Top 7 Winning Poker Strategies for Amateurs


Starting the right way in the game of poker is remarkably significant. Developing bad habits early on might harm the gameplay. And most importantly, the results you obtain might be greatly affected. And yes, this will happen for a very long time in the future. Casual poker players playing typical home games or the ones looking to improve their game should work on finding the best online poker site initially. Additionally, knowing the top winning poker strategies is also crucial. It is not only about advanced strategies but even simple stuff the majority of the amateurs tend to overlook.

Many poker players move on to reading advanced strategy guides coming from well-known professional players. But they hardly understand the basics of playing poker. Many of the home games indeed come as social occasions only played for the small stakes. But winning is always special, and it feels excellent! You can improve your poker game simply by getting the basics right. So, here are the top 7 strategies that can help you out.

1. Understand the Poker Hands Ranking, Positions and Rules

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Visit any online poker siteand you would be amazed to find the variety there. But what’s the most natural step you need to take? You must understand poker riles and spend a good time in getting an understanding of the poker hand ranking. Additionally, learning positions will also be an invaluable strategy. In fact, as an amateur, you must avoid starting with the game without having your hands on the learning positions. You might well have an idea of how essential positions are in the game of poker. After all, you cannot afford to lose the game after spending such a long time in understanding the basics. So, positions cannot be overlooked.

2. Remember: Poker is All about Skills

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Of course, the cards are completely random in the game of poker. This is the reason why many gaming enthusiasts are of the view that it is a game of luck. Yes, to an extent it is about luck because the players do not know which cards would land on to them. But it is to be understood that the skills of the game are not evenly distributed.

The game is more of a decision-making competition. Successful players of the game combine their understanding of probabilities with their knowledge of psychology. This is what helps them in making logical decisions and accurate judgments consistently. The players also need to add a bit of acting along with other deception tricks for making it challenging for their opponents on an online poker site to come up with the right decision.

3. Being Selective with Hands is Very Important

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When it comes to selecting the hands at an online poker site, it always works to be very tight. In other words, amateurs should always play affably good hands. But what is the meaning of affably good hands? It means that the players should fold approximately 80% to 85% of the hands dealt with before the flop. Sounding crazy? Yes, it might sound crazy initially, but the tip works.

Folding these many hands will not get the players into any trouble. Having so many hands as options means that it can even result in situations where the players make good hands such as flush or top pair.

4. Avoid Loitering without Intent

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If you have decided to play the game at an online poker site, get in straight and win or get out. Either of these ways will work, but it does not help you if you keep loitering without intent. Look for the early opportunities that come your way and fold your hands at these. Failing to do so might not help you win the pot. Be careful of the hands in between the extremes because these are the ones that can lead you into losing a huge amount of money.

5. Play Only Against Beginners or Players Worse Than You

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Now, this is a very simple principle of the game. As an amateur, you must always make it a point to play against the beginners or players worse than you. However, it is surprising that many beginners into playing poker go against this principle. But how can people be such fools? It is quite obvious that your chances of winning the game will increase if you play against the poorly-performing players. Take, for instance, if you are the 5th best player in the lot, it might not bring you success to play against the 4th best player. Also, make the choice of limits and games carefully just as important as the cards.

6. Choose a Good Website for an Entertaining Poker Session

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As a beginner in playing poker, it is quite likely for you to have no deposit. But that’s not a major problem at sites like 888poker, for example. This is because this online poker site offers players their no-deposit bonuses the moment they sign up. Getting started with an excellent poker gameplay session is easy at these sites. The generous free-deposit bonus at this site can be used to play whenever, wherever and however the players like. The mobile app further enables them to play on their computers; at home or on-the-go. Players here can look forward to an excellent collection of tournaments and low-stake tables. Once you are comfortable with the low-stake tables, you can move on to the higher stakes.

7. Make Several Valuable Bets

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One of the excellent things about poker is that the players can bet for value with a wide assortment of hands. This means that against players calling with weak hands like ace high or bottom pair, you can easily make value bets with hands such as middle pair or top pair. Here, the most crucial point for you to understand is value betting might serve as a major source of profit for you.

Final Words

Perhaps, one of the most crucial lessons for the poker amateurs are successful poker involves an honest gameplay session. Initially, this might appear strange considering the deceitful nature of this game- but what works is being honest with yourself.