de Corralejo.

If you’re staying in the capital of the island, Puerto del Rosario, you have a 35 kilometers ride to get there but it’s worth both your time and effort. The dunes are so brilliant that if we didn’t know any better we’d suggest that these inspired Frank Herbert to write Dune instead the ones of the Oregon coast.

Pozo Negro


If you are an Indiana Jones of the sort you must pay a visit to the Pozo Negro. This is an archaeological place that is a remnant of the once famed settlement called La Atalayita. This is not a cup of tea for every tourist visiting the Fuerteventura which guarantees that you’d be able to escape the crowds when visiting this location. The historic value of this place can’t be denied and if you want to witness its untouched soul you’d be able to do it.

This location offers no place to stay as it’s surrounded by a black volcanic beach and fisherman houses. This is why you must plan it as a one-day visit. For day three that’s all you need.

Morro Jable & Parque Natural Jandia

As we said, this place offers plenty to enjoy, but for many adventures, you’ll need a rent-a-car as we already suggested. Morro Jable & Parque Natural Jandia is located in the south part of the island and it is a sight to behold. The nature park is your southern destination of desire, and while going there the Morro Jable is a pit stop similar to the one in Formula 1.

It is a place where you can recharge for the rest of the day or even a week as it offers great places to drink coffee, and enjoy the view from its local lighthouse. When you reach the park you’ll be in for an amazing piece of this island with its nature, beaches, views, and wildlife.

Oasis Wildlife Park


If you’re having a family vacation may be the Oasis Wildlife Park should be first on your list. If you’re heading there on your own or as a couple, it’s positioned right where it belongs. It’s called wildlife with a reason. No, it’s not close to Jurassic Park, but you’d be surprised with its fauna, flora, botanic gardens, sea lions, and the possibility to go on a  safari. Once you enjoyed your fullest with the Oasis Wildlife Park you can take a rest at the Betancuria village which is located nearby.

Isla de Lobos

Yes, we know! Isla de Lobos sounds like a place where a certain pirate by the name Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of The Caribbean would suggest you not to go at any cost. But, this is so much more different. The name is not sinister and the location is a must-see when you visit the Canary Islands. The island itself is a paradise of sorts but what makes it so special is the number of sea lions inhabiting it.

Beyond that, it’s seen as a natural park, filled with desert-like areas, salty water heaven, and volcanic spots. It offers a lot to all of you adventurers as it’s not easily accessible by car, or not even at all. The best transportation to take to reach this destination is by boat or to surf to there. If you’re into that beach life for your day six, you must go to La Concha and have the time of your life.

Playa Cofete


It’s day seven and time to say goodbye to Fuerteventura, and there’s no better place to end your stay than at Playa Cofete. After days in the civilization of the Canary Islands visiting this remote beach is what you should do. It is the pearl of the island and it is one hidden beach similar to the one we saw in the film The Beach starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

If you want to reach this one you don’t have t be a part of any secret society but you need to drive through the Cofete Natural Park for about thirty minutes. What makes this beach so adventurous is the fact it offers nothing that tourists may require in terms of food and beverages. Everything you want to eat and drink needs to be brought from the outside. What you’ll find there are only beautiful blue waters, sandy beaches, and amazing landscape all around.