5 Simple Stoner Hacks To Try At Home

If you happen to be a moderately experienced weed client – your resistance is probably essentially higher than in past times when you originally utilized the weed. In that capacity, you’ll most likely notice that it takes more weed to accomplish a good high as you used to do in the past and that the strikes of THC and other weed compounds probably will not keep you going as high and long as you once did. Therefore, we will show you 5 simple stoner hacks to try at home. However, let’s start from the beginning…

What Are The Effects Of Weed Consumption?

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The effects of marijuana consumption are influenced by several factors such as the environment, music, atmosphere, society, current mental and physical condition, and of course quality and quantity. Weed is often portrayed in the media as a hallucinogenic drug from which “dragons” can be seen, although the reality is quite the opposite. The effects of consumption cannot produce hallucinations in the consumer but marijuana acts as a stimulant or relaxant. Precisely because of these changes in mood – a person can sometimes experience a state which can be noticed in smokers as a pronounced feeling of caution and hypersensitivity to the environment. Also, after consuming weed, you can feel the effect due to which many people consume it as a “stress-relief” agent – that is, that the stress and problems that you had in mind before consumption no longer exist.

How Long Does It Take To Feel The Effects Of Weed Consumption?

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In the beginnings of consuming weed when the body has not yet developed a certain degree of tolerance – the effects of weed can be observed when consuming very small doses. When smoking it in the form of a spliff with a ratio of 50/50 (tobacco/weed) – the effects can be felt after 3-5 inhalations, depending on the quality (THC content). Depending on the method of consumption, the effects can be felt from 15 to 30 minutes when smoking a spliff or joint, 1-2 hours for oral use – and an extremely short time for situational occasions (bong, pipe, etc.)


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Tolerance to THC develops with frequent smokers. Unlike alcohol, THC does not cause the death of bonds among cells. As an alternative, the re-consumption of weed will lead us to a reduced outcome known as weed tolerance. The main reason for developing such tolerance is explained by type I cannabinoid receptors (CB1) in the human brain. They literally decrease with more frequent consumption of weed. Our brain can recuperate within a few weeks after stopping weed consumption. This means that you should consume larger amounts of THC – to feel “high” again as you did the first time. Or maybe you don’t have to? Here are some simple stoner hacks to try at home.

Stoner Hacks To Try At Home

Some weed consumers are very resourceful when it comes to little home tricks. These can be tricks that will improve the performance and experience with weed – but also some tips regarding the health of the consumers themselves. If you are just a recreational consumer or you do not know some of these tricks, we are here to help you. Here are 5 simple stoner hacks that you can try at home.

1. Rapid Detoxification

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For “quick” solutions on how to detox from weed, you can read this review – but it is also recommended to use some of these methods.

●  Creatine

Creatinine is a byproduct of muscle metabolism. Creatinine occurs naturally in the body and based on the amount of creatinine – the laboratory determines the dilution of urine. Creatine is broken down within 6 hours, so we advise taking a slightly higher dose of creatine (available in fitness shops) the day before the THC test.

●  Vitamin B (Niacin)

Vitamin B is used to “color” the urine. Before the test, the person consumes B-Complex, vitamins B-2, B-12 also work.

●  Detox preparations

When buying detox preparations, we advise the use of well-known brands (ask at the pharmacy), but creatine and vitamin B work quite the same.

2. Bathroom Spray – Your Saviour In A Smelly Situation

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You don’t wanna put yourself into some embarrassing situation, right? Therefore, if you smell like the weed it can be somewhat weird – and you have to find the solution for that problem. In such a case, wherever you are – go ahead and search for the bathroom. We are most convinced that you will find some sort of spray that you can be able to apply to your smelly clothes. Maybe it won’t be the fragrance of your choice, so you may smell funny – but that is better than smelling like the weed you just used.

3. Hot-box With A Steaming Shower

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In case that you get a shower sufficiently hot, it will create adequate steam to conceal limited quantities of weed smoke from your bong or a bowl. However, most likely it won’t take ceaseless smoke from a joint or a blunt. Therefore, make sure you begin your smoke session only when the thick steam is in the room, and after you’ve set a towel under the entryway so that air doesn’t go away.

4. Pop A Mint To Avoid Cottonmouth And Curb The Munchies

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Two of the most famous reactions of cannabis utilization incorporate cottonmouth and munchies. Smoking weed brings down your glucose levels and makes your salivary organs produce less spit. Hence, you’re left with dry mouth and a seething craving. However, if you take a mint or another hard candy can build your salivation creation and keep your mouth decently wet. Also, the sugar from the moderate dissolving sweet will help satisfy your appetite.

5. Put Frozen Fruit in Your Bong

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Rather than utilizing ice in your bong, have a go at utilizing solidified natural products, such as fruit. It remains solidified for a long time, and once the frozen fruit begins to liquefy and melt – it will taste great. Sure, this situation can get quite clingy, sticky, and messy. Therefore, ensure you make an intensive clean of your bong just after a smoke session – to keep away from any sticky fruit build-up.