3 Things You Should Consider Before Booking With a Serviced Apartment Provider

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In case you are traveling a lot, especially on business trips, it can become very expensive if you choose to stay in a hotel room each time when you have a meeting in some other city or state. On the other hand, there are some more affordable options that you can choose, rather than spending more money on luxurious hotels. You can always stay in some hostel or take an apartment with Airbnb. However, the best commodity and luxury similar to the one that you get in a hotel room but with even more advanced privacy is provided with a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments represent a perfect combination of improved privacy and comfort that you get in a hotel room. Also, this type of renting is becoming more popular in the whole world. In case you are interested in a serviced apartment for your net business trip or holiday, maybe that is the best option.

Furthermore, if you want to be sure that you will get all of the benefits, you must choose the right provider. In that matter, you should learn more about the right questions that you have to ask the provider. Here are the most important things that you should consider before booking with a serviced apartment provider.

1. Location

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When it comes to location, most people find it as the most important factor when choosing a serviced apartment. Luckily, most of these apartments are usually placed in the center parts of any city. However, there is a great difference between many of these residences. For example, while there are some specially designed for business people, others might be more comfortable with people who are traveling with family.

Also, you have various attractions around the room depending on its type. While business apartments are often around shopping malls and restaurants, ones that are designed for families are usually around museums, parks, and other entertaining places. That way you will be able to have all of the elements that can make your stay entertaining, in addition to the usual, working conditions. Maybe a vast majority of people don’t actually need all of these things, but having them close couldn’t hurt, right?

2. The Leadership

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Another thing you have to consider when you pick a serviced apartment provider is how well they’re managed. This will give you an idea of how well your stay will go and will prevent that you end up with unpleasant surprises. One of the best examples of how a good provider should act is Tom Smyth from belfastroofingservices.co.uk.

He was able to be one of the first serviced apartment providers to offer safe accommodation to business travelers worldwide in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. They also formed a partnership with Touring Belfast which will offer special tours for families and special packages for all sorts of travelers. You can usually expect top service from providers who constantly work to make the experience better for their guests.

3. Reputation

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It’s also important that you go a step further and also check what kind of reputation the service provider has. It’s perfectly normal for them to have a few negative reviews, but if you notice the same types of comments over and over again, then there might be a real issue here. Also, check how they respond to complaints. If they seem to show actual concern and try to amend the situation, then you could still consider them. However, if they act cavalierly and seem to want to shift the blame, look elsewhere.

Another thing you should check is if they have received any awards or have been nominated for one. The IHM’s Serviced Apartment Awards is one example, but there are many more. Accolades from the industry are a clear sign that the service is respected by its peers, which is always a good sign. These are some of the main things you should be looking for before booking with a serviced apartment provider. Make sure that you take your time and choose wisely if you want to get the most out of the serviced apartment experience, and have a stay to remember.

What to Avoid

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While choosing a proper provider of serviced apartments, you should also have your preferences, and pick a perfect room by that. The main point of booking a serviced apartment is to save a lot of money. In that matter, always look for the most affordable options. Nevertheless, your apartment should provide you with all of the commodities that the provider promised. Therefore, it makes sense that you need to avoid things that are not complimentary with your needs. You will encounter these things without a doubt. Taking a look at all of these is an absolute must before you actually decide if you are going to book or not.

At the same time, you need to check all of the online reviews of people who actually stayed in these apartments in order to see all the pros and cons of the apartment itself. Thankfully, the majority of booking services are going to provide you with this opportunity. Surely, this is an option that will provide you with a possibility to avoid the apartments that are not meeting certain standards. Therefore, you should avoid those rooms that don’t have favorable results. You will be surprised by how many of these who look great on images are not anywhere near the standard.

The Bottom Line

It goes without saying that working travels are not as enjoyable as holidays. Yes, you are on a trip where you can see some other towns and countries that you haven’t been able to visit. However, you are not going to be able to visit all the locations you would want to, mainly due to the business obligations you need to finish within a certain deadline. Therefore, booking an apartment through a serviced apartment provider is the best thing you can do. Since there are so many of them available, you need to be careful about the one that you will actually choose. We’ve provided you with three things you need to consider before you decide to book through some of them.