Top Digital Marketing Trends Of 2024

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Anything online is always going to be changing constantly, which means digital marketers have always got to be upping their game and changing their ways of working constantly too in order to keep up with trends and updates in their field. Because who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition between competitive companies? It’s ALL about making sure you are one step further than competitors and to further take that step means knowing the changes.

Every time us digital marketers think we have this SEO business down to a T, something advances. So we always need to always keep our hands on the pulsein order to create the best possible content for our clients.

Trend 1

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Usage of long tailed keyword optimization, or also known as a ‘voice search’. These are much more specific than other keywords, however are less common for the time being before everyone jumps on the long tail bandwagon!

For example, instead of putting in “best waterproof coats” into the search engine for a customer or as a headline for a marketer’s company or a client webpage, you could put “what are the best branded water proof coats 2019” into the search engine and the mass of keywords filter the searches in order for the customer to find exactly what they want quicker. Using a year in your headline shows that the customer is getting something up to date and trusted at present day which creates a better experience for the customer overall as the process was less time consuming.

If a company uses this strategy to headline what they’re selling then eventually long tail progression will start happening and their site will rank higher on all the keywords featured in the ‘voice search.’ Yes, it could take months but patience is key! If you optimise your page then you should rank higher on the search engine, the long tail key words will be the anchor for this sort of success!

Trend 2

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So next we have artificial intelligence, a sort of… stalker-ish way of marketing. Basically, websites collect data on what you search for and watch what you’re interested in and therefore will recommend products that they know you’ll need even before you do, based on your search history. Google has been doing this for many years, why do you think they keep throwing Italian food recipe videos for you on YouTube after you had to follow the Bolognese video when you cooked for your aunt Mary last February. Trust me, it’s not a coincidence.

Artificial intelligence is certainly shaping the ways in which digital marketing works, personalised marketing means more sales for companies and products as the interests of the consumer are being targeted more. AIl means that we need to know our audience, we always want to know their needs and wants and although we want to target them to make a sale, like every other marketer in history, it also creates a better experience for them in ways that they don’t have to worry about spending a long time on the web.

Digital marketers out there, take notes, its all about customer experience and if we can produce ways of online searching in which the consumers find easier and more efficient, then let’s make it happen. What are you waiting for?

Trend 3

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The dreaded core algorithm update of the Google when it comes to SEO, I know it can make us all a bit apprehensive at times waiting to know what changes us digital marketers need to make. These 2024 changes were announced on the 13th January. The ‘core update’ is basically an update of significance that Digital Marketers & SEO Agencies NEED to know as the field is always advancing in one way or another.

Here are just some of the questions Google have asked content creators when thinking about how they should go forward with their content after the algorithm has taken place:

  • Does this content provide original information, reporting, research or analysis?

This is a reality check for content creators, other people in the same position as you will be doing the exact same thing so what makes yours original? What makes you stand out? What are you offering that is different which your audience will gain value from?

  • Does your site offer insightful analysis or information that isn’t beyond obvious?

Don’t make what you’re doing pointless. You’ll only patronise and bore your audience. This will derank your sight and make visitors sure not to pay your site a visit again due to the waste of time in a world of busy lives.

In order to rank well in Google over a long period of time, Google is suggesting with these questions that the key to success is focusing on your reader and the quality of your content which should be well written and well researched.

Another way Google are changing is by setting out the desktop on both computers and iPhone differently on websites and adverts so they all blend in after you have searched what you want from the initial Google home page and all the links come up. This is so Google creates more money every time people click on the advert. The more that these advert sites blend in with regular sites, the more people going on the site they have to pay for which means the more money Google can charge people with websites. So, for companies out there, make sure you attach a picture or icon related to your company to show up with your link so that viewers know it’s safer to click on your sight and that they don’t have to pay. This will attract so many more people to your website!

How do you benefit from the google algorithm of 2024?

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Go and read Google’s guidelines for each particular niche, find your specific niche and make sure you’re on the 2024 spec and search what the word ‘quality’ means specifically when you’re referring to you’re website’s particular niche and MAKE SURE YOU’RE COMPLYING WITH EXACTLY WHAT GOOGLE WANTS TO SEE!!! If you are still unsure, reputable Web Design Agencies& SEO Agencies should be able to help you.

Atomic Digital Marketing suggests to make sure to build great author bios and you’re building out the profiles of the authors and the author’s social media because this will be shown and will create a character profile for content creators and people seeing who wrote what as people’s curiosity grows and they like to know who’s work they’re reading due to that crucial trust between creator and audience.

Google are encouraging you to test products you’re reviewing or selling before so you know and are familiar to them making you a more credited when creating the content, if you have no idea what you’re selling you cant give a genuine answer to an audience that relies on you for one. That’s eventually going to damage your reputation with one slip up, be careful.