7 Things You Didn’t Know About Casino Industry

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As a gambler, how long have you been in the game? How many things can you say about the industry?

Every day, we learn new things that go on in online casinos like Bogdan Cazino, but there are some that funny and weird at the same time. Talking about the history of casinos, there are some fun facts about the industry that is record-breaking to date. There have been massive wins and losses, weird events have occurred over the years.

Do you care to know about some of these things?

Okay, read on!

Fun Facts about Casino Industry

  1. Casinos Started in Italy

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There are thousands of casinos across Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and other continents. Many casinos claim to offer the best services considering the long years of operation, but the question is, where did it originate from? What country started it?

Casinos originated in Italy. As a matter of fact, it derived its name from a word called ‘casa’ which means house. Venice in Italy had casinos as far back as the 17th century. Although we applaud countries where casinos are invested in with great enthusiasm, we still need to honor Italy as the originator of this game.

  1. Biggest Slot Machine Win of About $40 million

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In casinos, there are massive potential winnings that create records daily. There is a saying, “records are set to be broken”, each day passes by with one or two records set. There are jackpots that yield life-changing money to date. The biggest Slot machine win ever recorded happened in one of the biggest cities in the US,

Las Vegas, a city known for Casino gaming, witnessed an engineer who played a game using $100 and a total of $39.7 million as returns. This record has been set for over 15 years and still remains valid in the casino industry to date.

  1. Poker is a Lucrative Game for Retired Sportsmen

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Over the years, we have had so many legends from all types of sports who decided to retire due to age and some other factors. But we ask ourselves, how do sportsmen generate money after retirements? Do they live on only endorsements and deals? Are their career salaries and wages enough for them? However, there are many things to venture into at the end of your career, one of them is Casino gaming.

The Poker table is one of the few most lucrative games retired athletes play. Teddy Sheringham, a former Manchester United and Tottenham Player, is an example of some retired football players cashing out from casinos. He has made over 300,000 pounds from the Poker table.

  1. The Origin of Slots Game

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When casinos came into existence, not many countries approved them. It was taken as an illegal business; but later on, with rules and regulations, casinos became legalized. During the first years of casino gaming, casinos just had a few games at hand. Then, there were no rich variety of games like we have today. Gamblers were compelled to play the games available; they had to study the pros and cons of the games.

To date, the origin of some games is not yet known. But we are certain about one, and that is Slots. Slots game started in 1887; it was formerly called ‘Liberty Bell’. This game was developed by Charles Fell, who completed the design four years after. Ever since then, slots games have been played to cash out big winnings.

  1. The Longest Session of a Poker Game

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The Poker Game is one of the games that have been functioning since the legalization of casinos. It is a game that requires skill, total concentration, and of course, lucks. Poker also needs patience; you have to forbear for a long time to win the Poker game. Poker tournaments can last for hours, days, weeks, and even months. Although, they are nothing compared to the longest poker game in history.

In the year 1881, in a casino in Arizona, USA; a game was said to have lasted for eight years, five months, and three days. That’s about 75,000 hours, isn’t that a lot? Does it mean that players were actively playing for that long? No. There were sleep breaks in between. During this incredible session, more than $10,000 changed hands. There were winnings and losses.

  1. Biggest Loss in a Roulette Game

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As a gambler, you are expected to face downtimes. Sometimes, you win; some other times, you lose. This is where emotional intelligence comes in; know how to react to both situations. When winning, don’t be overactive because you can make silly mistakes that will cost you a fortune. When losing, brace yourself up and play on. If you have gotten to your limit for that day, stop and learn to walk out. Don’t be compelled to outspend your budget.

In the Roulette game, there have been massive records of losses over the years. But the biggest loss recorded was from a man called Robert Maxwell. Robert was a mogul during the 80s, he was a controversial figure during his years. He lost 1.5 million pounds at a club in Mayfair. This loss was staggering but Robert could get over it within some time.

  1. Largest Casino in the US

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Land-based casinos are built in different sizes. The world’s smallest casino is in a car. The owner has all the basic things in it from the TV set to Poker and Roulette tables. An advantage is that it is a mobile one that can be moved from state to state. There are big casinos that cover hundreds of thousands of Square Feet. In these casinos, there would be bars, pools, restaurants, etc.

Although Las Vegas is a city well known for casinos, the biggest casino in the US is in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The name of the casino is Winstar World Casino; it is an hour drive from Oklahoma City. This casino covers about 600,000 Square Feet. It was opened in 2003, and ever since then, there have been upgrades on the size. They own a hotel, restaurants, pools, and bars. It is indeed BIG!

You might have been familiar with the casino industries for years but have not heard some fun facts. Some of these fun facts listed still hold their records to date. There are lots of things to learn about the casino industry but these are the major ones that blow minds.