6 Tips And Tricks For Starting Out In Destiny 2

If you are one of many who was slightly disappointed by Destiny and then gave up on the whole game, we got some news for you. Destiny 2 offers a fair told story and characters the original version could only dream of. Through the whole story mode, you will be very clear about where you are, why, and who’s keeping you company. You might even catch yourself thinking about how you care about destiny of certain characters.

Not only that the narrative segment is way better than in the initial game, this second part has brought an increased system of progress, interesting main and side missions, better and more interesting locations, as well way more generous loot system.

But, regardless of how better Destiny 2 is than the original, the core of the game is still the same. It’s about a hybrid MMORPG and FPS, in which you will wander through the sci-fi world, combating different opponents and collecting different ammo for your character.

In any case, you will soon realize how easy it is to enjoy the game, be it for the shooting mechanics or the pleasant sci-fi esthetics.

This article will guide you through some tips and tricks to help you out in starting fresh and successful in Destiny 2.

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1. Finish each campaign

And many will react to this by saying it’s too obvious. Well, it is, but going all the way through the campaign is the best thing and the simplest thing you can do if you want to unlock those additional badges and achieve maximum level as fast as possible.

It’s easy to equalize your character without finishing the campaign, and a lot of additional adventures you will encounter on the way will probably result in distracting you from the main story. However, this will not make you get the best loot. If you’re impatient and do manage to get distracted, there are some alternatives you can use to get the best loot. Sites like lootservices.com offer you a boosting service, that gets you any loot you want. A lot of players would love to achieve the maximum level to try and get top-pier loot – this option is always available, as a shortcut.

By finishing the campaign, you will unlock protests, patrols, milestones, even some special missions that award you with legendary and exotic weapons. So, you will want to complete it as soon as possible to make sure you will be able to access those features that give you the best equipment.

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2. Attend side-activities, such as adventures and public events

Since most of the missions have enabled you to start them just by traveling the planet, you will notice adventures and public events on your way, as you travel.

Basically, adventures are a smaller part of the bigger mission, and you can finish them just by patrolling the planet. These can give you awards, additional gear, and points for unlocking sub-classes.

It’s not mandatory to attend all of these, but it could add up to your game progress if you check whether there’s one close to your main mission story, and see if it would be useful.

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3. Join a clan

Clans are available in-game, this time. To assemble your clan, you have to first log in, then you are given this option. In this version, clans are wider, because everyone can now design their own banner, which will be a visible object in the game. There are also bonuses, such as loot awards available weekly. To you, this means that every time your clan takes part in some of the activities, you will get some reward for it.

Clans are also a huge component in guided games system, useful for all solo players to play some of the available end-game activities, but also to the clans to go skillful player hunting if they might be missing a couple of more guardians to complete the fireteam.

Clans also have the option to discuss different topics, create strategies, and all the administrators can decide will they open the clan or set up a joining option via requests. Of course, those who assembled the clan can delegate leaders, to manage the clan.

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4. Loot and kill everything on your way to the mission

As the first point we mentioned, this might also be too obvious. However, many players get too oriented towards reaching the mission, that they forget about the advantages of taking the chances that appear on their way. Do not underestimate killing and looting on the way, it is a great strategy to speed up your progress.

The most important reason for this is unlocking other sub-classes. You need them to achieve relict. These drops are completely random and appear by killing enemies and looting caves.

Also, if you want to unlock as many sub-classes as possible, then just be oriented towards the enemies and public events.

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5. Store Faction Turn-Ins for maximum level

Each planet has its own supplier where you can use your tokens and materials you’ve gathered on the way in exchange for something you need, like fractions.

When you align these planet fractions, you get engrams that turn into speed.

The problem is that the speed you get is set to any power level when you get the engram – even if you wait to encode it at higher levels.

This means you will get much better equipment if you wait until your maximum level. You are still able to include rep tokens but simply refuse to accept engrams until you reach the maximum level.

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6. Store your upgrade points

As you improve and level up, you’ll collect the points that enable unlocking certain sub-class abilities. Just because you unlock them, doesn’t mean you should use them. If at the moment you don’t need for example a grenade or jumping ability, you can store it and use this upgrade point later.

If you have a cool crew you like to play more than decent FPS, in which you will constantly be in pursuit of better and newer equipment, while you chat about different things, Destiny 2 is your game.