Technology Continues to Improve the Betting Industry

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There have been many technological advances over the past couple of decades, and many different industries have used them to their advantage when putting together a service.

One of these has been the betting industry, when you look at what is on offer you will see a high-tech and high-quality service for players.

This is all thanks to technology, and also those who work for bookmakers being able to get the most from what is available, and use it in the best possible way.

There are many ways in which we are seeing technology help the betting industry right now, and below are four of the biggest.

The Ability to Bet Anywhere Via a Betting App

You will no longer miss a bet because you are not at home, or cannot get to see your bookmaker. With a mobile betting app, you can place bets from anywhere and you have a bookmaker in your pocket, waiting to be used.

This is the perfect service for people who are extremely busy and away from home either at work or out with friends.

If you are up to date with the latest mobile technology news then you will know just how many industries are using this to their advantage. Bookmakers have been able to create a perfect service for their players thanks to this type of technology being implemented.

The number of mobile gamblers is on the rise, and even if you are sitting at home, placing a bet via your mobile from the sofa is far more convenient than finding and powering up the computer or laptop in your home to bet in that way.

Things are only going to get more popular, and the next task for bookmakers is to ensure their platform can cope with the additional demand coming over the next few years.

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Live Betting

One of the biggest changes in the betting industry over the past decade has been the introduction and then the rise of live betting.

This offers something that many people never expected to be made available, and that is the ability to bet while a game is taking place, rather than placing your bets before it happens.

There are a number of huge doors that have opened up, and now we see many punters place in play bets alongside their pre-match wagers, some have even moved to live betting in full.

The biggest bookmakers are all on board with these two, while smaller ones are playing catch up. We are even seeing free bet offers for live betting specifically come into play. The bookmakers listed at are some of the biggest and have these offers available to new players.

The overall quality of the service on offer has been increased thanks to live betting and live streaming, both of which are available due to the use of technology.

Live Streaming

Going hand in hand with live betting, and something that has pushed it further forward is live streaming. Anyone who places a bet likes to watch their bet unfold, but not every sporting event is covered live on TV.

This is where live streaming from the bookmakers comes into play. Some events that are not covered by TV can be live streamed via your bookmaker’s website, with many of the big names taking part in this.

The result here is that smaller sports that don’t have full TV coverage such as the tennis ATP tour, snooker, smaller football leagues and more can all have their games live for punters to watch.

Bookmakers pay for this service, but they are happy to do so because it will generate them more income via their platform. The sports and leagues involved are also happy, as they get further exposure that they don’t normally receive because they don’t have big TV deals.

We all know that betting and sport in general is much more fun when you can watch the action live, so bookmakers have brought a live streaming platform to their customers.

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Fast Money Transfers

When you bet online compared to visiting a local bookmaker, the one downside is that it takes time to receive your winnings. You will hold an account, where the winnings will be sent but then you need to withdraw them if you want to spend them.

We are seeing many different ways to send money around the world come to life, and they are using technology to make their services and transfers as fast as possible.

Bookmakers have recognised this, and they have also recognised the fact that people want their money as fast as possible.

Put both of those together and you are given what we have today, an excellent betting service that allows deposits and withdrawals via many different methods. This allows players to choose the fastest and most convenient method for them.

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The Convenience Factor

If you look at everything we have listed above about the betting industry then it all has one big thing in common. This is that they all offer increased convenience to the customer.

We are currently living in a time where everyone in the world wants things as convenient as possible. From grocery shopping to ordering takeaways and of course betting. The more convenient an industry can make itself, the more likely it is to attract new people.

The way that you get this type of convenience is by having strong ties to technology, and using everything that is available to you. This is something that an entire industry needs to push, so the overall quality on offer is raised, rather than one or two companies doing something different.

If anything, this is why the betting industry is really standing out now. The companies involved are all competitors in a very competitive sector, but they are all working towards the same goal of improving the betting offering they are all providing to players.

With this vision, and the constant need to improve, the betting industry is seemingly set to continue trending in the right direction.