Why Have Succulents Become So Popular

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In the past couple of years, it seems that succulents have become incredibly popular and trendy house plants. Almost ten years ago it seemed that no one ever really truly appreciated succulents. Barely anyone seemed to know what succulents were, and even if someone did know what a succulent was, not many people were motivated to use succulents to design their yard or home.

But in or around 2010 succulents became incredibly popular and trendy, in this article we will outline seven reasons why succulents have become so popular. After reading this article you want to jump on the trend and buy a succulent, go to Succulent Market. They sell succulents online and they are my absolute favorite place to buy succulents online.

1. Succulents are Drought Tolerant

One of the primary reasons why succulents have become so popular is because of their drought tolerance. Succulents, unlike most plants, do not require very much water or care. Succulents can go for a month even two months without having to be watered. This is because, oddly enough, succulents thrive off of stress. Succulents tend to be the healthiest when they are starved of nutrients for a period of time. This important feature contributes to the popularity of succulents as they can maintain their color and vibrance when neglected.

This makes succulents the ideal house plant because succulents do not have to be watered regularly, and this lack of care is rewarded with a vibrant and healthy succulent. This drought-tolerant feature of succulents also makes it a popular landscaping plant. Unfortunately recently because of heavy drought people like to use succulents to creatively design and landscape their yards with colorful plants while cutting back on water usage.

2. Succulents are Beautiful

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The second reason why succulents have become so popular is because of their unique shapes and colors. Succulents are prized for their unique beauty and shapes. Each succulent has its own unique shade or color that appeals to every person differently. Moreover, the unique shape of each succulent is a prized feature for many succulent lovers. Many people enjoy looking at succulents and their peculiar shapes and associating these shapes to other shapes like clouds. Moreover, the unique shapes and colors of all succulents are important to their popularity, because it has allowed people to landscape and design in a way that is unique and personalized to their liking.

3. Succulents are Easy to Propagate

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The third reason why succulents have become popular is because of how easy it is to propagate succulents. It is incredibly hard to propagate other ornamental plants, but succulents are the exception. Although there are many ways to propagate succulents, the basic way of just simply getting a succulent cutting and placing it in soil tends to be the most popular. Since there is not a special method to propagate succulents, succulent propagation has become an avid hobby for many succulent lovers. If you’re looking to propagate succulents yourself you should give it a try! It’s super easy.

4. Succulents Purify the Air

The fourth reason why succulents have become so popular is because of their ability to purify the air. Succulents undergo a process called photosynthesis. In order to grow succulents require carbon. For this reason, succulents draw in carbon dioxide from the surrounding air supply and release fresh oxygen into the surrounding air. Simply by placing your succulents in your home or any interior space will cause your succulent to release fresh oxygen into your air supply.

When adding succulents into a home or interior space, many people report that they feel that their personal air supply becomes crisper and cleaner. This idea that succulents absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen into the air supply has contributed heavily to the growing popularity of succulents as a house plant.

5. Succulents Increase Productivity

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The fifth reason succulents have become so popular is because of the idea that succulents are able to increase productivity. Multiple academic studies show the mental benefits of being out in nature. Studies have shown that simply going outside improves your overall mood and productivity. This is important because succulents make people feel a sense of being out in nature. At a time when we spend more time than ever indoors, people see succulents as a great way to replicate that feeling of being out in nature. People see this feeling of being out in nature as critical to overall mood and productivity.

6. Succulents and Health

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The sixth reason why succulents have become so popular is because of their health benefits. One of the most popular healing aspects of succulents is displayed with Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a succulent that can be used to heal burns and is used widely in many cosmetics, lotions, and even drinks for its health benefits. To use Aloe Vera simply grab the plant and cut off the leaf. Either collect the sap of the Aloe from the leaf or directly apply the sap from the leaf to a burn.

After using the leaf fully be sure to throw it out, as the sap from an Aloe Vera despite its miraculous healing properties, can smell quite bad. One thing to remember when using Aloe Vera to heal a burn is that it is important to use pure Aloe Vera, and not a gel. Pure Aloe Vera is primarily found only in the leaf of an actual Aloe Vera plant. There are products that do sell pure Aloe Vera, you just have to make sure other things aren’t mixed in with the sap of the Aloe.

7. Instagram

Image source: unsplash.com

The final reason why succulents have become so popular is because of Instagram. Although social media has increased the popularity of succulents, Instagram plays an important role in succulent’s ascension to plant stardom. There is a massive following for succulents on Instagram. Many people enjoy watching videos of others making creative succulent arrangements. In addition, many succulent pages share high-quality pictures and videos of succulents. Many of these succulent posts get thousands of likes. Also, many people who purchase succulents enjoy sharing photos of their succulents to friends and family.

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