2024 Summer Fashion Trends Straight From The Runway To Start Wearing Now

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When it comes to fashion, particularly fashion week, the industry aims to maintain a fine equilibrium between enduring styles and current trends. Designers strive to create collections that maintain a sense of continuity with their past work, while also pushing boundaries and propelling their designs into the future, igniting a fresh wave of stylishness for the upcoming season.

As fashion month unfolds, showcasing the latest designer collections worldwide, distinct trends for 2024 start to take shape. With rising temperatures on the horizon, it’s the perfect moment to contemplate the summer trends that will dominate in 2024. Find Ounass 15% off code on FOUZ merchandise while shopping your favorites for summer.

When it comes to trends, there’s a crucial question that stands out: would you embrace it? As mermaidcore, rosettes, and shades of lavender take center stage in the summer fashion scene, you have the opportunity to observe your favorite celebrities flaunt these trends before making your own decision about whether to adopt them

Trends That Will Define the Summer 2024 Fashion Aesthetic:

In terms of fashion trends for 2024, there is a wide range of styles to choose from. We can expect to see the continuation of rosette accessories and Y2K influences, along with an abundance of slip dresses that may be too sheer for the workplace.

With such a diverse array of trends, it becomes a “choose your own adventure” scenario when it comes to incorporating them into your wardrobe. While you can explore all the trends, only a select few will realistically find their way into your closet.

Here, We have curated the top seven runway trends for you to consider trying this summer:

  • Sheer Genius: Unveiling the Trend

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Occasionally, a trend emerges from a single fashion show and ignites a wave of similar styles across the industry.

This time around, the trend in focus is sheer garments, and the trailblazer behind it is Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection. While the Fendi collection made its debut in February, its impact was truly felt in New York City last week. Gone are the days when the visibility of undergarments was deemed taboo—now, it is embraced and even preferred. Nearly every prominent collection showcased during New York Fashion Week incorporated completely transparent garments, cementing sheer fashion as a major trend.

  • Maxi Skirts:

Sofia Richie’s impeccable wardrobe choices during her wedding weekend have already sparked viral TikToks, with discussions focusing on her stylish ensembles. Among them is this stunning maxi-skirt outfit, which effortlessly embraces one of the key trends for the spring and summer seasons. Richie showcases how to transition this piece into the summer by pairing it with a vest top, strappy flat sandals, and captivating accessories, creating a captivating look that captures attention.

  • Pocket Change:

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When it comes to spring fashion essentials, investing in a pair of multi-pocketed cargo pants should be at the top of your list. The popularity of the Frankie Shop’s Maesa Cargo style was evident when over 1,000 units swiftly sold out on Net-a-porter.com upon its late June release. With notable brands like Fendi, Givenchy, and Versace showcasing their own versions, it’s clear that the utilitarian trend is poised to dominate the season.

  • Complete Tassels: A New Trend Takes Flight

Do you recall the days when feathers adorned every sleeve and hemline? Well, it’s time to bid them farewell as tassels and fringe take center stage. Tassel trims have now officially replaced feathers, offering a fresh and exciting aesthetic.

The beauty of tassel trim lies in its traditional neutral tones, making it a versatile choice for both wardrobe minimalists and a wide array of designers. From brands like Bevza, renowned for their elevated neutrals, to Bronx and Banco, a favorite among party-goers, the embrace of long fringe is evident across the fashion landscape.

  • Raffia Bags:

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When it comes to summer bag trends, there’s one that stands out: raffia bags.

Prominent brands such as Khaite, Prada, and Celine are introducing raffia bags for the summer season, and we foresee them becoming defining accessories. If you’re planning for an upcoming summer vacation and considering your shopping options, rest assured that investing in a raffia bag is a wise choice to enhance your suitcase’s contents.

  • Choose Red Over Every Other Color:

Without a doubt, the color of the year is undeniably red.

This trend made a significant impact on the runways during the spring/summer 2024 season, and it shows no signs of slowing down as we transition into the fall/winter 2024 collections. Therefore, investing in red pieces is a smart move. From rich, deep cherry reds to vibrant and fiery hues, there is a wide range of shades available, allowing you to select the one that complements your personal wardrobe the best.

  • Go With 80s Jewelry:

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Credit must be given to Anthony Vaccarello’s S/S 23 Saint Laurent collection for playing a significant role in the recent resurgence of ’80s jewelry.

This trend shows no signs of fading away as we move beyond the summer season, as it has been embraced even more prominently in the fall/winter 2024 collections. The must-have pieces to wear right now are bold and chunky cuff bracelets and earrings, preferably in gold or silver finishes, designed to make a strong and impactful statement.

Winding Up:

In conclusion, the summer trends of 2024 bring a refreshing blend of nostalgia and innovation to the fashion scene.

From the revival of ’80s jewelry to the enduring appeal of raffia bags, this season offers a diverse range of styles for every taste. Vibrant red hues and statement-making wedges take center stage, exuding confidence and a sense of playfulness.

With each trend making its mark on the runway, fashion enthusiasts have ample inspiration to curate their own unique and stylish summer wardrobe.