Everything You Need to Know About Studying in Germany

Like other fancy trends, to go abroad for further studies is now in fashion. As they said, “knowledge is power”; therefore, people from all over the world travel miles to satisfy their thirst for knowledge and spend years in another country. It was the time when traveling was not easy, but today, the mean of traveling makes it easy to go from one place to another.

Moreover, the host countries also provide many facilities for overseas students. It is another reason why people attract towards study abroad. If we talk about the top of the host countries with an excellent education system and facilities, America and European countries are taking place.

Here we are going to discuss Germany, who attracts many international students each year thanks to its reputation for its low cost and high-quality education. If you are looking for a degree program or exchange program in Germany, there are few things you should consider before going to study in Germany.

Apply for grants

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Fortunately, there are many fellowships and grants for foreigners; whether you specialize in engineering, an art school, or a student of German literature, if you have the right skills of your field and hardworking in your applications, you will get the desired funding. There is no field in which the German government is not supporting international students, and they also offer many scholarships for Graduates and Post-graduates.

German academic exchange service, DAAD, is supported by states and offers the most extensive collection of scholarships to international students, and there are many other institutions with specialized scholarships. Obtaining one of these scholarships can work positively during the university application process.

Although there are many facilities out there but being a new person, you may face other problems in which cultural shock and language issues are common. Be prepared yourself before landing in Germany.

Be ready for the immigrant struggle

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Unless you are a citizen of the European Union, expect to have a good time with the immigration office. If you are from the United States and are admitted to a university program, the visa application should go smoothly, and the ones who get a degree in Germany are entitled to an extension of up to 18 months to stay and seek employment. According to schengen-visa, for the students of developing countries, this procedure can be a bit complicated and it will take some time, so it’s always better to use online applications and speed up the process!

The primary issue that almost all the developing countries are facing is that the value of money is less. Therefore, they have to save more money to take it with them. Moreover, they may struggle for a part-time job in Germany. The student may get the job as he goes out for searching it, but most of the time, people struggle many hard to fulfill their living expenses. It is essential to have some money while traveling to nay country for initial days.
Make sure your student visa is allowing you to do the job part-time because many courses are not allowing students to work, and if you find guilty, they will deport you right away.

Learn Germany language

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German is a beautiful and relatively easy language for English speakers. In the larger cities of Germany, you can survive without knowing the German language, and even some study programs are available in English. However, all parts of your abroad life will be more comfortable with functional language skills, from dealing with government employees to building local friendships. If you decide to stay at work, mastery will give you a significant advantage in the job market. Germans like to arrive on time or early by the American standards.

If you are planning to go to Germany, then it will be convenient for you to learn the german language first. Moreover, English is also understandable, but the locals only speak the german language. So, we suggest to learn german, and it will be easy for you to communicate.

Know the options where you can study

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More than 40 German universities are included in the QS World University Rankings, which means that you have a choice from many of the best universities in the world. If you want to study in a world-renowned student city, you can think of Berlin or Munich, where they both rank in the top ten most important cities in the world for students in the ranking of the best student cities in QS.

To find the best university, you can go online and find the top-ranked universities according to your major subject. Make a list and start the process of application. It will take time, but you will get the answer from any university, but your grades must be good.

Estimate the cost of studying

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Studying in a public higher education institution has been free since the year 2014 in Germany. However, the costs of food, transport, and rent are increasing rapidly. If you want to save money here, it is worth considering the cost of living when choosing a place to study. You can search for the list of the cheapest and most expensive university cities in Germany. Estimating the cost of studying in Germany will help you to manage your expenses in a right way.

It should be noted that some universities in Germany have agreements with large companies, providing students with training. They may not always be paid, but they can lead to excellent future work after graduation.

Keep one thing in mind that not all the courses offered by the German government are fully funded. You have to pay per semester/ year fees according to the nature of the degree. If you think that you can spend all the expenses with a part-time job, it is not possible because the per hour salary of the student is less as compared to the average person. You can either study there or a job, and now the choice is yours. We wish for your better future.