How to Get a Tourist Visa for Australia?

Tourist Visas for Australia is applied by several people to explore Australia or live there for a short period. Australia is very popular for tourism and experiences tourists all year round. It has a long coastline, modern living, and natural wonders. Everything is so beautiful, and people are all crazy to witness the best things in life. You will cherish the memories of visiting Australia for a lifetime.

If you are not sure about the details of applying for a tourist visa, then this article is for you. Although many consultant companies can help you in the process of tourist visa application for Australia. In such a scenario, you should know the details of the application process. Consider visiting to know about the beautiful country and its visa application process. Keep reading for the basics of the application procedure.

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Australia Tourist Visa

If you want to visit Australia either for some business purpose or as a tourist for some days, then you must apply for a tourist visa (subclass 600) for Australia. It has a few provisions under which you can choose to take a country tour or stay in there for a while.

  • Tourism can mean anything, either visiting for leisure or to visit your friends or family.
  • You can also visit Australia for Business that includes attending conferences, ideas negotiation, or other business purposes.
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Rules and Regulations to apply for the Tourist Visa of Australia

  • If you are applying for it, then you don’t have the permission under any circumstance to work or provide any such service or even do business in Australia.
  • When you enter Australia on a visitor visa, you cannot sell any goods or services directly to Australia’s people. You cannot do this when you are visiting under a tourist visa.
  • If you want to study in Australia, and your educational course would last for less than three months, you can conveniently do that with a visitor visa.
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Australian visa for the parents of Australian Citizens

The parents of an Australian citizen or a permanent resident can effortlessly apply for a valid visitor visa for a longer period. Based on a case by case evaluation, they are granted to every parent of the Australian citizen.

  • It is approved as a multiple entry one that is valid for up to 5 years. They also get a provision with which they can stay for 12 months at a stretch.
  • Also, the Australian Visitor Visa is usually granted for a period of validity of three years. They get the provision of staying in Australia for 12 months at one time and not more. This applies to the parents who are not present in the queue.
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Application Process to Apply for a Visitor Visa

The entire application process of applying for a visitor one is simple and easy to understand. The tourist visa comes under the category of visitor one (subclass 600). This permit is regarded as a short-term permit granted to the people so that they can freely visit Australia. The entire procedure is laid down on the internet. You are not required to make to, and fro trips from the embassy and carries the hard copies of all required documents.

The application form is available online, and you can download the application to submit it to the government. You are required to pay applicable fees to take the application process forward. Submission of the application form along with all required documents and correct details so that no discrepancies occur.

Within just 2-3 days, you will receive the Australian ETA visa, if the details you provide are accurate and true in every aspect. You will receive this via email on the email ID provided. You will receive your application along with the visa detail that you have provided in the application form. It will directly get linked to the passport number. No hard copy is available for the Australian visa, and the copy that you receive will work.

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Australian Visa Processing Time

The Australian visitor visa (Subclass 600) for the Tourist stream is almost 48 hours to 33 days. Moreover, the time taken depends on the information that you have provided. These are other factors as well, which affects the processing time of your visitor visa. This includes the peak processing period, duly completed application form, all necessary supporting documents, etc.

Indians are also required to apply for an Australian visa if they plan to visit Australia for some reason or to have fun. It is best recommended to apply for the visitor one well in advance and keeping a few days in hand after it gets approved. You can make all the necessary arrangements once it is finalized, and you receive an email.

The law and customs of Australia lay down rules on carrying a few items to Australia. Hence, you cannot carry along with you and enter Australia. These include steroids, drugs, weapons, firearms, and protected wildlife in Australia. Other basic items are prohibited as well from bring in. These include eggs, skins, plants, meat, fruits, food items, feathers, etc. The application form lays down all these rules and regulations. Read them before adventuring into this country.

A biosecurity officer checks the goods that are brough in by the visitor. In the case of low-risk goods, they are returned to the visitor. Else, they are kept by the officers and are not returned to the visitor.

With the visitor visa, you can conveniently stay anywhere in Australia and enjoy the place’s indescribable beauty. It is generally granted for three months and can be extended up to one year. You can easily apply for it with a consultant company. Just let them know your requirement and purpose of visiting the country, and they will suggest which type you should apply under. Apply for it with all the required documents, and they should be valid and the records should be up to date.