5 Things to Know Before You Re-roof Your House

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In terms of roof installation, replacing the roof quickly and affordably, while keeping the hassle to a minimum is the goal of every house owner. In the process of replacing your old roof, one thing you have to consider is to choose a reliable and long-lasting roofing system to ensure a sustainable investment. On top of that, you have a variety of designs and styles that you may want to choose from in order to match your home.

However, your roof serves your house in many ways other than simply being the cover of the house. At its core, a roof is designed with the purpose of protecting your home from common weather conditions such as wind, snow, rain, etc. Be sure you have a good understanding of all the different aspects involved in this process prior to making final decisions related to your upcoming roof replacement project. If you manage all this properly, then you and your family’s life will be both more convenient and secure, without having to worry about leakages, servicing, as well as extreme weather conditions.

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1. Choose a reputable contracting company

When it comes to choosing a roofing company, many people choose one based on cost. Actually, this may be a huge mistake because these companies often make their bids low due to the fact that they hire workers who work for low wages. That is why you should be very cautious about which company you will hire. Try to obtain recommendations from friends as well as professionals you trust or simply visit https://oahu-roofing.com/kaneohe-roofing.

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2. Select high-quality materials

Regardless of the contractor’s professionalism and installation, the quality and durability of the roof depend on the type of materials used. By choosing the cheapest underlayment, shingles as well as tiles, your new roof will be much worse in terms of overall expected durability and longevity. You can expect a properly installed roof with high-quality materials to last up to 30 years. On the other hand, a cheap roof that was installed with cheap materials is likely to collapse after just 10 years.

It is worth noting that even though asphalt roof shingles are considered among the most affordable options, they tend to endure only a short period of time when it comes to residential roofs. Conversely, concrete or metal shingles generally have a longer lifespan, so they are likely to be a better solution in case there is a need for a long-term investment. Make sure to carefully review each option and consider the pros and cons of each. You may even consider hiring an expert to help you with the process and select the best materials as the best possible choice of investment for your roof if you are not completely sure which material is the best fit for your home.

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3. Taking off the old shingles

One more key decision that has to be made is whether to strip the current shingles prior to adding the new ones or just pile them on. The choice may be yours regarding how you want to handle the new shingles. This will be the case if you have asphalt shingles on your roof currently, but it also depends on what is already up there. Remember, it is possible to have a maximum of two layers of asphalt shingles on your roof. Placing one layer over the other may be a time and money-saving method for you, but if you do this and there are weak spots and decayed wood, then the problem will not be really fixed. This may serve only as a temporary Band-Aid, which will cause more serious and costly problems in the future. However, it is still best to remove the old roof rather than put new shingles on top of it.

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4. Be aware of the loud noise

Right from the start, you should expect that it would be a noisy process if you have a roof replacement. This is something that cannot be avoided. Make sure you warn your neighbors that there will be noise prior to the start of the project so everyone has time to plan their activities appropriately. Also, you will probably consider staying out of the house during work hours.

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5. Do pay close attention to the paperwork

There are significant liability and financial costs that come with such a quick job that takes two to five days, based on the size and style of the roofing project. Keep in mind that it is essential to possess these three documents:

  • Building permit for a roofing project. This may help you assure if your roofing contractor complies with the building code. Besides, if you do not obtain the permit, then your roof warranty will be voided.
  • An agreement with the agreed details, products as well as charges involved in the project.
  • Have a letter by the Contractor’s insurance carrier verifying that the particular project is covered under the roofing contractor’s indemnity and liability plan.

When you realize you may need to replace your roof, no matter if it is for your company or your home, you can easily become overwhelmed. This is because there are many things involved when it comes to the replacement of a roof, all the way from the budget to getting the best roofing contractors for the project. However, as long as you take note of this list, the process will be much easier, and you will have a better understanding of things, and know how to choose the right people to do the job.

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The first thing you should do before allowing roofers to work on your roof is to ensure you fully understand how the process is going to work. For example, it is important to know whether they will be stripping or layering; if there will be a height difference in case you are only doing partial roofing. Serious roofers are expected to make sure you what they are doing, plus being informed is something from which you can make wise decisions when necessary.