6 Steps to Kickstart a Perfect Morning

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It’s been 2 months into the year 2024, and probably you are well on your path to fulfilling your new year resolutions. Staying healthy is probably one of the most common & important things you can do. Nothing can be better than to set up a morning routine that sets you up for success. When you take control of how your day unfolds, this is not just healthy but empowering as well.

Time and again successful people have emphasized the importance of a morning routine in shaping the day. So, here are 6 key things to do every morning to kickstart your day.

1. Get Organized

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A healthy morning cannot start if there’s chaos. One of the common reasons for morning chaos is lack of organization. People living in cluttered homes are less likely to focus properly and end up frustrated in the morning. When this takes a toll on you, things take control over you.

A perfect way to organize your home is by starting one section at a time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, allowing you to slowly gain confidence. Another great option would be to buy a corkboard to pin items on as it can visually tell you what all things need to get done.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

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After a good night’s sleep, your body can go dehydrated without ingesting water. The effects of dehydration can be reversed immediately by drinking ample amount of water early in the morning. Before you start brewing your coffee or having a fruit juice, drink at least a glass of water to replenish your body. Drinking enough water in the morning prevents fatigue, headaches, lethargy, and much more.

You should reconsider drinking tap water that has not been treated. While bottled water could be a convenient option, installing a water filter does the job pretty well. A reverse osmosis system delivers bottled like drinking water at a fraction of a price. Check out the complete range of water filters here.

3. Exercise

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After a glass of water, you should be feeling awake. A quick exercise in the morning helps you stay physically fit and energized throughout the day.

Exercising regularly controls Cortisol – a hormone that keeps you alert. In an ideal circadian rhythm, cortisol level is highest in the morning and remains at the same level throughout the day.

A 10-minute workout would pump all the energy all you need in your day. It provides an instant boost and increased mental clarity that will lead to a productive day. Doesn’t it sound great to start your workday free from built-up stress?

You need a kind of workout that targets wide muscle groups but something you can do at home with minimal preparation. Set up your own routine or use an exercise app that guides you on what to do. Try new exercises and see which you enjoy the most.

You wouldn’t want to drain all your energy and feel exhausted after a workout session. It is critical you take enough sleep before working out. Aim for 7-8 hours of good night’s sleep. To save time, set aside your workout essentials the night before.

4. Take Shower

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If you’re not sweating after your workout, you’re not doing it right. But if are sweating, you need a shower at this point. An early morning shower jolts you awake. If you turn the water cold for the last few minutes of your shower, your metabolic rate will increase, and your body would be ready for action. If you just can’t seem to get moving in the morning, no matter how much you’ve slept last night, a morning shower is just for you.

Research shows taking shower as a part of daily routine triggers signals to brain clock that it’s time to start the day. Taking a cold shower produces proteins that promote longevity, testosterone, and reduce depression.

It also works wonders for your skin. A morning shower stimulates the skin cells and helps skin look healthier.

5. Set Goals

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If you work, then you need to plan your day by setting out your daily goals for yourself. Without a schedule, it’s easy to get to the end of the day and realize you’ve done nothing of importance.

Rather than scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, skip the loafing around and start doing something productive. Saying no to screen time would be hard at first, but it gets easier over time.

At the very least, you can list down all the tasks that you want to complete during the day and set your priorities. It is important not to be overly excited and try to be as realistic as possible about what can be done in a day. Instead of creating a long list of activities, which otherwise would be impossible to complete in a single day, go for important tasks that need your attention.

You can take it up a step further and create deadlines for every single item on your daily to-do list. This ensures you’re always on track and never caught up in anything for long.
There will be some days when you won’t get everything done and need to switch things for one reason or the other, but it gives you a good plan to start your day off. No matter what, you’ll definitely start seeing the positive results in the form of increased productivity.

6. Be Consistent

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It’s just not enough to do things once in a while. Being good at something requires dedication and consistent effort. There would be mornings when you would hit the snooze button at least 3-4 times before getting up and more than 5 times you’d probably grab your phone.

Sticking to the plan would keep you organized and top of your work schedule.
Once you get these things right, you would be surprised to see how much you’ve already done by 8:30 in the morning. Building a great morning routine doesn’t happen overnight. But over time, it can evolve into something inspiring.