Top 5 Airbnb Management Software

Rental business, like any entrepreneurial activity, requires time and effort. Management issues, the company’s capacity growth, and the market’s demands supporting should be given daily attention. Special vacation rental software is designed to optimize everyday business processes by automating several repetitive tasks and generating profitability analytics.

It doesn’t matter if you own one unit of real estate or rent dozens of houses. Airbnb management software provides essential features to help hosts through every stage of their daily routine. We offer the best short-term rental software reviews for managing bookings, smooth communication with customers, and organizing regular tasks.

​Popular Programs for Automating Vacation Rental Business

Among the presented solutions, you can choose a virtual assistant that will suit your goals, job’s scope and comply with your spending budget.

1. ​Hosty

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Airbnb property management software allows you to consolidate your rentals’ data across multiple sites. You can easily monitor the booking days thanks to the multi-calendar. The program enables you to receive messages from clients and give timely feedback in the Central Box. If your business has entire command of employees, it will be much easier to distribute regular tasks with Hosty. Generate reports on key performance indicators and eliminate gaps in advance. Positive guest reviews about your service will be the best advertisement for your business.

Users have the opportunity to test the application for 14 free days at

After the trial ends, you can choose one of the service packages that best suit your goals:

  • Basic — $7 per month;
  • Advance — $10 per month;
  • Pro — $15 per month.

Payments are charged monthly. The subscription can be changed, suspended, or canceled at any time without additional fees. Enhance your rental experience with the Hosty mobile app.

​3. Yourporter (Guesty for Hosts)


A platform for simple management of rental properties distributed across different channels. Guesty for Hosts creates a single calendar that provides complete information about past, current, and future accommodation reservations. You can easily find price data, total income, customer contact information, and quickly communicate with guests and service staff. Manage your personal booking site through the Guesty for Hosts app without commissions. Save time on template guests’ responses using the option of automatic customized messages.

Property owners can apply for the 14-days to check out all the software’s features or a mobile application.

Save 10% on maintenance with an annual subscription:

  • 1 listing — $44 per month vs $49 monthly billing;
  • 2 listings — $66 per month vs $74 monthly billing;
  • 3 listings — $88 per month vs $99 monthly billing.

​3. Guesty


A reliable assistant in organizing the management of property rentals, whether it is one room, a house, or several apartments. With the Guesty mobile application on your phone, you can control your business from anywhere in the world. All your ads from rental sites will be presented in a single tab. The simple program’s interface allows you to access any information: editing ads, messaging with a client, reporting on monthly income and expenses, or analyzing your rating.

Automate everyday tasks: standard responses, price updates, auto-payments, guest reviews. Use the free time to implement creative ideas, and don’t get stuck in a routine.

The company provides 2 weeks of free software’s operation. Further subscription will bring the owners such costs:

  • $49 monthly — for 1 listing;
  • $74 monthly — for 2 listings;
  • $99 monthly — for 3 listings.

The price is reduced by 10% when paying for an annual subscription.

​4. Lodgify


The Vacation Rentals management program will be useful for both large companies involved in the rental business and newcomers to this industry. The software helps to consolidate information about the booking property placed in several accounts. Detailed information in a single calendar will allow you to manage listings, instantly respond to customer requests and distribute cleaning and house maintenance tasks to your employees. Making payments with Lodgify is becoming airily: place invoices for payment by pressing a few buttons in the program. Secure money transfers and funds control are guaranteed.

Accept space rental proposals from your company website and increase the competitiveness with Lodgify.

A 7-day trial will help to evaluate the utility’s quality and decide on a further subscription with the following features:

  • Lite — $0 (+3.9% fee) per month — for business with rare bookings;
  • Starter — $17 (+1.9% fee) per month;
  • Professional — $46 (fee-free);
  • Ultimate — $69 (fee-free).

Prices are shown for 1 listing. The monthly payments decrease if the host owns multiple listings. Paying for an annual subscription reduces maintenance costs by 30%. Two years of services in a single payment gives a savings of 35% for the client.

5. ​Igms


With the program, you will monitor all accounts and management actions in one place, which is very convenient. The Channel Manager feature will gather all the information about your properties on different rental platforms, creating a calendar of guest visits, this will greatly reduce your work time. No more double bookings. The program will completely eliminate errors caused by human error. Notification settings allow you to respond instantly to potential guests without giving your competitors a chance to steal the client for themselves. Adjust listings, add photos, track seasonal pricing – all in one app. You’ll be able to assess the convenience of the work and immediately notice how much it will reduce your working time and allow you to structure your work. After all, all functions are in one place and you don’t have to switch to different accounts and worry that you might miss a message from a potential client.

Minimize repetitive tasks by putting them into automatic mode. Igms has powerful financial control tools, features for analytics, customization and control of workroom tasks.

Within 14 days, customers may use the Igms program free of charge, learning and choosing the necessary software functions. After the free period ends, the usage price will be fixed:

  • $30 per month in Lite mode;
  • $1 per booked night in Flex mode;
  • $40 per month in Pro mode.

Prices are relevant for owners of one property with monthly payments. An annual subscription will cost 33% less. There are also discounts for owners of more than 1 rental unit.