10 Things to Follow in Rocket League

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After your friends talked about it for a long time, you finally decided to play the pwp.legionfarm., the popular sports video game of Psyonix Studios. So you played the first few games and you’re having a lot of fun. In particular, you came across the Competitive mode and are passionate about the game. However, as you progress through the competition, you are realizing that your opponents are getting more and more aggressive and therefore you would like some advice to improve your game performance. Is this the case, am I right? Then I’d say you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

Although Rocket League is not a particularly recent title (it was in fact released in 2015), it continues to keep many video game players around the world well attached to the controllers.

In case you were wondering, we will deal with all the problems encountered by novice players, but there will also be space to talk about dynamics known mostly by professional gamers. The tutorial will mainly focus on the “football” mode of the Psyonix Studios title, which is the most played and widespread one, but I will also focus on some useful techniques regarding the other sports offered by the game.

The main feature of this game, with decidedly simple mechanics, is the high level of competitiveness: although it is easy to learn the basics and get good results in comparison with other inexperienced players, becoming a pro in the Rocket League is far from simple.

In this short article, I will show you ten small tips that, if implemented and if accompanied by perseverance and a minimum of natural talent, could soon lead you to compete with the best players in the world!

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1. Customize the room

The practical mode, commonly used to become familiar with the game controls, can also be useful for another purpose that is to take a look at the settings of the camera. In fact, the personalization of the camera is a detail that is too often underestimated by gamers: testing the distance from the car, the width of the field of view and the angle, can be a way to make the gaming experience more “friendly” and facilitate us during our games.

2. Respect the roles

If you notice little in 2vs2 games, in games with 3 or 4 teammates, role-playing games take on great importance. In fact, seeing the most experienced and savvy video game players play, it is possible to notice that not all of them fall on the sphere in a chaotic way, but the roles are neatly divided.

There are those who are in defense and those who attack, possibly making a rotation of roles during the game. If you plan on playing solo and dragging the team to victory … well, maybe you’ve got it wrong!

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3. The handbrake

A pro Rocket League player knows and knows how to use the handbrake perfectly. It is a very useful tool to quickly change the positioning of your car or to effect strokes and movements.

Games with less experienced users, with bots or in practice mode, are the ideal environments to become familiar with this tool which is too often underestimated.

4. Don’t chase the ball

The instinct, especially for novices, is to go towards the ball to throw it towards the opponent’s goal. Often, however, this behavior can hinder a teammate in a favorable position.

If you are not in an optimal situation for the shot, a good tactic would be to “tackle” an opponent and leave a teammate free. Knowing when to drop the ball is also one of the great features of pro players.

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5. The passage, this unknown

Looking for a lucky bank or at least trying to serve an assist to a partner can be the right choice. A great advantage, in this sense, is having companions with whom you have played for a long time or with whom you communicate in real-time.

6. Use the boost in the right moments

The boost regenerates quickly and, for this reason, many inexperienced players tend to abuse it: nothing more wrong. Often, in fact, the most careless player can find himself “on foot” at the moment of greatest need.

7. Play safe, play defensive

If you are in doubt of being able to hit a particularly difficult ball or if you think that the boost will not support you during the defensive action, avoid letting your team discover and play more defensively.

The games at the lower-middle levels often become real wild heaps of players who fight without touching the ball: in this context, offending when the best conditions are created is the best way to win a game.

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8. Don’t get annoyed by the Demos

In Rocket League jargon, Demo stands for Demolition. In this video game, in fact, you can take advantage of the game by demolishing the opponent who will be forced to leave the game for a period of time.

The game community is very divided on this practice for some, it is part of Rocket League and therefore it must be used, for others, it is almost an obsession (and they spend time demolishing opponents) for others it is an incorrect practice and they do not use it.

On the other hand, if the developers have inserted this possibility, there will be a reason … the personal advice is to take with philosophy when it is demolished and, on the other hand, to demolish (but sparingly) the opponents. If you opt for this second option, be prepared to still receive a good deal of insults in voice chat.

9. Training, training, and more TRAINING

If you try your hand at matches with professionals, in addition to taking loud blows, you will witness flying shots, aerial dribbling, and other high school numbers. Don’t get bogged down: to start trying just a few performances like that, more than 1000 hours of play are often needed.

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10. Voice chat is sometimes bad

Too many gamers let off steam on Rocket League. Voice chats often become a place to insult and fill opponents (but also teammates themselves) with unrepeatable epithets.

There is a limit to everything: if voice chat begins to annoy you and disturb your game, turn it off and go back to playing relaxed.