3 Signs You Have Too Many Devices on Your Wi-Fi

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It would indeed be very hard to ignore the vast impact the internet is having on the world community. According to research published lately, there are around five billion internet users in the world. In order to give you some context on how big that figure is, that is almost two-thirds of the people living on the face of this Earth. Impressive, huh? Let us tell you another shocking figure. These people do not use the internet once or twice a month; research says that people spend hours using the global network each day! A quick glance at your day will prove to you how impactful the internet actually is. We start our day using the network of networks, keep using it all throughout the day, and end our night with it as well!

Given how big of an impact the internet creates on the human race, it only makes sense for us to be worried about whether we are getting the ideal internet service or not. After all, slow or unreliable internet service will make your entire day less productive and less enjoyable! One of the main reasons why your internet quality decreases is because oftentimes too many devices are connected to your internet. Mostly, you have limited bandwidth at your place and if suppose twenty devices are connected, the amount of bandwidth that each gets is usually too low. In this article, we will be discussing the signs you might be getting if too many devices are connected.

1. Video Calling

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Do you have loved ones who you live away from and video call every now and then to catch up? If so, does it ever happen that the internet is just too slow to show you a good picture quality of your family member or friend? Alternatively, do your friends and family members often complain that your picture is showing up blurred on their devices? In all of the aforementioned cases, you are experiencing spotty internet which is simply not fast enough for video calling. This may very well be because too many devices are connected to your household’s WiFi network.

2. Online Gaming

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There are many online gamers in the world. And almost all of them have the same nightmare. A slow internet connection or one that comes and goes intermittently. After all, no one wants their internet to go away when they are in the middle of a game. How would they ever face their teammates again who will all think that the former left them high and dry?! And with games these days like DOTA2 and Fortnite that require a very fast internet connection, you are bound to face these kinds of situations if you are an online gamer, do not have a quality internet service provider serving you, and have too many devices connected to your WiFi. One thing you can do is get a router that has a quality of service feature built inside it. What the quality of service feature does is that it allows your router to prioritize giving the internet to a gaming device over a non-gaming device.

3. Tools

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There are many tools like Grammarly and Copyscape that run on the internet. In the case that they normally run properly on your device but are not functioning right now, it may very well be a sign that there are too many devices connected to your internet. Indeed, online tools are necessary to ensure productivity in today’s busy world. You owe it to yourself and your career to figure out what is wrong with your internet.

How To Investigate

Okay, your internet is slow and there is a chance that it might be acting that way because too many devices are connected to it. However, there can be many other reasons including but not limited to

  • Viruses: viruses slow down the functioning of everything in your device, including the internet browsers.
  • Unreliable ISP: Your internet service provider may not be transmitting the internet to your household in a fine manner.
  • Broken Or Bent Cable
  • The cable to your router may have been too bent or broken
  • There might be a lot of obstructions near your router.
  • Device interference may be occurring.

The point is there are many reasons other than connection with too many devices that can lead to the slowing down of your internet connection. Thus, it is important to investigate further whenever your internet is slow. One way to investigate whether there are too many devices connected is by asking everyone in your household if they have recently connected a new device to the building’s WiFi system. Another thing you should be doing is finding out if someone living near you is stealing your internet. You do this by changing your password and seeing if the internet speed improves.

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Okay, so now you have come up to the conclusion that too many devices are connected to your internet. What to do about it now?

  • One thing you can do is decrease the number of connected devices. Look for devices that you do not use but still remain on. Do you really use that Google Home or Alexa? If not, maybe it is time to switch it off.
  • Another thing you can do is get faster internet. One option you have in many states of the United States of America is subscribing to Xfinity as it offers reliable yet affordable internet that also features high speeds. You can see Xfinity’s plans on the following link: https://www.localcabledeals.com/xfinity/internet.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we not only told you about the signs that meant there were too many devices connected to your internet; we also told you the way to investigate that definitively. Later, we told you how to proceed in these kinds of situations. Hopefully, this article will help you fix whatever you need to get fixed for your internet speed to increase to optimal levels.