Unconventional Career Options to Explore if You’re Feeling Spontaneous

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Due to the unfortunate Coronavirus many people have found themselves in the position of being furloughed, or worse, have lost their jobs. The prospects of the economy returning to normal anytime soon are remote, so perhaps now is the time to be thinking outside of the box and doing something spontaneous. Why stay in that dead-end career that you hated when you have been presented with the perfect opportunity to do something different? Maybe you are a mother looking to get back to work and fancy a fresh challenge, or maybe your previous career is no longer viable due to social distancing and you want to grab the bull by the horns and change direction? Whatever your motives, we are now going to look at various unconventional career options if you’re feeling in a spontaneous mood.


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If you think that you need to spend years re-training to become a teacher then you’d be wrong. As long as you have an undergraduate degree you could return the classroom and learn on the job. Maybe this isn’t spontaneous enough? Then why not learn to teach English as a foreign language and when lockdown has been lifted the world will be your oyster? There are ample online courses to fill those long hours at home, and you could be putting yourself in a position for a fun and rewarding career change. Maybe languages aren’t your bag, but you play the piano. Why not team up with a local school and offer lessons online during the lockdown? It would be unconventional but might lead to a conventional job once this period of uncertainty is over.

Fruit Picking

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Not the most obvious choice when it comes to choosing a new career, but the benefits are multiple. You’ve been stuck indoors for two months twiddling your thumbs and yet now summer is upon us. The fields are stocked to the rafters with mouthwatering produce just waiting for a land army to harvest and feed the country. Well, become part of that and you will be rewarded with great pay, an outdoor job that will allow you to get physically fit, and most important of all you’ll be doing something to help society. Win-win in my book!


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Everyone thinks they have the most fabulous voice when they are alone in the shower, but when they fall back down to earth they sound like a cat is being skinned. Or maybe just the opposite is true and you have been told you have the most beautiful singing voice, but you wouldn’t have a clue how to make a career out of singing? In this case speak to experts from becomesingers.com and they will give you all the guidance you need; before you know it you may have that dream job. The possibilities are endless from singing in backing choirs to working on a cruise ship, to possibly even releasing your music. Be brave and take the plunge, it could be your most rewarding venture yet!

Become An Extra

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Maybe you stand out from the crowd due to the fact you are 7 feet tall, or maybe you blend in so that you are hardly noticed, in both instances a career as an extra could be for you. There is an array of agencies looking for people to work as extras and all you need to do is be brave, send some photos, and apply. The more extreme your looks the higher the possibilities of work. If you are covered in tattoos you’d be ideal for a gang-related film, and if you look like Father Christmas then, well, you get the idea! Pay is daily and increases if you get a speaking part, and you never know you might have an ability, get spotted, and before you know it you’re a fully-fledged actor!

As we have seen there are endless possibilities when it comes to exploring an unconventional new career, you do not have to follow the traditional path of becoming an apprentice and learning a trade, or studying at university before going on to become a banker, solicitor or doctor. You may be towards the end of your career and be looking for some part-time work to stave off boredom or pay for your children’s college fees. Or, you could simply be looking to do something different and fun, that allows you to visit new countries and learn about new cultures. If this sounds like you, be brave and spontaneous and jump at the chance provided by the Coronavirus. Maybe something good will come out of it after all.