12 Things to Check Before You Start Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Having a bathroom remodeling job is something that is really important when renovating your home and is also one of the hardest things to renovate because of many problems that can come out of nowhere that hurt the budget.

This is a relatively complicated process because there are many steps when it comes to completely changing everything and making it look like a new one. Before you start with this process, House In Order Management suggests having someone design it for you to know where everything will stand so you can tell the workers and basically form the funds around it.

When you are preparing for this, you should pay attention to every detail and you should be able to predict the costs or have a budget slightly more than what you have expected.

That will give you freedom if something happens unexpectedly so you can continue with the work without obstructions. Before you go and choose the design of every place, you should pay attention to the basics, the plumbing, the walls, and the floor because everything comes secondary after them.

In this article, we will talk about some of the things that you have to check before you start working on your bathroom to avoid problems and so everything can go as planned.


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This is the first and maybe the most important thing before starting the other works when it comes to your bathroom renovation process. You will need to have an idea of what your budget for this job is so you can plan on everything around it. If you have smaller funds you can’t think of elements that are too expensive for you.

Or if you have planned to spend more, you don’t need to cheap out on some things. When you have decided how much you are willing to spend on this job, the other things come easy. Make sure to save something for unexpected problems because they can be pricey and might ruin your plans.


This is important because you can’t do this for a long period, not only that will disrupt your normal living because you will not be able to do the things that are done there, but if you live in an apartment, you will annoy your neighbors for a long time and you know how annoying is to have someone drill or knock every day for an extended period.

When you have learned how much time does it takes to build the things needed, add a few extra ones just in case and you can tell the people that will work on it the day when they have to be finished.

Have an agenda

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You will have to be prepared for every work that you want to be done there and you should arrange everything to be in order so you don’t do the same things twice. For example, you can’t do the tiles if you have not done the plumbing yet.

Everything has its own time when it has to be done and you should arrange that so everything goes to this plan.

Try to predict problems

This might be one of the hardest things to do because you can’t really do that, but you can guess. For example, if you have bought a property that is relatively old, you might expect that there might be some pipes that have to be changed. If you do everything else and forget about this, they might leak in the future having everything destroyed.


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Before you do the next steps, you will have to know the dimensions of few things. Most importantly, you will have to know precisely the size of the bathroom. It has to be measured from wall to wall in every way so you can plan how to fit everything that you need there.

Also, you will need to know the correct measurements of the walls and the ceiling so you know how many tiles you should buy. The third thing, as important as the others is the position of the pipes so you can place your sanitary objects there and plan everything around them.

Have an idea how everything will look like

Since this process started you have thought about how you want it to look like, or you have hired a person with specific knowledge to do this for you so it becomes beautiful but it functions well as well.

When you know where every item will be placed, and what the walls and floors will look like depending on the color and the tiles that you have found, the rest is just working and everything comes in place.

Use the help of the professionals

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Instead of doing this alone, and having to face all the problems that you might come across, you should hire professional. They can do this job much more efficiently as suggested by Handymanconnection. They will have all the information from above, and they will know what they have to do.

Walls and floors

This is the thing that sets the tone for the whole room. Choosing the tiles might not be easy, because there are so many options. But when you find something that you really like, you will know instantly.

Sanitary elements

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These things are what the bathroom actually is for. You should choose these elements exclusively in your taste, and what suits you best. The height of the toilet, for example, has to be just right so you can use it without needing to get into the habit. You should also know what you need, for example, some people need a bidet and some don’t so you don’t have to buy it in vain.


You should think about where you will store the cleaning items, towels, and other things so you will need some kind of a cabinet to place them in. The person who does the design should find a place for it not to take too much space but to open it up.


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You can’t use it in dark, so you will need to add lights to it. Choose the location for them so every corner is hit up properly. When looking for it, find a great-looking one because you don’t change it really often, you just change the bulb.

Air passage

When showering, if you have seen that the mirror gets fogged, that is because of the humidity. You should find a ventilator, and place it somewhere that looks good but also gets the job done. Most commonly there is a pipe for air ventilation and you will have to place your ventilator there.


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These items come at the end, and they give the bathroom a finished look. The first thing is the mirror, which is what you notice when you get inside the room, and other than serving the main purpose, it also opens up the room. Other things that are important as well are rugs and towels, you can match their color, or you can do any combination that you like. In the end, you can place some plants that can grow without much light to add greenery.