5 Things You Should Not Do After a Thread Lift

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We never realize a lot of things until time passes by and we cannot do anything about them. Similar is the case with our skin. As we grow older, our skin starts to get mature. The birth of new cells slows down and the death of old cells becomes faster. As a result of this, our skin starts showing signs of aging.

Things start from getting fine lines that most of us ignore. After fine lines, we see wrinkles and skin sagging. Women do a lot of skincare treatments therefore, their aging signs do not appear in the late 20s. However, fine lines are inevitable. After a certain age, even face creams and serums won’t remain much effective.

Therefore, there are other treatments like thread lifts. This is a name given to the non-surgical treatment of skin lifting. You will see a visible difference after the treatment. A lot of people prefer this non-invasive treatment to treat their saggy facial and neck skin. Thus, you get your youthful looks back.

And if you are looking for Thread lifts Melbourne, you can go to elucell. They have been offering PDO thread lifting that raises your midface, lower face and also your neck skin. Thus, it lightens the lines around your nose and mouth area. The process is no longer and doctors complete it in around 60 minutes. Therefore, you might also hear people calling it the Lunchtime facelift.

So if you are planning to get this treatment or you have already done it. Here are some things that you need to know.

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Facial areas suitable for the treatment

Although it is a non-surgical treatment, you still cannot do as you wish. There are limited areas on your face that are suitable for it. You can get thread lift on;

  1. Your eyebrows
  2. Forehead
  3. Middle of your forehead
  4. Are under your eyes
  5. Your nasolabial folds
  6. Dropping cheeks
  7. Neck
  8. Double chin

What you should not do after the treatment

Once you get your treatment, you should avoid these;

1. Putting pressure on your face

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Even if it is a non-surgical treatment, it still needs some resting time. Therefore, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach and on your sides. These practices put an immense amount of pressure on your face. So if you keep sleeping like this, you will be putting pressure on the treated area. This will result in swelling and discomfort and even bruises.

Therefore, it is best to avoid these practices for at least 5 days. So for 5 days, you should sleep on your back. You won’t know how you take turns during your sleep. Therefore, it is best that you start practicing sleeping on your back a few days before getting your treatment.

Furthermore, you can also try using a recliner. If not, you can try making a towel fort around yourself. In any case, you need to keep your facial muscles relaxed and comfortable. This will provide you with optimal results.

2. Doing makeup

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After the treatment, your skin will be sensitive. Therefore, you cannot apply anything other than the recommended creams. You must do your best to avoid any sort of irritation for a few hours.

In addition to this, you need to let your skin breathe. Makeup and cream will put an additional layer and block your pores. Thus, they prevent the entry of oxygen into your skin.

Furthermore, you will apply pressure on your face while applying makeup.

So these are a few reasons to avoid wearing makeup for at least 12 hours after the treatment. That is why you should get your treatment on Friday night after your job. This will give you enough time to let your skin relax. And if makeup is essential for your job, you will be able to have some time.

3. Getting a facial massage

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Another thing that you should avoid is getting a facial and a massage. And you should not get it for at least 10 days. Facial massage applies pressure on your skin. This pressure is even greater than what you get while sleeping.

Getting a facial will result in swelling and it might even force the threads out of their place. Therefore, if you think that you are in need of a facial, you should get it before your treatment. Thus, you can relax for a month.

4. Avoid overheating

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In addition to the physical pressure, you should also avoid getting high blood pressure. Therefore, you should avoid getting directly under the sun or in front of a stove. Excessive heat exposure will raise blood pressure on your facial skin. Long-term exposure will result in impacting the results of your thread lift.

In addition to this, you should also avoid tanning beds, sunbathing, steam rooms and also dry saunas. If necessary, you can take a warm bath but not too much hot water. Make sure to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.

5. Drinking and smoking

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Both these practices are harmful to your body. They not only affect your lungs and result in mouth and liver cancer but also result in aging. So if you are a regular drinker or smoker, you will see aging signs very early in your life.

Apart from this, alcohol is a diuretic. This means that it will flush out the water from your body. This results in dehydration in your body. This will directly affect your skin cells. Secondly, alcohol also increases your blood pressure and makes your face heat up.

Cigarettes contain nicotine that constricts your blood vessels. Therefore, it will also negatively affect your blood pressure. So you must avoid both these for at least 2 weeks. However, if you are a habitual drinker or smoker, it won’t be easy to quit it right away. Therefore, you should start practicing it a few weeks before getting your treatment. This will bring significant results to the treatment.