Team-Building Retreats at Camp – How to Choose the Best One?

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When you’re looking for a place to house your next team-building retreat, the location and amenities can play a big role in encouraging fun team-building activities. Whether you hope to find group retreat locations for a corporate event, religious and church retreat locations, or even a family reunion, Camp Lantern Creek in Montgomery, Texas, offers facility rentals set in the great outdoors. This expansive venue is set on 100 acres and includes a variety of spaces and activities for team-building events perfect for a one-day visit or a weekend getaway.

What to Expect at a Team-Building Retreat

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There are many reasons why you might schedule a retreat for your team and works with each team to customize the facility rental to meet your team’s needs. Whether you are looking to build cohesion in a newly staffed office, improve and encourage healthy communication skills with a group of teens, or even develop and encourage leadership qualities for your church group, a team-building retreat can facilitate all these options.


Activities at camp range from sporting areas, nature trails, and swimming pools to wide open spaces for you to implement your own bonding activities. Most activities are focused on taking advantage of all the great outdoors has to offer. The large property is home to two lakes with options to canoe and float, fire pits, and outdoor pavilions. There also special team-building activities like high and low ropes challenge courses with certified facilitators. Camps also have a unique woodworking program where participants are empowered individually and encouraged to work together as a group to complete a project.

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Relive your childhood camp days with your coworkers or wrangle a youth group of teens in bunkhouse cabins spaced out along the property. The lodging spaces at camp can sleepover 150 people across all five cabins and they are decorated in bright, bold colors with inspirational quotes and messages. There are also a variety of event space rental options, including indoor gathering spaces for meetings, indoor team-building sessions, presentations, and more. The camp also boasts plenty of parking for guests.


Enjoy the experience of dining at camp in a large dining room that can hold up to 200 people. Camp’s on-site chef will develop meal plans to best suit your group’s catering needs and even make recommendations and requests for favorite meals to share! With fully prepared breakfast, lunch, dinner – and of course, snacks – you can focus on the fun team-building activities.

Benefits of a Team-Building Retreat

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Change of Scenery

Trying to stage corporate team-building activities in the office or conference room can sometimes come across as forced. When you take your team out of the office and into nature, you’ll be surprised at how much you come to learn about one another. The best corporate retreat locations often end up being places where your team members or coworkers can relax and feel more comfortable being themselves. The camp setting at Lantern Creek takes you back to your youth and makes these fun bonding activities seem like the perfect fit for the days ahead. Sometimes it just takes a change of scenery and giving folks space to be themselves in a relaxed environment for the real teamwork to emerge.

Encourage Teamwork

Offering opportunities for teamwork outside of the office can help coworkers learn to communicate in new and different ways and learn more about what it takes to connect with each of their team members. Team-building events encourage collaboration, sometimes between people who have never really worked together before. This can lead to people coming up with new and inventive ways to relate to one another, which can more naturally translate to the team when you are back in the office setting.

Boost Morale

Some teams search our group retreat locations to help improve morale in the office. Whether you find workers have begun to lose energy and interest or are feeling overstressed due to high demands, a change of scenery can help jumpstart conversations and activities to boost morale. The environment in the office can be just as important as the work getting done, and the more passionate workers are about doing their jobs well, the more productive and invested they will be. Fun team-building activities can get people laughing together, relaxing together, and bonding over shared experiences.

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Explore Strengths

Sometimes all it takes is a random team-building activity to learn more than you ever knew about someone else. Hidden leaders may emerge during a particular activity or hidden skills that were never known about or previously utilized. As people participate in team-building activities or even stroll along nature trails together, they learn more about each other and what makes the other person tick. When working together to solve a challenge, it can both illuminate strengths in others, as well as weaknesses that can be improved upon in the days and weeks ahead.

Inspire Innovation

Working together in new ways can often help people come up with ways to connect with one another they had previously not known about or not utilized effectively. While a high ropes course may not directly relate to the task at hand in your office, these types of corporate team-building activities on retreats can help coworkers unite and even develop or improve upon shared skills. You might even find that getting the whole team together, including people who may not normally interact daily, can encourage new conversations and ideas about how to connect and better support the business.

At camp, the array of team-building activities and wide-open spaces for people to explore really help provide an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. The saying “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” is popular for a reason, and a retreat is a great way to reestablish strong team skills and help your team participate in positive experiences that will translate into productivity in the workplace. Enjoy the fresh air and conversations at the very best corporate retreat locations, and then take those new connections and memories back to the office where you will undoubtedly find others working together in new and exciting ways.