Alternative Games to Fortnite


Ever since Fortnite burst onto the scene back in 2017, it has been one of the most popular games in the world.

The Battle Royale version alone attracted more than 100 million users worldwide within 12 months of release, showing just how popular the Epic Games’ creation really is.

But due to the popularity of Fortnite, we might be forgetting that there are a whole lot of other great games such as Drift Hunters 2 to choose from.

Fortnite Is Not The Only Good Game Out There

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Some of these alternatives are great games in their own right. Just because they might not be as good or popular as Fortnite doesn’t mean they aren’t decent plays.

We’re talking about the likes of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Warframe. Let’s take a look at some of these here…

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

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Starting with a look at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, this game was indeed a major success itself, only for Fortnite to come along and eclipse it. A lot of players would happily admit that they actually prefer PUBG.

Similar to Fortnite, it has exceptional graphics, and it also has a top soundtrack, this one is composed by Tom Salta.

PUBG allows 100 players to take part in player-versus-player battle royales. In these fights, it’s the last man standing that wins, the sort of thing we have become accustomed to seeing in the WWE over the years.

The battle royale element of the game is that popular, and it seems to have a following of its own for that section alone.

You can play PlayerUnknown’s Battleground on your own, in a pair, or as part of a four-player team.


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Overwatch also has its similarities to Fortnite, but it also has some subtle differences that make it stand out. With this first-person-shooter game, you get two opposing teams of 6 players. This requires a different skill set, including having to work as part of a team, obviously.

You have over 20 pre-defined hero characters to choose from, and players can change their hero character in-game should they wish.

Each hero has its own skills set, and after you have killed or harmed enough of your enemies, your hero will get an ultimate ability that can be used to cause even more damage to your opponents.

Your ultimate ability grows in strength as it charges up while you go about your business slaying and killing.

Overwatch is set in futuristic earth after humans developed robots. The hostile robots attack humankind, and your job is basically to restore order.

Apex Legends

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If you are to give Apex Legends a go, you also won’t be disappointed. Based on a remote island, you are in a squad of 3, in a game of instinct and survival.

One player has the responsibility to guide the three-man squad, and search for the weapons and resources required to survive and thrive.

You can join your friends in the squad of three, making it a great option if you enjoy playing with your chums. Don’t fret; if not, you can still play on your own and join any random group.

To start the game, you are placed on an aircraft, and as the flight passes over the game map, one player – known as the Jumpmaster- selects the optimal time to jump out of the aircraft.

Where you land is important, as you need to get searching for weapons immediately. While you’re searching and playing, the game’s safe zone (play area) shrinks in size, creating another hazard, as your character can die if they don’t reach the safe zone in time.

As you play, you also earn in-game currency, allowing you to purchase in-play cosmetic items, these can be the best looking outfits for your character.

The aim of the game is to be the last squad standing. The final squad assumes the title of ‘Apex Champions’, and with that comes the bragging rights.


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If you like all of the above, you will also like the third-person-shooter game, Warframe.

Playing Warframe, you have to customize your own character’s armory, so you need to be switched on the right from the start.

The game is based in the Solar system, where your tasks will be to complete missions across moons and planets.

1v1 LOL

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Another very alternative and popular game to the above is 1v1 LOL, and this is a different type of game altogether. Yes, 1v1 LOL is a unique third-person-shooter game, but it has a major difference, you also have to build things.

Try Building When Someone Is Shooting At You

That’s not as odd as it might sound, as you can build platforms and use them to fight from. According to on 1v1.LOL, some gamers use the higher platforms to jump on their opponents and kill them.

You will be building with floor and roof panels, stairs, and walls. Not the usual stuff you find when you are playing battlefield games.

The objective of the game is the usual kill or be killed, and get as many points as you can. You are also competing against players from all over the world, so it ticks most of the usual boxes for gamers.

As well as having to build and fight, you also get the classic one on one combat, and there is also a battle royale mode for users. I’m not sure the building element of the game will have gamers ditching Fortnite to use it, but it is definitely different.

When we first heard about 1v1.LOL, we had a visualization of a tradesman up a ladder getting shot at while he was painting the front of his house. Thankfully, we got that badly wrong.

As different as 1v1.LOL sounds when you play it you will see how it makes sense. The building element of the game is simply to give you a better platform – quite literally – to fight from.

It’s the game description that throws you. When you read people are trying to kill you while you’re building, it does leave you scratching your head and wondering just what sort of a game is this?

But when you see it and play it yourself, it all makes perfect sense!