Can You Track Your Children’s Phones Without Them Knowing – 2024 Guide

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It’s time to buy your child a smartphone, but with its purchase, your worries have only increased. You may absolutely trust your child, but you don’t trust the outside world. Who do your kids communicate with, how much time do they spend on the phone, is your child secure online, what about cyber maniacs or sexting? These are just some of the issues that plague parents across the planet.

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Every parent takes care of their child and wants to protect it at all times. But modern technology is moving them further and further away from this mission of the best of intentions. The child is using the smartphone, computer, internet and you are not able to know absolutely nothing about the contents inside all this modern technology. If the phone is protected by strong passwords, you are still in a bigger panic. A smartphone takes place very quickly and becomes your child’s best friend. In a word, it’s a nightmare for all parents.

Finally, you have decided to follow your child’s phone for security reasons, without him knowing anything about it. You are not proud of this decision, and it is very painful for a parent when he has to “spy” on his child. But you are simply not calm and you want to be sure that everything is OK. You realize that you do not want to do anything illegal, you just want to know that your child is behaving following your parenting measures, and that’s perfectly fine! Regardless of whether you are a good connoisseur of modern technology or not, you will not need previous experience here. There are several apps that help parents in this regard, and check out the final list of phone spy apps at

We have done our best to make your job easier, and we have selected a list of the 3 simplest and most functional applications for you, frightened and caring parents:

1. mSpy

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This is an app you will adore. mSpy is certainly one of the best surveillance applications you can find in the modern application market. To monitoring children, this application is often used to monitor employees, partners, or even to detect various scams. There are two versions of this application: abbreviated and full version. The abbreviated version allows you to track and monitor calls, SMS, your child’s location, to have access to a multimedia file, but also to follow the activity on social networks.

The full version of this application allows you unlimited access to absolutely everything that happens on your child’s phone, without any possibility for the child to find out. When you install it on your child’s phone and connect it, the application icon automatically disappears, so you can be sure that your child has no idea that you have access to its phone, all for security purposes. Technical support will guide you through the installation of the application very easily.

2. Highster Mobile

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This app appeared on the market in 2007 and is still in the top 5 tracking apps. It enjoys an excellent reputation and can be used equally with iPhone or Android. And this app exists in two options. The first alternative is linked to an iCloud account. This choice is not overly reliable, although it has a very good amount of memory. The biggest drawback is that the data often takes up to 24 hours to reach you. Another version is the remote access app that proved to be much more accurate and reliable.

So, you will not need a phone for this spy application, but you can use a computer or a tablet. It’s simple: when you decide to connect, wait for the data to transfer, download it and browse. This application gives you a complete insight into your child’s activities on a mobile phone. You will have access to messages and calls, correspondence from social networks, photos and recordings and trace about the child’s movement. This option also offers you the ability to record.

3. XNSpy

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Another app you can completely trust. Because of its simple use, you’re going to love it! This application also works on the remote control and has a huge advantage over other applications of this type. In the first place, its benefit is in the price. This is one of the most convenient tracking applications where you will not have to compromise. For a small budget, you could have a great and varied offer. XNSpy offers you 30 options that you can use. Among other things, the options that parents most often use are to track phone calls and messages.

Here you also have the ability to record the entire conversation; you will have access to chats, including the WhatsApp application (which is protected from many applications of this type) you will have access to your child’s passwords; you will be absolutely informed about all activities on social networks; precise and accurate GPRS tracking, to let you know where your child is at the moment. This option is also very good in cases where your child loses a mobile phone.

Another great feature of this app is that you can block. If you don’t like certain content your child is watching or communicating with a certain person, you have a block option and all worries are a thing of the past.

According to many connoisseurs of modern technology, this is the best tracking application available to users at super affordable prices. The company strives to always keep up with trends, so this is the app that is evolving the most compared to its competition. Also, this application is available for both iPhone and Android as well. Because of all the benefits it offers, the XNSpz application is very often used in companies, for employee supervising.

Every parent is obliged to know and take care of how their children are acting and where they are going. We live in an era of modern technique and technology, it is time for parents to be educated in this direction. It is not enough just to buy a child a mobile phone and leave it to the many, often dangerous, internet contents. Very often, children are not able to distinguish what is dangerous for them and what is not. Their childish naivety can get them into a lot of trouble and psychological harassment.

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Therefore, if you are the parent of a teenager from whom you have just bought a mobile phone, do not be bothered by the conscience if you secretly follow your child. Of course, we cannot deny a child the need to have a smartphone and internet access, but we can therefore watch them from aside and select the proper content for our child.

Statistics say that the average child spends between 5 and 7 hours a day on the phone alone. Imagine what kind of content it can come up with, intentionally or completely by accident. That’s why these apps mentioned above are there at your service.